People Break Down The Weirdest Thing A Guest Has Ever Done At Their House

People Break Down The Weirdest Thing A Guest Has Ever Done At Their House
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Having house guests can be awesome!

Some of my best childhood memories were when the primos would come to stay for a while. Now that I'm an adult, having my kids' cousins come for a visit is still one of my favorite things!

A house ringing with the laughter of guests and loved ones just hits the heart, you know?

This article is not about that. This article is about when guests get ... weird...

Reddit user dayday_bsl asked:

"What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?"

and I'll be honest - I started with a heartwarming anecdote because you're going to need the mental palette cleanser. When Reddit asks for weird, Reddit gets weird.

Dipping Out

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"I had some work people over for a dinner party at my house."

"We purposely shut off the lights leading upstairs to sort of let the guests know that the party is downstairs...i.e. there is nothing for you upstairs."

"Throughout the night I would see one of my coworkers taking out the dip from his lip with his index finger and scraping it into his solo cup."

"A bit later I went upstairs to check on my dog and hear some noises from the master bedroom. I walked in and saw the same dude using my toothbrush to get dip out from in between his teeth."

"The first thing I said was 'Ya know the best way to keep that stuff out of your teeth is to not do it at all. The second best method *is* to use my toothbrush, but I would really appreciate it if you didn't.' "

"He embarrassingly apologized and by the time I got downstairs he had left."

"He doesn't get invited to parties anymore."



"My friend treated my house like it was his own hotel room."

"I thought was coming to visit me and we'd coordinate for stuff to do, but it turns out he just wanted to save money on a place to sleep. He had his own plans and didn't tell me about any of them until he got to my place."

"And he even tried getting his other friends in the area to sleep at my place."

"I hadn't seen him in years, too. So I was disappointed that I planned my holiday weekend around my friend but he had other plans."

- debtopramenschultz

"Drunk" Girls

"First college party."

"A girl drank one--one!--beer and started acting like she was sOoOo wasted. Got fully naked and sat on my papasan chair."

"One of the most embarrassingly attention-seeking people I've ever met lol."

- itswhatsername

"We had similar experience."

"We went on a mini road trip and a girl, after having just one beer, started acting dramatically wasted. She started screaming and crying, we got scared the cops might stop us."

"Worst experience ever."

- jhoomworld27

Amateur Electrical

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"A friend of a friend was at a party at my house. He took shrooms and decided to do some 'amateur electrical work.' That's a direct quote, by the way, overheard by multiple people."

"If that statement terrifies you, that's because those are not words that should ever be in the same sentence ever; let alone a sentence that describes a thing you are about to do at someone else's house."

"Yeah so, not being an electrician, I can't tell you exactly what he did or what he was trying to do. All I can tell you is that 800 dollars and 24 hours later the problem he created was solved by a professional."

"He wound up in the hospital after exiting the party in an ambulance."

"lol, 'amateur electrical work.' "

"He's fine and paid me back. All in all, he's actually pretty good dude. Should probably pass on the shrooms, though."

- No-Badger-9973

A Bath Tub Full Of Fruit

"A coed of mine, a very much petite and super straight-laced girl attended a small party at my place with a few other people from uni."

"She usually doesn't drink much but this night began to pick out and eat all the fruit from the self made fruit punch. If you know anything about fruit punches, the fruit are absolutely soaked with alcohol. Way more so than the actual punch."

"We told her but she continued to snack on the fruits. Just a bit slower."

"She ended up absolutely sh*t faced drunk after a short while. A tiny bit later she disappeared into the bathroom. Puking noises were heard, which probably was a good thing considering how drunk she was."

"After a longer time of silence I knocked to check if she was fine."

"I got some indiscernible mumbling about maybe she could use some help but maybe don't come on but she can't do it alone. Maybe I could give her a frying pan or a spoon or something (?)"

"I was very confused and told her I would open the door and to make sure she was dressed."

"When I came she was blushed to the maximum sitting on the floor. The whole bath tub was full of liquid vomit thinned with water and tons of fruit swimming around."

"She went on about how she wasn't able to clean the mess up alone."

"Apparently she had been trying to shovel the whole tub full of vomit into the toilet using her hands the whole time. The sh*t you do when drunk lol."

"The bath tub was clogged up with fruit so it didn't empty."

"I grabbed some stuff from the kitchen. She unclogged the bath tub with some tools. We filtered our the fruit with a sieve and drained and cleaned the bath tub."

