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Hotel Workers Describe The Weirdest Things They've Ever Walked In On

Hotel Workers Describe The Weirdest Things They've Ever Walked In On
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Hotels can be great places to work, but it's definitely not always an easy job. Guests can be demanding, but they also get up to all sorts of freaky things behind closed doors. Often, they leave hotel staff have to deal with the aftermath.

Reddit user u/Silver_Reddit asked:

"Housekeepers who worked in casinos/hotels, what's the weirdest thing you walked into?"

"One night"

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I was a bartender at a Marriott hotel years ago. Along with regular bartending duties, I also delivered bar orders as part of room service. One night I received a typical order (Wine, beer) from a room that called down to the bar. I brought the drinks to the room and was greeted by an early 50's man wearing a white robe. He greeted me and asked me to place the drinks on a dresser fairly close to door.

As I went to place the drinks down I noticed the bed had between 10-13 sex toys laid out neatly along the foot of the bed. The sizes ranged from normal to horse. They were evenly spaced and all facing towards the headboard.

While he was signing I made my way to the door and as soon as he handed me the book I smiled and said "thank you, have a great night! He just smiled and that was it, 0% acknowledgement on his end.


"I worked in a casino..."

I worked in a casino where I watched a middle aged man literally shake a solid turd down his pant leg, sit back down and continued on his machine. I turned around with backpack vacuum on and went to my lunch break. I didn't get paid enough to pick up stranger's crap.


"The event manager wanted to..."

When my wife and I were looking at wedding venues, one we went to was a hotel. The event manager wanted to take us up and show us the "honeymoon" suite.

She opened the door, and there were two, old men (like 60s-70s), shirtless drinking vodka in the room. She was so extremely embarrassed and apologetic. She was very sweet too, but you could tell she was so mad at whoever screwed that up for her.

We didn't choose the place (wasn't why), but I hadn't thought about that in awhile, and figured someone else may get a kick out of it.


"Youth trip"

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Was on a youth trip with my church. Guys stayed in one room girls stayed in the other. All us bored kids start looking around the room, ya know because kids, and we found a nug of weed under the bed. Super big find for a couple of church kids. We go to tell the girls what we found and they go on to tell us they did the same thing and found blood all over the wall.


"I had a teacher"

Had a teacher who was the manager of a Marriott in Germany for a while. She has wild stories.

  • Once found an anaconda in the bathroom, wrapped around the shower curtain pole.
  • Pulled naked devil worshippers out of the pool at 3 AM when the pool closed and they refused to get out. They weren't even guests.
  • Saw the janitor with a wheelbarrow, a hose, and a shovel. He went somewhere, went to lunch and came back. After his lunch she followed him and asked what was up, he didn't speak good german and just said "Cleaning up African lady leg." Turned out some lady had jumped from the top floor of one side of the building (Hotel was kind of like an L shape, one side higher then the other) hit the emergency ladder on the way down and had her leg torn off before becoming mush on the roof of the other side of the building. He had shoveled most of her into the wheelbarrow at this point, was just working on getting her leg unstuck from the ladder. Acceleratour

"Worked housekeeping for a few weeks..."

Worked housekeeping for a few weeks, guess the weirdest sh!t was a 70 ish couple left their room so I went to clean it. Big bottle of ky and a sex toy so big even Ron Jeremy would have been jealous left out on the bed.


"I was a supervisor at a hotel"

Scary stuff! I was a supervisor at a hotel in Canada about 6 years ago, a man's 80 year old father called me one Sunday morning very worried about his son. He was supposed to meet him at 9 for breakfast but didn't show up, The father asked me to see if he was up in his room. I went up and knocked but no answer, I could hear the shower running so I assumed he was in there. I slid a note under his door to call his father asap and went back to work. 40 minutes later the father called back asking if I found him.

I went back up and was about to knock when I heard the shower still running so I went into full blown panic mode and entered the room, he was on the floor between the two of beds actively overdosing. Called 911 and hopefully saved his life. I have never heard anything more from them. Cleaning the room afterwards was super sketchy because there were needles everywhere.


"I used to work on a military base as a house keeper..."

I used to work on a military base as a house keeper. I was there for about a month and a half.

One time someone checked out early so I had a room added to my list. Knocked, went in and there was blood everywhere. I immediately called down to the the front, I need help now. I was new, I was not prepared for this. Blood. Blood everywhere. It had soaked down through the duvet, layers of sheets to the mattress. There were bloody hand prints everywhere. On the mirrors, on the head boards, on the back of doors, showers, carpet, the kitchenette, in every crack and crevasse of the bathroom, on the shower head... EVERYWHERE. Someone had decided to have a finger painting session during that time of the month with their boyfriend.

Turns out some brass' daughter had got a room while visiting dear ol' dad and had her tinder date over. Daughter had enough foresight to tell her parents that she was on her period and may have bled through the bedding, but she was scared and didn't know what to do. When we said her date was accountable too, she claimed that she 100% didn't have someone else in the room with her. It was $1800 to clean up that mess and replace everything and dad was loosing his mind over it, yelling, and screaming the whole time. They kept saying there was no way that it should cost so much. Calling us liars. After sitting in and listening, calmly, after being screamed at, my boss slid over the pictures to him. From that point on you could hear a pin drop. He got out his checkbook, wrote the check, and quietly left.


"I will NEVER forget this one room"

I will NEVER forget this one room I had to clean as a housekeeper... it was one of my first jobs, I was 16. We were given 30min max per room and I walked in and immediately radioed my manager letting her know I would need longer. The stench smacked me in the face immediately... B.O. and meat. The tan carpet and all of the sheets were stained with deep red bbq sauce and there were over 40 rib bones EVERYWHERE.

