Bigfoot. Nessie. A film role Nicholas Cage says "No" to. Life is full of mysterious thing we may never find the true reasoning behind. Fortunately, if you pay attention, your day to day life is full of unknown events which will forever remain unsolved.

Reddit user, u/Moonwomb, wanted to know the greatest unknowns when they asked:

What is your life's biggest mystery that will probably go unsolved?

Just Say 'Thank You' To The Universe

A few years ago I got a citation, and when I went to pay it off ($350) they told me it was already paid for.

Asked everyone I know, no one claimed they did. I don't think I'll ever find out who it was.


Beware The Peacocks!

My childhood home in Utah was right behind a farm with regular farm things; horses, chickens, goats, etc.

One day a peacock shows up out of nowhere and makes the farm and our backyard his own home. He cries and cries for weeks. Later, a peahen shows up. They have babies, the babies have babies, loads of peafowl all over. They became part of my everyday life. My chores were to feed the peafowl our cat food, and scrape their poop off the deck everyday. This goes on for 8ish years.

Then, just as suddenly as Peter (the peacock) and Petra (the peahen) appeared, they all disappeared.

No one in the neighborhood had any idea where they came from or where they went.


The Bermuda Library

I worked at the public library. I scanned a guy's library card then went to hand it back to him. He saw me start to hand it to him. Our hands were about a foot apart. Then suddenly the card was gone. It never made it into his hand. We were both totally confused, I looked under the computer, desk in weird cracks but never found it.

I still think about it.


When Your Daughter C-Blocks You

I got home one day and my daughter told me a guy had turned up on my doorstep asking for me by name with a huge bunch of flowers. She sent him on his way and didn't even ask for his name.

I will never know who my lost love is.


Storm? Like, From The X-Men?

When I was little, me and my babysitter were outside and it started to rain.
My babysitter said "watch this" and walked out into the road (no cars)
She lifted her arms to form a T shape, and it started to rain heavier.
She put them down and the rain slowed down.
She put them back up and it poured again.

Im sure there's a valid explaination, but for now Im still baffled.


Officially Can't Trust Anyone Ever

About a year ago I found a playing card in my wallet with a scantily clad woman on it. No matter how much prodding I did, my husband and all our friends SWEAR they didn't do it.

I still have it in my wallet and occasionally ask friends about it but to this day no one has fessed up.


Broken Rear Light?

Car followed me home from work late at night, didn't know where the police station was, so I stopped on a dark road near my suburb to make sure he was actually following me, and sure enough he stops behind me. I got out and grabbed the emergency axe out of the truck without even shutting off the car and started walking towards it, and the car sped off.

I was tired and stupid for doing that, but I will never know why or who that was.


It's Returned To The Mushroom Kingdom

When I was like 7 I was playing my gameboy at my grandmas house and I got pissed that I kept dying in Mario so I took the actual game out and threw it at the wall. I saw the game hit the wall and fall behind the dresser, after moving everything in the room and many years of searching I still look for it and still wonder what happened to it occasionally


The Unknown Knock

A few years ago I lived in a flat with my then girlfriend in a major city. I'm a freelancer so I worked from home and she from an office. I kept quite unusual hours due to travelling a lot.

One day there's a knock at the door. It's a shared building with just one other person so it's already odd that someone is at the door without buzzing. I go downstairs and it's a guy in his 50s, harmless enough but something is off. He asks for my girlfriend. I tell him she's not in right now but can I help? He says no hurriedly and starts to back away.

At this point I'm still more confused than suspicious so I ask how he knows her. He says they met in the park and she gave him his address. My girlfriend was a very private person and, to be honest, quite unfriendly with strangers, who would never do this. I look at the guy incredulously and back away myself. He asks, rhetorically, if she is Hungarian. I just say no (she has a Russian surname). At that point I'm suddenly spooked and shut the door, even though he's almost out the front door himself.

Later found out the neighbour had let him in because she assumed he was my girlfriend's father. Called the police to report it but never heard anything or saw him again. Can only guess he was looking to rob the place and had got her name from the recycling bins outside. Either that or my girlfriend had a thing for greying pot bellied men in their 50s and I didn't know about it.

Shred your documents, people.


The Mystery Of The Midwest Toys R' Us

Back in the 90s I remember going to Toys R Us where they had a demo SNES set up. The game that was on it was a Mario style side scroller with all of the textures of the objects and background looking like they were made of upholstery fabric. I believe the protagonist was Yoshi, but I could be mistaken. I don't know what it was called because it was all in Japanese. The first block you hit caused a text box full of Japanese to pop up. I only played for a couple of minutes because I couldn't understand any of it.

Fast forward to the internet era and I can find no trace of this game anywhere. It wasn't Yoshi's Island and it wasn't Yoshi's Wooly World.

The big mystery though, is why a Toys R Us in the midwest USA would have a Japanese demo game for their SNES.


When You Just Can't Find Your Protein Blender, Bro

In my first house (I was around 24 at the time) I had this white hand held blender that I would use pretty often at night to make protein shakes. For some reason whenever I would look for it I wouldn't be able to find it for a while and then all of the sudden I would finally see it just sitting there on the counter. I was only looking in a space like 2 feet on each side of the sink.

There was a string of literally 6-7 nights in a row where I would look for it for literally 2-5+ minutes in this tiny area and then I would look up and it would just be sitting on the counter. Keep in mind it's not like the kitchen was cluttered and I was not drinking or on any drugs or anything. By the last few nights after I'd look for 3+ minutes I'd be like there's NO WAY it's going to be on the counter it's got to be in a drawer or something and then lo and behold I would look up and there it was. 4 years later I'm in a new house and don't use it anymore but I'm still confused by that.