"Well mostly me as she fell asleep on the floor during the process. Welp."

"After the bathroom was done I put up my camping bed in my room, grabbed some extra blankets and a small couch pillow and tried to wake her up."

"She wouldn't. So I carried her over to the bed and made sure she was warm."

"Put a bucket next to the bed and a small bottle of water."

"The party went on into the morning hours. When I woke up the next morning, or rather around early afternoon. she was gone and the bed was perfectly made."

"When I got to the living room it was perfectly clean with no signs of there ever being a party last night. Same for the kitchen, minus a few remaining full bottles and snacks all nearly packed up in Tupper ware."

"There was a written note, well more of a letter, lying on the kitchen table."

"In her note she explained at length how she was extremely embarrassed by what happened. That she was thankful how I handled the situation and that I remained calm."

"Lastly she said to make up for the mess she made, she cleaned the kitchen and living room from all the party remains. Also she made breakfast, which was in the fridge."

"Lastly she'd be happy if I didn't contact her for a week or two as she'd be too embarrassed to talk to me any ways."

"We became really close friends after that happened but it was surely weird. Both the bath tub full of fruit vomit juice and meticulously cleaning my flat the day after."

- RandomQuestGiver

Bestie's Plan

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"We were having a party at my house. It was weird as f*ck to begin with because my dad was having a hard time choosing between two women."

"He'd date one for a little while, then break up to date the other one for a little while, then realize he really loved the first one. It was a mess."

"Anyway, he invited them both to our house that night and they both brought their kids, who were all around my age. There were 6 of us kids in all."

"My best friend was the first woman's daughter. Well, she had hatched a plan and without really offering an explanation, convinced me to initiate a game of truth or dare."

"Okay fine, I guess we're playing truth or dare now."

"Her plan was for me to dare her to put her head inside my toilet and flush it. No f*cking clue why I agreed but I did."

"I dared her and she immediately jumps up and runs to the bathroom, all of us following her. Without hesitation she lifts the toilet seat, submerges her head into the toilet water and flushes."

"One of the second woman's daughters is looking on at her as if she's f*cking insane (she wasn't wrong) and there's all this commotion in my bathroom between the 6 of us. Our parents all come rushing inside to see what the f*ck is going on."

"My best friend's mother's eyes go wide as saucers and I swear I saw smoke coming out of her ears as she starts screaming at her daughter, pulling her head out of the toilet and wrapping her hair in one of my towels."

"At this point I'm crying and struggling for air because all of this is the most f*cked up hilarious sh*t that I have ever witnessed in my short life. Her mother screams at me in this high pitched, enraged voice to shut up because it's not funny and I have to leave before she tries to kill me, too."

"My poor bestie got in big trouble for embarrassing the hell out of her mom when she was trying so hard to get my father to choose her over the other woman."

"Her mother convinced my father to punish me for daring her daughter to do that, even though her daughter was the one who wanted this to happen."

"The other mom and her kids left pretty much immediately, but when the others left, my bestie catches my eye and she has this huge smirk on her face like 'Yeah! Mission accomplished!' "

"She knew exactly what the fuck she was doing! That second lady never looked back and my dad ended up choosing her mom."

- Responsible-Top-6882

Growth Chart

"A grown man in our house for the first (and last) time for an academic team gathering marked his height on our children’s wooden growth chart…in permanent Sharpie marker."

"This guy wasn’t a friend, and he wasn’t a kid. I probably wouldn't have minded then. But he was literally a stranger an hour before this."

"He was a grown adult and just happened to be in a college group meeting at my home, from the college where my husband works."

"It was pretty awkward."

"Oh, and it was unfinished wood so we couldn't just wipe it off. We had to sand it to get it off."

- ClutterKitty

Tried To Snort My Brother

"I threw a New Years party once. ONCE."

"Someone I invited brought a group of people who I knew, but didn’t exactly enjoy the company of."

"Sometime around 1am, I noticed that my keepsake urn necklace containing my brother’s ashes was missing."

"Then, I discover a couple of small lines of powder-like material in lines on my bathroom counter."

"They had tried to snort my brother and stole the necklace his remains were in. I was livid."

"I don't think they were trying to get high. I think they were either joking around or had dared someone to do it. These guys were jackasses, but not stupid."

"I never got the necklace back."

- captkronni

Doggie Drugs

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"A guest gave my dog drugs because, and I quote:"

" 'She looked sad so I thought some drugs would cheer her up!' "

"I tried to be patient at first, after hearing his attempts at defending himself, my reaction was pretty harsh, and I do not regret a f*cking thing I said or did."