There was a tripod left on its side in the corner of the room and handcuffs on the floor lamp, which they obviously lost the key to, because they tried to break the base of the lamp to get them off. I almost cried trying to get the damn bbq sauce out of the carpet... the manager sent two women up to help me when she saw what I was dealing with. I only assume a cheaply made food porn was filmed the night before.


"My mother was once a housekeeper"

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My mother was once a housekeeper at a Harrah's casino hotel. She opened up a room and a terrible smell hit her. Apparently a handicapped man staying at the hotel was waiting for his help to show up but they never did and his sh!t had overflowed its container and his phone was dead and he couldn't move. she went to go find help and left that day and never came back.


"Worked a summer job at hotel"

Worked a summer job at hotel near Cedar Point back in the early 90s. Went to a room to see if the guest had left without checking out. She checked out alright. Shot herself in the head on the patio. Room was on the 3rd floor... her blood and brains dripped down 3 floors between the deck slats. Had to keep 3 rooms closed for days afterwards. Lots of power washing and bleach.

Almost as bad as the fella who slipped running on the treadmill and caught his twig and berries between the roller and belt. 911 was summoned.


"My husband use to manage a hotel in our town"

Not me but my husband use to manage a hotel in our town. Our town is very industrial in Alberta (that gave the town away right there) so when oil was high all the hotels where full of drillers and rig pigs and frat boys.

So when morning, the house keepers where cleaning a room and saw a 10" thick sex toy with ribbed edges, metal I believe they thought it was. Course no one touched it to confirm. Left it where it was and finished cleaning the room.

Older tough looking guy was renting the room. No one said anything and he didn't say anything either. This was about 10 years ago.


"My mom cleans houses for a living"

My mom cleans houses and babysits for a living.

It was a Monday, so she hadn't been to this clients home since Friday morning. Come Monday, she's vacuuming the master bedroom as usual. Next she goes down to vacuum under the bed when she sees the clients dead cat fully stretched, like the cats home team just scored a touch down and it's face, eyes and mouth wide open like it had seen a ghost. My Mom screams and calls the family. The father of the family comes and takes care of the cat while keeping it out of sight from his wife.

True story bro. My Mom says she has more weird stories from this house, Lemme know if y'all wanna hear them.


"I was working on a job in a shady part of WA"

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I don't know about them, but I was working on a job in a shady part of WA called Yakima. We were working 12-14 hour days. I just left my gun in the drawer and I'm not a cluttery person so I just empty my pockets into the nightstand drawer every night. One day I left my gun, a roll of duct tape, some big zip ties and a knife in the drawer. When I came back, room was clean and the drawer was organized nicer. After that, the housekeeping lady would scuttle away upon my visage.


"I worked as front desk for night shift"

I worked as front desk for night shift (2300 - 0700) in a small (20 rooms) hotel + restaurant. We have a regular customer who used to arrive at 3-4 am, always ringed before arriving cause he demanded help from the staff for his luggage and asked everyone to call him "Doctor". One night he asked me to take out the TV out of his room, I offered him a TV-less room but he insisted on just removing the TV. On another time, he arrived alone (as usual) and stayed for 3 or 4 nights. Last night he filed a complaint about someone from the staff sneaking into his room, drugging him. The weird part is that he arrived alone, and that night it was the only customer in the whole place. It was only him, the guy working as handyman who was in the restaurant at the time and me.

No one saw him go in or out with anyone, when he left his room (alone) at 4am I entered to see if everything was in order, he had put the sheets in the tub and were soaking wet, he ripped the pillow cases and tried to flush them in the toilet, there was a lot of red yarn in the floor. No signs of no one else. It bugged me to this day cause I don't know if he was psychotic or what. Other time one of the housekeeping ladies called me cause there was a bed that looked as if Jack the ripper had killed someone and were covered in blood, really strange.


"I was working through a temp agency for motel 6"

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I was working through a temp agency for motel 6. So one of the other workers had a room to clean. The occupants were supposed to be gone. So the worker goes into the room and there's a man tied up in the bed with some type of bdsm outfit on. He was gagged also. She didn't even help him lol she just called the cops. He was fine, it was a kink of his but the other person just left him tied up and took all his things.


"I was a bellman at a Holiday Inn"

I was a bellman at a Holiday Inn and was asked to deliver drinks to a guy (who was paralyzed from the waist down) cause he was being "inappropriate" verbally to the restaurant waitresses. He ordered 2 martinis and 2 double screwdrivers... round 4. I walked in to a disaster. Enormous mess. Crap everywhere and chew spit all over everything... including his face. The toilet was covered in poop... of which I told no one for fear they would ask me to clean it up.

As I am about to walk out... he asks me if I want to make $50.... nothing sexual, so he said. I said sure cause I'm a high school student and $50 would be awesome. I trust that he wants nothing sexual and luckily all he asked was for me to go in his van and get him some clean clothes. He was clearly living in this van... the whole thing was full of clothes and crap scattered everywhere. I bring him back the clothes and he actually gave me $50. I come back to work the next day and turns out he wanted waffles at like 2am and cussed them out so bad when they said no that they finally kicked him out.

A tow truck shows up to pull his van to wherever... remember, he is paralyzed. From what I was told, this fool wheeled his chair to the tow truck. Stands up. And climbs into the passenger seat. Turns out he just divorced his wife and was traveling around the area getting all f**ked up and being ridiculous at various hotels. Best of luck to you sir and thanks for the $50.