Who Helped Dad?

Whether my Father was assisted in being euthanized or actually died of his cancer. Dad lived in Kansas and I live in Denver, I drove back every weekend (after he got his diagnosis he wanted to die at home). I left his house on a Sunday in care of my older brother. Monday he passed.

When I got back my brother was acting nervous - then he told me he flushed all the pain killers down the toilet. (Why just the painkillers?). It's never brought up, but a lot of people think either Dad took the pills by himself or was assisted by my brother. I should add no one asked or accused.

No one's mad either - Dad was in a lot of pain.

But still I wonder...


The Dreams And Stars Are Lining Up

To make a long story short, about twice a week my best friends brother and I had the same exact dreams. I mean like down to the details, they weren't just similar.. the exact same.

So weird


Nothing Involving Your Kitty Is "Minor"

Our missing cat. The whole situation is so weird. We let our cats go in and out of the house as they please. We don't live in a super rural area, but we're on 5 acres where other houses are on their own 5-7 acre plots. This one cat in particular was extremely agile and always "turned on" to things around her. She also rarely left a 20-foot radius around the house, compared to the other slower cats who would venture for hours on end.

Everyone is just dumbfounded by what happened to her. No signs of anything and it must have occurred in a 4 hour window in the afternoon when we were not home. I keep telling my wife that regardless of how many more cats we have in the future, I will never stop thinking about this cat and this situation. I'll be 60 years old sitting on our porch wondering where Nala went. I know it's minor compared to other problems, but it really sucks not knowing.


Ask Yourself: Stroke or Seizure?

When I was 19/20 I had a seizure during the night/morning, which actually fractured both my shoulders..Went to ICU for few days, docs put me on some epilepsy meds, which it wasn't. Some doctors mentioned it was a small stroke, which I believe is true. From that day I haven't felt 100% again.

So that;s my story.


Are You, By Chance, Cary Grant?

we call it the helicopter incident.

me and a friend were walking around the golf course near our houses pretty late at night, it was still bright enough to see clearly though. for a few minutes we had been able to hear a helicopter somewhere near and as we were beginning to walk back towards home we saw it coming towards us. it flew over us and into a neighboring field where it just hovered in place, facing directly towards us. after a little bit of watching it i walked out into the field towards it and it flew off again out of view. it had no markings or lights on it and we never knew what it wanted or why it was watching and flying around us.

weirdly, despite being a small town, we get a lot of random helicopters here.


When No One Is Watching You

I got home one night. The landlord and his family were on holidays in America so it was just me and a housemate at the time. There was only one bathroom. Housemate was showering but I wanted to take a p-ss so bad that I had to p-ss in the backyard.

The moment I stepped out, the light in the backyard just turned on by itself (I didn't want to turn on the light as I was afraid that someone might see me). I looked back and there was no one there. Housemate was still in the bathroom. Keep in mind that bathroom is further away from backyard. There's no way this guy would rush out of the bathroom and I couldn't see him. Anyway I couldn't care less at first.

Once I finished and stepped into the house, I checked the switch. It was definitely hit by someone but who?

P.S. Something strange about this house is, everyone sleeps with their lights on. So I'm wondering if there's something going on.


Who Drank The Last Shot?

Ths [sic] one happened one year ago. Me and my 3 friend went to a bar. Anyway we started to drink beer and chat. Later, we ordered 25 tequila shot. After they brought our tequilas we started to drink. So now here is where the mystery comes. We were 4 guys drinking tequila. And there was 25 tequila shots so everyone has to drink at least 4 and there would be 1 more tequila left.

When we finished the 4th tequila shot there was no one more shot left. But i was pretty sure that there were 25 shots. Because the shots came in order as 5x5. So we started argue about it. The guy who drank the fifth one didnt accept it. And we couldnt find who drink the fifth one.

Despite one year we still dont know who get the fifth one. And its still a mystery of my life. Mystery of tequila.


...But, How? Seriously!

I was traveling in Italy when two American girls came up to me and started talking excitedly about how they couldn't believe they'd run into me in Rome and wanted to know how my trip had been going, but I had no idea who either of them were. And if you're thinking "it's a prank, bro" they knew specific things about my life and my travels that only someone who knew me would have known. I still have no idea who the hell they were.


Brandy...You're A Fine Girl.

Fiancé and I come back to our apartment after being away all day. Get in, drop bags off, etc and I walk in the kitchen and there on my counter was a picture of a black girl. It was like a senior portrait with the name "Brandy" on it. My fiancé and I are white and we don't know anyone named Brandy. I remember unlocking the door, so I know the door was locked and nothing else seemed out of sorts. Just a wallet sized photo. So naturally. I framed it and now Brandy is an unofficial member of our family.

Brandy, if you are out there, we love you. Come visit.

Edit: HOLY HELL THIS BLEW UP! I've been trying to respond but it's too much. But to the ones that are asking for the picture, I will find it. We just moved and she's safe in my box of framed photos. But Reddit requests, who am I to say no? And to everyone that said landlord/maintenance: we lived there 4 years, had a great relationship with the front office and maintenance staff, took it down to show them and asked if anyone was in our apartment that day. No one knows who she is and no one was in the apartment for any reason (they gave us 24 hour notice.) I'm sure it's something like it was stuck to a grocery bag or something but who knows. A little mystery in life never hurt anyone.

Edit #2: Return of the Mack: I FOUND BRANDY! And I thought it said Brandy on the front but it was on the back and she graduated in 2002, so a year after me! And it's Brandi with an I. I'm so sorry girl.


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