"He gave mdma to a 3 pound chihuahua and almost killed the only reliably good thing in my life and the only thing that gave me any real sense of happiness. She was never the same, but she did survive."

"He couldn't understand why I was so angry and then had the nerve to try and press charges on me for my reaction!"

- dman2316

Guerilla Co-Host

"I invited 6 people for Sunday brunch, including an acquaintance 'K' who worked in my department."

"It seemed like a good opportunity to reciprocate an invitation she’d extended within the past few months (a big gathering at her house with her roommates….I stopped by for about an hour, had a delightful time amongst mostly strangers.)"

"It was a rare hot summer day in upstate NY, and I lived in a small house with no air conditioning. I woke up early to bake biscuits while it was a bit cooler. Was running as many fans as I could to circulate air before guests came over….."

"Through the buzz of the fans, I hear a knock on the door. It was K- she was here AN HOUR before guests were invited."

“ 'Oh- I was out for a morning walk and then I realized I was in your neighborhood early. Thought I could help!' And in she waltzed…"

"I couldn’t send her on an errand because she walked over."

"This was her first time over--maybe while on foot, she needed to use the bathroom? Was it daylight savings time? My mind circled trying to reason WHY ON EARTH she’d show up without so much as a call/text."

"I said I needed to hop in the shower (I was DISGUSTINGLY hot) but she was welcome to add a batch of simple syrup to lemonade and pour herself a glass. Was in the bathroom for 5 minutes, and she got to work while I was in there."

"When I came out, she’d set food on the table (some which wasn’t meant to be served.) She also gathered branches and leaves from the yard and created a table scape?"

"We made small talk as I chopped vegetables for a frittata and she whipped eggs. She did most of the chatting."

"As other guests arrived on time, she offered them lemonade and asked them to take off their shoes. It then dawned on me- I had a guerrilla co-host."

"As I set one of the last dishes on table she announced, 'Come and get it!' Handed people silverware, offered to spoon different items on their plates…"

"The last straw was when she went out onto my deck, picked unwashed mint and tried to garnish someone’s yogurt trifle. He pulled his plate away and said, 'I don’t want you touching my food.' ”

"Mercifully, someone offered her a ride home since she’d walked over. I’d never felt so uncomfortable in my own home due to someone’s well-intended gestures."

- sunnaii

No Recollection Of That Bite

"I ran into into a girl at a bar/club that I knew vaguely back from middle school."

"After a few hours of talking and several drinks later she says she is going to drive home. She is obviously in no shape to drive so I offer her my couch to sleep on for the night. I run this all by my husband and he’s cool with it."

"I set her up on the couch and we all go to sleep."

"I wake up in the morning to find that the raw vacuum sealed tuna steak we had in the fridge was opened and had one huge bite taken out of it."

"It was left on the counter with the juices leaking all over."

"No sign of her. So weird."

"I messaged her later that day saying something like 'Did you get hungry last night?' She said she had no recollection of that ever happening."

- NovaTactics

Mom Is Off Limits

double dutchess milf GIF by FergieGiphy

"Tried to hook up with my recently divorced mother"

"Let me explain. It was my 21st birthday and I decided to have some friends over."

"As we sat there drinking and getting very f*cked up, my mother walks in the door and from across the room my friend screams:"

“ 'What’s up baby girl?!' to which my mother says 'Excuse me?!' "

"He actually replied! Worse, he replied with: ”

" 'Look I’m sorry you got divorced but I think you’re hot we should hook up!' 😬 Yeah we’re not friends anymore."

- Ok_Box881

Trying To Be Helpful

"When I was younger, we would have my aunt occasionally come over to pet sit while we were on trips to visit relatives."

"Well, one time we came home (absolutely exhausted from driving back home to Michigan from Florida), only to find that she had reorganized the entire house."

"I don't mean just rearranged some furniture I mean she reorganized closets, drawers, pantries, everything."

"She was trying to be helpful, but she failed to overlook a crucial part of her gracious plan. This was OUR house, and now we were unable to FIND anything!"

"Anyways, turns out she also reorganized my parents bedroom which included going through their drawers so we stopped having her pet sit for us."

- 1_3A7_W0rM5

Um ... What?

"A guy ate all of my eggs, raw, while leaning over the kitchen sink."

"I walked in and saw him slurping up the last one with 12 shells in the sink."

- olgaslam

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