"I was trying to get into my room"

On the flip side, I was trying to get into my room when I arrived to a hotel late at night by myself. My key wouldn't work so I was confused and trying it multiple times. After a minute or two I'm calling the lobby and a housekeeper comes out of the room with a guy. I'm kind of stunned and confused and say sorry while I'm also on the phone and they're both slinking away, without saying anything, like dogs caught rummaging through the garbage.

I was confused, then amused then, then annoyed at the inconvenience of getting another room. Funny story now though.


"In the 80s my aunt was a maid"

In the 80s my aunt was a maid in a hotel, but was on holiday when this happened. She was Polish, didn't really speak English, and she just made enough money to travel with her husband and friends to Vegas for a vacation. As the night went on in the casino, she decided to go to bed. As she took the elevator, it stopped one floor up and two huge dudes in suits walked in (I mean, like ceiling high) and a short man came in with them, smiling at my aunt.

They pushed the Penthouse Button. As my aunt was, well, scared, especially the two huge dudes and a grinning stranger, she started panicking, talking to them in Polish not to hurt her and giving them her watch. The men were obviously really confused, but the short one couldn't stop laughing. As the elevator stopped on her floor, she ran to her room, glancing back at the elevator. She noticed the men were checking which room she was in.

Of course, she panicked, didn't sleep all night, kept talking to her husband how she almost got kidnapped or whatever, but nothing happened all night. In the morning, someone knocked on the door. As they opened, a hotel employee said they got a gift from someone. It was a huge bouquet of roses. In each rose was a 100$ bill. And a card saying: "To the crazy lady from the elevator. Thanks for the watch- Eddie Murphy"

True story.


"So I was doing one of my first few overnight desk shifts"

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Oh oh pick me!

So I was doing one of my first few overnight desk shifts at a hotel it had been a fairly quiet night until this point. I go into the server room behind the desk and there's water POURING from the ceiling. Like literally just pouring out over all of the computers. So I call my on duty security guard and my management team who tells me to have my security guard go to every room above the server room until they figured out where the water was coming from. He finally figured it out around 4-6 floors up..

So he gets to the room and sees water spilling out from under the door so he knocks, no answer, repeats this a couple times (deadbolt was locked so the master key was useless) he FINALLY gets in (maintenance came up with the deadbolt key thing) and this dude is laying on the bed Stark naked spread eagle (and this was a BIG dude) and there's a lady of the night also naked passed out in the shower with it on full blast and her butt over the drain.

She flooded 5-6 floors of rooms (1 room per floor) all the way down to the server room.


"I've been a hotel manager for about 5 years"

I'm late to this because I'm working overnight at a hotel tonight and I just woke up. I've been a hotel manager for about 5 years (a year of that was spent in housekeeping) and the worst was a chick who had overdosed on something and smeared poop literally all over herself and the bathroom. The smell was indescribable. There were sex toys and syringes everywhere too. Her boyfriend tried to call us and say she had just forgotten to take her insulin that night... I think I showered like 10 times after work that day.

Most recently the weirdest thing we found was a cat. Some fool had left a cat in his room and trashed it. The cat had no food, no water and no litter box but was the sweetest little dude ever. The owner called back and tried to get his cat and we lied and said we'd turned him over to animal services. He's happily living with another manager now.

Another time, another manager and I were inspecting rooms and she radioed me to say there was a brown smudge on a pillow and she wasn't sure if it was poop or chocolate. She asked me if she should touch it and I said yes, like an a**hole. It was poop.


"Not what I walked in to.... but the aftermath"

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Not what I walked in to.... but the aftermath Two very business looking men, clean cut, amazing manners, five star reserves. High class hotel. Stayed for a week. DND sign in door. Left garbage and dirty towels outside door. Walk in. Omg. First I see a puddle of blood in the hall. Turn left into bathroom. Blood and human feces ALL over the place. Yes, even the ceiling. Freak out. Think someone was murdered. Investigate deeper. Used condoms TIED to the lamp shades. Blood and feces all in the beds. On the walls. Headboards. Desk. You name it. Condoms galore. Must have been $200 worth of them. "Dirty" bottles and toys (if you know what I mean). Freaking TERRIFYING. Hazmat came in to save the day. Got a $100 tip. I can't put into words everything I saw that day. But imagine.


"We rent out whole hotels and the staff knows"

On the flip side of this... I go to kinky parties in hotels. Like we rent out whole hotels and the staff knows. Most people try and do a good job putting away toys before the housekeepers come in. I went down to the pool with a few friends and then we came back to her room.

She put the do not disturb thing in the door but in Vegas or at least the hotel we were staying in they do wellness checks on the third day. They made the bed, cleaned the bathroom, put her various stuffed animals on the bed, her diapers on the table and her plugs lined up on the nightstand. We felt super bad for the staff. As a rule of the party people are suppose to be respectful of the staff. Don't put the staff in any awkward situation that kind of stuff....

It was an honest mistake. It wasn't my room but I wish they would have just turned around and left. no one got in trouble with the people hosting the event or the hotel but it is one of those things where we are trying to be as polite as possible because we are all nice people and not many hotels will let us do this.



To every housekeeper reading this ... as a former road warrior... thank you for your thankless work... I used to stay 200+ nights a year in hotels and you made it bearable in 99% of the time... road warriors sitting on a clean throne deucing right now be sure to drop some cash on the bed to say thanks when you check out - And say hi when walking down the hall... you'll make a crap job a little better for the person cleaning up after you.


