People Describe Their Worst Hotel Stay
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Hotels are weird, if you think about it. You're paying money to lay down on a pillow for sure a thousand other people have slept on. Hopefully, the hotel has done their due dilligence, cleaned the room as best they can, and provided excellent service to make you forget this fact.

It's when the hotel doesn't cover the previous tenants that we seem to find the biggest problems.

Reddit user, harbac, wanted to hear the horror stories from the moment you checked in when they asked:

"What was your worst hotel stay experience and what made it so terrible?"

You don't expect opening the door to your hotel room to feel like a raffle, spinning the wheels of a slot machine hoping for them to line up to a pleasurable experience.

*Grandpa Simpson Leaving The Restaurant GIF

"My dad went to a hotel once and checked in to a first floor room. He went in the room, put his stuff down, opened the curtains...and a man was hiding there."

"My dad went “excuse me”, closed the curtains, got his stuff and left. Went to the front desk to explain that a man was hiding in his room. Turns out the guy had just robbed a place and somehow got into the room with an open window."


Peeing With The Buddy System

"The bathroom locked from the outside. If you accidentally shut the door all the way, you had to have someone in the room open the door for you when you were done. If you were by yourself, you were SOL until someone came back, or you called the front desk from the bathroom to send someone up. This was pre-mainstream cell phone usage, so you may not have had your phone on you at all times."

"Needless to say, we got our stay comped."


Double Up!

"Motel 7 in El Paso had a software problem, lost track of occupied rooms. Rather than checking, they issued keys to possibly occupied rooms and waited to see if anyone complained!"

"I twice opened my new hotel room door to find other guests in there. Jesus."


Hotel Room A/C Is Famous For It

"The air conditioner was SPITTING OUT ICE while I was sleeping. Woke up thinking I wet myself but then realized half the bed was soaked. Other than that it was fine."


Ready To Peace Out

"I needed to find a hotel in Dayton, OH because of my daughter’s gymnastics competition. I read online reviews and the Travel Lodge there got good reviews. The price was good too, so I booked it."

"I had difficulty finding it because it was dark and their sign wasn’t lit. Parking lot was pitch black. Just outside the entrance there were 2 sketchy guys that looked like they were negotiating a drug deal."

"Inside the motel lobby was dimly lit with flickering lights. The room was no better. Stained sheets, holes in the bedspread and hair in the shower. The fitness room consisted of a stair stepper that was broken and an old tv on the ground that was also broken."

"I told the front desk that I wanted to cancel our reservation. She said, “I don’t blame you. This place is gross. I had an I interview at Kohl’s & hope they hire me so I can quit this place.”


Keeping The Answers Close To The Chest

"Checked into a casino hotel in Shreveport, La. Put our stuff in the room and then went to the casino. Came back hours later and could not get into our room. Traipse to the front desk to find out why the card key was not working. Was informed that our room had to be exterminated due to "an infestation". When I inquired what type if infestation? I was told that the desk clerk was not allowed to divulge that information. Got hotel manager and he lead us back to our room, let us in and the place was tossed: furniture overturned, mattress off of bed, etc. There was our luggage and belongings pretty much where we left them."

"Manager than took us to our new room and gave us the key cards for it. I asked how the hell do you check someone into a room then discover it is infested with whatever? He was unable to adequately answer my question. I asked him about what type of extermination chemicals they used because our stuff had been exterminated as well. He again could not comment. Wound up throwing out any consumables, didn't wear anything from our luggage and checked out early the next morning, never to return again to that hotel. When we got home washed everything in the hottest water available. As an aside: itched for a couple of days afterward but this was probably power of suggestion."


A Lot Of Movement

"Happened over Christmas time in China. Came back to the hotel after dropping my boyfriend off at the airport so was clearly not in the best mood only to find a lot of my belongings moved around the room and items missing... including my passport..."

"There was food that she moved into the bathroom, my deodorant was in the shower and my shower gel was on the tv cabinet, things were taken out of my suitcase and other items were put into my suitcase, jewellery was on the floor etc. Just really random stuff had been moved."

"I had to go to reception and try to speak Mandarin (I was studying) and explain the situation. My passport was the main issue and I managed to get it back but I had gifts from my mum that were thrown out."

"Turns out the cleaner had taken my passport with the sheets to the laundry room which is crazy as it was actually in a cupboard (no safe available). Checked out 2 weeks early and got a refund for all the missing items as she admitted to throwing them away but she wouldn't say anything about why she had gone through my things or why she had moved anything."


These are probably the ones you were expecting.

Just, so much blood.

Kind Of Hard To Miss

"I stayed at a Travel Lodge a few years back. Went to get into bed and there was a blood stain on the sheet right in the middle of the bed. Pulled the sheet back and there was a HUGE puddle of it on the mattress, still wet. Not nice!"


"Not as bad as that but Airbnb I stayed in a few weeks ago. It was just a room in the bottom on someone's house that had 3 other secluded rooms. Was pretty rough even by my standards but was late so settled in, finally laid down to find the duvet was covered in dry blood."

"Decided to sleep with just a sheet and heater on high woke in the middle of the night to a faint/tranc like voice speaking another language nonstop for 30mins (probably longer after I fell asleep)."

"First thing in the morning noped out of there.."


What?! Even More Blood?

"Went to a historic hotel in Chattanooga, TN. Walked in the room, blood everywhere. The bathtub, the curtains, the walls, floor, lamp, everywhere! Hotel refused to move us. We moved ourselves to a different hotel that night."


"I stayed in a hotel on the strip in Vegas for a conference a few years ago. Was talking to my wife on the phone while getting ready for dinner, and had to tell her "Honey, got to go, I think I just found wet blood in my room.""

"Called the hotel, and they said they'd send someone up to look at it. I pointed out what I had found - a drop on the frame of the dresser. He took it apart, and someone had bled all over this thing and all they had done to clean it was wipe off the surface. The frame around every drawer had puddles of blood."

"They neither moved me or reimbursed me. Unfortunately it was the same hotel where the conference was held so I was kind of stuck."


Look up reviews, ask around, and be willing to cancel if something goes wrong. There's no need to sleep in blood.


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