People Explain Which Ordinary Items Have Become Hypersexualized
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If you were to objectively examine pop culture in the United States, you would decide the country is obsessed with sex.

Innuendos and outright blatant displays permeate advertising, music, TV and movies.

And then there are the completely nonsexual items that somehow ended up being associated with sex.

Redditor CharmingWitty asked:

"What is an ordinary item that is overly sexualized?"



- Cometguy7

"Men: if it looks like an eggplant, go to the doctor."

- NatStr9430

"Specially this 🍆"

- CharmingWitty

"They are not at all penis shaped. They are club shaped. No penis looks like that."

- Trees_and_bees_plees




"My wife has a Magic Wand that we legit use for massages and nothing else but feel like we need to hide it from plain sight."

- adiosmith3

"Damn it, some of us really do need a phallic-shaped shoulder massager!"

- JonGilbony




- koala60

"I always feel awkward buying cucumbers as a woman."

"I know I’m just making salad, and I know other people aren’t looking at my produce purchases assuming their naughty by nature, but still… they’re so phallic."

- freya_of_milfgaard

"Just put them next to other stuff in your cart so it's not so obvious, like two plums."

- hobokenbob

"Let’s see… one cucumber, two plums, a jar of coconut oil, some candles, a Barry White cd… just the usual stuff."

- freya_of_milfgaard



- Emile_The_Great

"Lotion/tissue combo. I have dry skin and allergies, man!"

- TheHadokenite

"I go through lotion and tissues at an incredible rate. Never once used the combo for that."

- horselips48


"Probably the subReddit AskReddit."

- MicronQ

“People of Reddit, Sexy sex sexy sex sexual sexy sex sex?"


"Women of Reddit, what is the most sex you ever sexed?"

- hattorihanzo5

"Redditor for 1 year. This is the real deal."



Riding Crops

"Riding crops."

"I have one I bought when I rode horses for years, still have it and everyone assumes it's a sex thing."

- chut2906

"Riding crops, leather care products, and a large assortment of ropes tend to earn some pretty dirty looks."

- RoryFoxey




- Keke_Dudu

"Just let me eat my banana without making me feel weird."

- cameronedwards69

"I used to eat my banana like corn on the cob just in case."

- GodOfMoominism

"Strangers still looked at you funny, just for a different reason altogether."

- MusikPolice

"I blame all those condom PSAs. Why did they always have to use a banana?"

- LakotaGrl



"It used to be that a handcuff collection meant that you were a nerd into magic..."

- s4b3r6



"Female twins."

"Ugh. I hated the questions growing up and through high school."

"No, we do not get 'freaky', she is my sister."

- kdawg2894

"I had a grown man ask me in all seriousness If my twin and I swap boyfriends because ‘we’re the same person’ so apparently our boyfriends won’t know the difference."

"I had to tell him that not only will they know the difference but I am not attracted to her boyfriend, nor her to mine… he did not believe me."

- SiennaStyles

"Also assumes your boyfriends only know or like you for your appearance and that you’re not actually two separate people."

- QSB59

"Yeah, it seems like a wild concept to people who haven't spent any time around identical twins before, but they're actually very different people, and it's very easy to tell them apart when you know them."

"I knew a few sets of twins growing up, and never had any issue identifying any of them."

- JerHat


The Female Body


"All schools disliked that."

- HeyyIhateMyself45

"Don’t even get me started on the clavicle."

- jeswesky

"and knees"

- foreverritzel

"Dem ankles tho."

- hollow1367

"For real."

"I understand some women may not feel comfortable showing their shoulders and that's fine, but they shouldn't feel like they have to cover them up because of men's thoughts."

"It's so pathetic to blame men's thoughts and behavior on the way women dress."

- kb4000

"Girls can't show any joint in your body unless it's knuckles because 'it's distracting' but God forbid anyone has to wear a mask during a global pandemic."

- BirdsLikeSka


The United States isn't alone in hypersexualizing things unrelated to sex.

But many studies point to the country's puritanical approach to the topic of sex and sexuality as well as the human body as a reason why the USA seems to be leading the way in many respects.

It's just sex. It's just biology and anatomy.

Loosen up, people.

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