"I was the one that was found by housekeeping"

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I was the one that was found by housekeeping. Passed out after a night of drinking on the strip. But was "smart" enough to take my clothes off and sleep in the bathtub to avoid having to clean vomit the next morning. Was woken up by housekeeping poking me with a broom stick and asking if I was alive. Forgot to put the do not disturb sign on my door.


"I'm currently housekeeping in a small town in Utah"

I'm currently housekeeping in a small town in Utah. This isn't too weird, but there were a lot of polygamists staying in our hotel and working at a local farm. Most of them had pictures/shrines with pictures of Warren Jeffs in their rooms. Gave me the chills for sure.

Also, I walked in on a guy sprawled out buttnaked, sleeping. I don't know how he didn't hear me knock super loud and yell "HOUSEKEEPING" but he was sleeping like a baby with his penis out.


"I was at random party"

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I was at random party taking place in a suite and I go into the bathroom and see a guy in the bathtub with an entire rotisserie chicken. He looks up at me and sticks out a greasy finger as he finishes chewing and then says, "Don't mind me."


"I was a second shift house attendant"

I was a second shift house attendant at a decently fancy hotel attached to a casino. This was one catered towards businessmen and high rollers. Well one night I'm delivering chocolates to the VIPs. Basically the important people get complementary chocolate with their stay. One of the rooms was a suite, which is like a small apartment with a sorta hook shape. You walk in, there's an entry area that leads to a small dining area and then it turns about 30 degrees into a living room type area and then hooks again to the bedroom with the bathroom in the same view. I think you see where I'm going with this. Basically, I knock a few times and get no response and since there's no Do Not Disturb up I head in and cautiously poke my head around. Good thing I did because I see two dudes in the bathroom going at it. They're doing it, hard in that tub. So I freaked out a bit, leave the chocolate on a nearby table and dip the heck out.


"As a guest on the 7th floor..."

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As a guest on the 7th floor in a South Korean hotel I thought it was weird they had a "In case of fire" box with a rope about 2-3 stories in length.



Crabs! Crabs everywhere! It was a hotel by the ocean and in a huge 4 bedroom 2 level suite. They people staying there took the time to put crabs EVERYWHERE. In the coffee pots, the toilet, the vases, the sinks, the dishes in the cupboard etc... Most were tiny babies and still alive. We put them in buckets and took them back to the beach. . But honestly it was so fricking weird


"One time I walked into a room"

One time I walked into a room and it was completely covered in red stains. Absolutely everywhere you could see. On the beds, the carpets, the floors, the walls, all over the bathroom. And even a bit on the ceiling. No idea how they managed to do that. At first I thought it may be blood, but then I noticed it reeked of alcohol. They spilled red wine absolutely everywhere. The room had to be shut down and they had to bring up the shampoo machines. I think they may have had to repaint too.

Bonus story: That very same day I walked into a room that was very heavily smoked in. The smell was so extremely bad, that I couldn't breathe at all. My manager said that it takes at least five people chainsmoking for at least twelve hours straight to make a room smell as bad as that one did. That also required a machine. And they had to replace the mattresses and curtains. Smoking was not allowed anywhere in the hotel.


"I used to work in reservations"

I used to work in reservations in a big chain hotel in London. Housekeeping once told us there was one regular guest who used to ALWAYS leave a single whole in-tact raw egg in the bed when they checked out. Nobody ever figured out why or where on earth they got that single raw egg in the middle of central London (grocery stores aren't frequent in the area and they certainly don't sell eggs one by one).


"A couple came to this luxury dude ranch"

A couple came to this luxury dude ranch I worked at and spent over $5000 to stay there only to not come out of their room the entire time. Went in to clean the room when they left and saw incredibly expensive unopened alcohol and boxes of sex toys around the room. On the bed they left a note that said what? We threw out the toys (who would use a used sex toy left by an unknown person?) and got hammered that night.


"In the late 90s"

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In the late 90s I had a roommate who managed a hotel in Manhattan. He came home one night and told me they found a 3 foot Nitrous tank in one of the rooms. They disposed of it personally. These days they would probably call the bomb squad.


"This couple made a hasty retreat"

This couple made a hasty retreat from a five-star hotel I was working for. They left an entire brick of cocaine on the bathroom counter.


"Cleaned a room..."

Cleaned a room that contained both a deck of Uno cards and a knock-off deck of Ono cards


"Someone I know..."

Someone I know worked housekeeping at a casino. He walked in on a guy smearing poop over the walls with his bare hands. He was pissed that he lost money and thought he was justified to do it. Housekeeping called security, he was charged and banned.


"One of the housekeepers was asleep in the chair..."

We had a hotel room one time and checked in around 3-4 ish (can't remember what hotel it was). When we walked in one of the housekeepers was asleep in the chair, apparently had taken a rest and checked out, for who knows how long. We woke her up when we came in the room. She was very apologetic and took her cart and stuff with her right away. We never said anything to the staff or saw her again, the room was all clean and set up so nothing to complain about.


If she is anything like the housekeepers I know that was one of MANY jobs, working double shifts isn't uncommon and many of those ladies work extra when offered. You are good people for not saying anything.


"Working double shifts"

Agreed, that lady needed that sleep. No one willingly breaks rules, and jeopardizes their job unless they're desperate for some sleep.


"I stayed at a hotel that hosted a Magic The Gathering tournament"

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I stayed at a hotel that hosted a Magic The Gathering tournament (was visiting Atlantic City, only realized what it was as I played magic a decade ago). In the morning as I was leaving a housekeeper had a room opening and cleaning; he stops me and says "wtf is this? Is it worth money?" I look in and someone has filled the bathtub nearly to the brim with lands/commons.


"I worked as a Concierge"

I worked as a Concierge for an upscale hotel so, naturally, because there wasn't a line for my desk, I fielded complaints regularly. One day a woman, very nice and patient (rare) calmly explained to me that her five year old opened the door to their bathroom and there was a housekeeper pooping in there. The housekeeper and the boy screamed so loudly that I had already gotten noise complaints from the adjacent rooms. Needless to say, that family got a free night and an upgrade.


"I worked for a hotel chain in Colorado"


I worked for a hotel chain in Colorado and one day my coworker and I went to strip a bed and the bed was full of oranges. The dresser oranges. Side table, cans of mandarin oranges. Not exactly shocking or disgusting, but it was weird.


Had an American guy come into our hotel"

Hotel worker.

Had an American guy come into our hotel, meant to be staying for 3 days. Went into his room and never left the room in over 2 weeks (he kept phoning down to extend his stay).

The strange thing was, he had the same routine every day. Around 8am, he would order 8 bottles of beer and 20 cigarettes to be sent up to his room. He'd sign the cheque off to his room for the beers but had to pay cash for the cigarettes as they came from the hotel shop, which wasn't owned by the hotel therefore wasn't able to charge to the room. The cigarettes came to around £11, and he would always give us a £20 note and told us to keep the change.

Lunchtime rolls around, and again, 8 bottles of beer, and 20 cigarettes.

Come dinner time, again, another 8 beers, but 40 cigarettes this time (assuming to keep a stock of when the shop closed at night time).

This happened every day he was staying with us. No one ever saw him leave the hotel, so assumed he had a stack of £20 notes to pay for his cigarettes. He also instructed housekeeping not to clean his room.

When he eventually left, the maid was greeted with hundreds of empty beer bottles, the bin was half full with cigarette ends and ash, and the room was left remarkably clean, albeit smelling awful.

We tried to research the guy, but could only find he was part of an American broadcasting company (it was a long time ago and can't remember), so assumed he was over here to lie low.

He checked out, paid off his bill (didn't even bother to check the bill), into a taxi and never to be seen again.


"I walked in on a couple sleeping"

I walked in on a couple sleeping on the bathroom floor of a hotel room in the hotel I work for. The bed was untouched and everything was normal with that one exception.


"Last time I went to a Vegas casino"

Last time I went to a Vegas casino for a conference, they said my room wasn't ready yet but they'd text me when it was. A few hours later I got the text and went to the room. Upon entering I could hear a loud vacuum cleaner running, and saw a man on his hands and knees working on the floor behind the bed with a wet vac. I cautiously approached because I knew he didn't hear me enter. I inevitably startled him, and he stood up and shouted, "you're not supposed to be here yet!" I said, "I got a text that the room was ready and an electronic key sent to my phone."

He glanced down at the floor behind the bed, and back at me and calmly said, "This is really bad. It's going to take me a while. This is really bad." I asked, "what is it?" He said, "Not sure but it's bad."

I shrugged and set my bags down on the clean side of the room. I figured 2 "really bad" ratings from a man who's job is to clean Vegas hotel rooms is probably advice I should heed. But also made me realize I've stayed in rooms like that without knowing what kind of damage had been previously done. At least I knew not to walk on that side of the bed.


"I was an IT guy for a casino"

I was an IT guy for a casino. Got a call that a guest couldn't get his device connected to the wifi, so I had to go up and give him a hand.

Come to get his tablet connected. He's in the room. Older guy (60+), wearing a pair of gold booty shorts. He's got three girls (ID's meant they had to be 21, but they weren't much more than that) in there with him. Thongs and fuzzy high heeled slippers. Topless, shameless.

They want to connect the iPad so he can play some video to go along with the game they're playing. Couple bags of "toys" and tubes of stuff scattered all around the room. I've got my own kinks so, who am I to judge?

Got his stuff connected, and they were able to get his movie, and got it playing on the TV in the room. He tipped me a couple hundred bucks, all in $50's. I took the money.

Find out later, he was a VIP card member, and typically dropped $20 grand or so on the tables.


"I was a house keeper at a dive of a hotel"

I was a house keeper at a dive of a hotel in Chico, CA in the late 90's. A week or so before a local homeless woman had stuck her arm in a tiger's cage (a circus that was traveling through town) and got mauled. That weekend I was cleaning rooms and knocked on the door of a room paid for by a local charity organization. It turned out the guest was in the middle of sexy time. Quickly realizing it wasn't a good time to clean the room I said I would come back later.

To my dismay the woman opened the door and asked me to join her and her friend, I declined. She then reached out and grabbed me by the arm and tried to drag me in. Her arm was covered in bandages and lacerations. It was the woman who had been tiger mauled! I yanked my arm free and ran away, I'll never forget what her shredded bandaged hand looked like.


"a friend was a maid at a cheap hotel"

Not my story but a friend was a maid at a cheap hotel in our university town. She has a bunch of gross and weird stories but the most absurd is when she came into work and found a full abandoned methlab in the bathroom of one of the rooms.

Her manager made her clean up a bunch of trash from the different ingredients and scrub chemical stains that must have been left by spills. Apperantly the room smelled like a bad science experiment (or just normal meth) and the management refused to get any police involved.

I imagine they believed it would discourage their regular clientele. I believe she quit very soon after.


"Worked at a huge water park resort"

Worked at a huge water park resort. I was doing a late shift at a time of year when the resort was almost empty. So, tired of knocking on all the doors, I just barged into the rooms.

(To clarify, I always knocked. But I was getting tired after 20 or so rooms without a guest.)

Come this room in the 4th floor. I walk in and there's an old, heavy guy feasting on a bucket of fried chicken. Lights off, in front of the TV. He stared at me for a couple of seconds and I apologized before he could say anything. Left the room immediately.

I later found out that room was supposed to be vacant. I have no idea where he came from, why he was there or how he got there.


"my friend from Ukraine worked at a crappy casino"


Not me, but my friend from Ukraine worked at a crappy casino hotel in Wendover, Nevada because they would sponsor his work visa. He wasn't a housekeeper but would have to do maintenance in rooms. He said one day he went to a room where the people had already checked out and there was a chicken in the room. Like a live chicken. Just chilling there.

Maybe the story is funnier when he tells it with his accent.

Why eez cheeken in room?


Hotel and service industry people have seen it all... that's why we should all leave better tips!

Do you have an experience to share? Put it in the comments below!

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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People Reveal The Weirdest Thing About Themselves

Reddit user Isitjustmedownhere asked: 'Give an example; how weird are you really?'

Let's get one thing straight: no one is normal. We're all weird in our own ways, and that is actually normal.

Of course, that doesn't mean we don't all have that one strange trait or quirk that outweighs all the other weirdness we possess.

For me, it's the fact that I'm almost 30 years old, and I still have an imaginary friend. Her name is Sarah, she has red hair and green eyes, and I strongly believe that, since I lived in India when I created her and there were no actual people with red hair around, she was based on Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo.

I also didn't know the name Sarah when I created her, so that came later. I know she's not really there, hence the term 'imaginary friend,' but she's kind of always been around. We all have conversations in our heads; mine are with Sarah. She keeps me on task and efficient.

My mom thinks I'm crazy that I still have an imaginary friend, and writing about her like this makes me think I may actually be crazy, but I don't mind. As I said, we're all weird, and we all have that one trait that outweighs all the other weirdness.

Redditors know this all too well and are eager to share their weird traits.

It all started when Redditor Isitjustmedownhere asked:

"Give an example; how weird are you really?"

Monsters Under My Bed

"My bed doesn't touch any wall."

"Edit: I guess i should clarify im not rich."

– Practical_Eye_3600

"Gosh the monsters can get you from any angle then."

– bikergirlr7

"At first I thought this was a flex on how big your bedroom is, but then I realized you're just a psycho 😁"

– zenOFiniquity8

Can You See Why?

"I bought one of those super-powerful fans to dry a basement carpet. Afterwards, I realized that it can point straight up and that it would be amazing to use on myself post-shower. Now I squeegee my body with my hands, step out of the shower and get blasted by a wide jet of room-temp air. I barely use my towel at all. Wife thinks I'm weird."

– KingBooRadley


"In 1990 when I was 8 years old and bored on a field trip, I saw a black Oldsmobile Cutlass driving down the street on a hot day to where you could see that mirage like distortion from the heat on the road. I took a “snapshot” by blinking my eyes and told myself “I wonder how long I can remember this image” ….well."

– AquamarineCheetah

"Even before smartphones, I always take "snapshots" by blinking my eyes hoping I'll remember every detail so I can draw it when I get home. Unfortunately, I may have taken so much snapshots that I can no longer remember every detail I want to draw."

"Makes me think my "memory is full.""

– Reasonable-Pirate902

Same, Same

"I have eaten the same lunch every day for the past 4 years and I'm not bored yet."

– OhhGoood

"How f**king big was this lunch when you started?"

– notmyrealnam3

Not Sure Who Was Weirder

"Had a line cook that worked for us for 6 months never said much. My sous chef once told him with no context, "Baw wit da baw daw bang daw bang diggy diggy." The guy smiled, left, and never came back."

– Frostygrunt


"I pace around my house for hours listening to music imagining that I have done all the things I simply lack the brain capacity to do, or in some really bizarre scenarios, I can really get immersed in these imaginations sometimes I don't know if this is some form of schizophrenia or what."

– RandomSharinganUser

"I do the same exact thing, sometimes for hours. When I was young it would be a ridiculous amount of time and many years later it’s sort of trickled off into almost nothing (almost). It’s weird but I just thought it’s how my brain processes sh*t."

– Kolkeia

If Only

"Even as an adult I still think that if you are in a car that goes over a cliff; and right as you are about to hit the ground if you jump up you can avoid the damage and will land safely. I know I'm wrong. You shut up. I'm not crying."

– ShotCompetition2593

Pet Food

"As a kid I would snack on my dog's Milkbones."

– drummerskillit

"Haha, I have a clear memory of myself doing this as well. I was around 3 y/o. Needless to say no one was supervising me."

– Isitjustmedownhere

"When I was younger, one of my responsibilities was to feed the pet fish every day. Instead, I would hide under the futon in the spare bedroom and eat the fish food."

– -GateKeep-

My Favorite Subject

"I'm autistic and have always had a thing for insects. My neurotypical best friend and I used to hang out at this local bar to talk to girls, back in the late 90s. One time he claimed that my tendency to circle conversations back to insects was hurting my game. The next time we went to that bar (with a few other friends), he turned and said sternly "No talking about bugs. Or space, or statistics or other bullsh*t but mainly no bugs." I felt like he was losing his mind over nothing."

"It was summer, the bar had its windows open. Our group hit it off with a group of young ladies, We were all chatting and having a good time. I was talking to one of these girls, my buddy was behind her facing away from me talking to a few other people."

"A cloudless sulphur flies in and lands on little thing that holds coasters."

"Cue Jordan Peele sweating gif."

"The girl notices my tension, and asks if I am looking at the leaf. "Actually, that's a lepidoptera called..." I looked at the back of my friend's head, he wasn't looking, "I mean a butterfly..." I poked it and it spread its wings the girl says "oh that's a BUG?!" and I still remember my friend turning around slowly to look at me with chastisement. The ONE thing he told me not to do."

"I was 21, and was completely not aware that I already had a rep for being an oddball. It got worse from there."

– Phormicidae

*Teeth Chatter*

"I bite ice cream sometimes."


"That's how I am with popsicles. My wife shudders every single time."


Never Speak Of This

"I put ice in my milk."


"You should keep that kind of thing to yourself. Even when asked."

– We-R-Doomed

"There's some disturbing sh*t in this thread, but this one takes the cake."

– RatonaMuffin

More Than Super Hearing

"I can hear the television while it's on mute."

– Tira13e

"What does it say to you, child?"

– Mama_Skip


"I put mustard on my omelettes."

– Deleted User


– NotCrustOr-filling

Evened Up

"Whenever I say a word and feel like I used a half of my mouth more than the other half, I have to even it out by saying the word again using the other half of my mouth more. If I don't do it correctly, that can go on forever until I feel it's ok."

"I do it silently so I don't creep people out."

– LesPaltaX

"That sounds like a symptom of OCD (I have it myself). Some people with OCD feel like certain actions have to be balanced (like counting or making sure physical movements are even). You should find a therapist who specializes in OCD, because they can help you."

– MoonlightKayla

I totally have the same need for things to be balanced! Guess I'm weird and a little OCD!

Close up face of a woman in bed, staring into the camera
Photo by Jen Theodore

Experiencing death is a fascinating and frightening idea.

Who doesn't want to know what is waiting for us on the other side?

But so many of us want to know and then come back and live a little longer.

It would be so great to be sure there is something else.

But the whole dying part is not that great, so we'll have to rely on other people's accounts.

Redditor AlaskaStiletto wanted to hear from everyone who has returned to life, so they asked:

"Redditors who have 'died' and come back to life, what did you see?"


Happy Good Vibes GIF by Major League SoccerGiphy

"My dad's heart stopped when he had a heart attack and he had to be brought back to life. He kept the paper copy of the heart monitor which shows he flatlined. He said he felt an overwhelming sensation of peace, like nothing he had felt before."



"I had surgical complications in 2010 that caused a great deal of blood loss. As a result, I had extremely low blood pressure and could barely stay awake. I remember feeling like I was surrounded by loved ones who had passed. They were in a circle around me and I knew they were there to guide me onwards. I told them I was not ready to go because my kids needed me and I came back."

"My nurse later said she was afraid she’d find me dead every time she came into the room."

"It took months, and blood transfusions, but I recovered."


Take Me Back

"Overwhelming peace and happiness. A bright airy and floating feeling. I live a very stressful life. Imagine finding out the person you have had a crush on reveals they have the same feelings for you and then you win the lotto later that day - that was the feeling I had."

"I never feared death afterward and am relieved when I hear of people dying after suffering from an illness."



The Light Minnie GIF by (G)I-DLEGiphy

"I had a heart surgery with near-death experience, for me at least (well the possibility that those effects are caused by morphine is also there) I just saw black and nothing else but it was warm and I had such inner peace, its weird as I sometimes still think about it and wish this feeling of being so light and free again."


This is why I hate surgery.

You just never know.



"More of a near-death experience. I was electrocuted. I felt like I was in a deep hole looking straight up in the sky. My life flashed before me. Felt sad for my family, but I had a deep sense of peace."



"Nursing in the ICU, we’ve had people try to die on us many times during the years, some successfully. One guy stood out to me. His heart stopped. We called a code, are working on him, and suddenly he comes to. We hadn’t vented him yet, so he was able to talk, and he started screaming, 'Don’t let them take me, don’t let them take me, they are coming,' he was scared and yelling."

"Then he yelled a little more, as we tried to calm him down, he screamed, 'No, No,' and gestured towards the end of the bed, and died again. We didn’t get him back. It was seriously creepy. We called his son to tell him the news, and the son said basically, 'Good, he was an SOB.'”



"My sister died and said it was extremely peaceful. She said it was very loud like a train station and lots of talking and she was stuck in this area that was like a curtain with lots of beautiful colors (colors that you don’t see in real life according to her) a man told her 'He was sorry, but she had to go back as it wasn’t her time.'"


"I had a really similar experience except I was in an endless garden with flowers that were colors I had never seen before. It was quiet and peaceful and a woman in a dress looked at me, shook her head, and just said 'Not yet.' As I was coming back, it was extremely loud, like everyone in the world was trying to talk all at once. It was all very disorienting but it changed my perspective on life!"


The Fog

"I was in a gray fog with a girl who looked a lot like a young version of my grandmother (who was still alive) but dressed like a pioneer in the 1800s she didn't say anything but kept pulling me towards an opening in the wall. I kept refusing to go because I was so tired."

"I finally got tired of her nagging and went and that's when I came to. I had bled out during a c-section and my heart could not beat without blood. They had to deliver the baby and sew up the bleeders. refill me with blood before they could restart my heart so, like, at least 12 minutes gone."


Through the Walls

"My spouse was dead for a couple of minutes one miserable night. She maintains that she saw nothing, but only heard people talking about her like through a wall. The only thing she remembers for absolute certain was begging an ER nurse that she didn't want to die."

"She's quite alive and well today."


Well let's all be happy to be alive.

It seems to be all we have.

Man's waist line
Santhosh Vaithiyanathan/Unsplash

Trying to lose weight is a struggle understood by many people regardless of size.

The goal of reaching a healthy weight may seem unattainable, but with diet and exercise, it can pay off through persistence and discipline.

Seeing the pounds gradually drop off can also be a great motivator and incentivize people to stay the course.

Those who've achieved their respective weight goals shared their experiences when Redditor apprenti8455 asked:

"People who lost a lot of weight, what surprises you the most now?"

Redditors didn't see these coming.

Shiver Me Timbers

"I’m always cold now!"

– Telrom_1

"I had a coworker lose over 130 pounds five or six years ago. I’ve never seen him without a jacket on since."

– r7ndom

"140 lbs lost here starting just before COVID, I feel like that little old lady that's always cold, damn this top comment was on point lmao."

– mr_remy

Drawing Concern

"I lost 100 pounds over a year and a half but since I’m old(70’s) it seems few people comment on it because (I think) they think I’m wasting away from some terminal illness."

– dee-fondy

"Congrats on the weight loss! It’s honestly a real accomplishment 🙂"

"Working in oncology, I can never comment on someone’s weight loss unless I specifically know it was on purpose, regardless of their age. I think it kind of ruffles feathers at times, but like I don’t want to congratulate someone for having cancer or something. It’s a weird place to be in."

– LizardofDeath

Unleashing Insults

"I remember when I lost the first big chunk of weight (around 50 lbs) it was like it gave some people license to talk sh*t about the 'old' me. Old coworkers, friends, made a lot of not just negative, but harsh comments about what I used to look like. One person I met after the big loss saw a picture of me prior and said, 'Wow, we wouldn’t even be friends!'”

"It wasn’t extremely common, but I was a little alarmed by some of the attention. My weight has been up and down since then, but every time I gain a little it gets me a little down thinking about those things people said."

– alanamablamaspama

Not Everything Goes After Losing Weight

"The loose skin is a bit unexpected."

– KeltarCentauri

"I haven’t experienced it myself, but surgery to remove skin takes a long time to recover. Longer than bariatric surgery and usually isn’t covered by insurance unless you have both."

– KatMagic1977

"It definitely does take a long time to recover. My Dad dropped a little over 200 pounds a few years back and decided to go through with skin removal surgery to deal with the excess. His procedure was extensive, as in he had skin taken from just about every part of his body excluding his head, and he went through hell for weeks in recovery, and he was bedridden for a lot of it."

– Jaew96

These Redditors shared their pleasantly surprising experiences.


"I can buy clothes in any store I want."

– WaySavvyD

"When I lost weight I was dying to go find cute, smaller clothes and I really struggled. As someone who had always been restricted to one or two stores that catered to plus-sized clothing, a full mall of shops with items in my size was daunting. Too many options and not enough knowledge of brands that were good vs cheap. I usually went home pretty frustrated."

– ganache98012

No More Symptoms

"Lost about 80 pounds in the past year and a half, biggest thing that I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen mentioned on here yet is my acid reflux and heartburn are basically gone. I used to be popping tums every couple hours and now they just sit in the medicine cabinet collecting dust."

– colleennicole93

Expanding Capabilities

"I'm all for not judging people by their appearance and I recognise that there are unhealthy, unachievable beauty standards, but one thing that is undeniable is that I can just do stuff now. Just stamina and flexibility alone are worth it, appearance is tertiary at best."

– Ramblonius

People Change Their Tune

"How much nicer people are to you."

"My feet weren't 'wide' they were 'fat.'"

– LiZZygsu

"Have to agree. Lost 220 lbs, people make eye contact and hold open doors and stuff"

"And on the foot thing, I also lost a full shoe size numerically and also wear regular width now 😅"

– awholedamngarden

It's gonna take some getting used to.

Bones Everywhere

"Having bones. Collarbones, wrist bones, knee bones, hip bones, ribs. I have so many bones sticking out everywhere and it’s weird as hell."

– Princess-Pancake-97

"I noticed the shadow of my ribs the other day and it threw me, there’s a whole skeleton in here."

– bekastrange

Knee Pillow

"Right?! And they’re so … pointy! Now I get why people sleep with pillows between their legs - the knee bones laying on top of each other (side sleeper here) is weird and jarring."

– snic2030

"I lost only 40 pounds within the last year or so. I’m struggling to relate to most of these comments as I feel like I just 'slimmed down' rather than dropped a ton. But wow, the pillow between the knees at night. YES! I can relate to this. I think a lot of my weight was in my thighs. I never needed to do this up until recently."

– Strongbad23

More Mobility

"I’ve lost 100 lbs since 2020. It’s a collection of little things that surprise me. For at least 10 years I couldn’t put on socks, or tie my shoes. I couldn’t bend over and pick something up. I couldn’t climb a ladder to fix something. Simple things like that I can do now that fascinate me."

"Edit: Some additional little things are sitting in a chair with arms, sitting in a booth in a restaurant, being able to shop in a normal store AND not needing to buy the biggest size there, being able to easily wipe my butt, and looking down and being able to see my penis."

– dma1965

People making significant changes, whether for mental or physical health, can surely find a newfound perspective on life.

But they can also discover different issues they never saw coming.

That being said, overcoming any challenge in life is laudable, especially if it leads to gaining confidence and ditching insecurities.