People Divulge The Weirdest Things They Found In A Public Toilet

People Divulge The Weirdest Things They Found In A Public Toilet
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I do my absolute best to never... EVER use public toilets.

I will hold it in until I'm about to explode... which isn't the healthiest idea, but anything to not have to use the bathroom away from home.

I've lived in New York long enough to know that public restrooms are a nightmare.

The things you'll find will leave you reeling in disbelief.

RedditorYoprobro13wanted to hear about the "treasures" we've discovered while visiting public restrooms.

They asked:

"What is the weirdest thing you found in a public toilet?"

Have you ever used the bathrooms at Penn Station or Port Authority?

If you have, then you know.

If you haven't... you don't want to know.

On the Menu

"Not me, but my husband once found a family-sized serving of spaghetti and meatballs splattered all over the toilet and walls of a bathroom stall. Sometimes I wonder what that person’s story is."



half a dog...

"I went into an amusement park restroom with my grandfather when I was maybe 5 years old. When I approached the urinal I was about to use I looked down and was dismayed. I told my grandpa that someone's penis had fallen off into the urinal. He reassured me that it was just a half of a hot dog."



"The most unsettling thing I saw in a public toilet was a massive pile of sunflower seed shells on the floor in a stall at a rest stop on I-40 in NC. And it wasn't just the shells from one of those single-serving snack bags, it was a veritable mountain of shells. Hundreds of them... who the f**k devours a couple of pounds of sunflower seeds while taking a shit at a rest stop? Seriously unsettling."


$40 where I live...

"I was working at Walmart a few months ago and employees had to use the customer bathrooms. I walked in and there was blood and toilet paper all over the stall and the floor and a bloody menstrual cup on the ground. The reason I was confused was because they cost like $40 where I live, who would just leave it there??"



"A bag of completely water drenched clothes in the 3rd floor bathroom of a Barnes And Noble."



What in the?

Who eats a meal in the toilet?

My word.

I Fainted

"Man when I was in elementary school, some kid pooped a log that would make randy marsh have heart palpitations, it was like 2 feet long, it was so big everyone was getting their friends to come and check it out. I would never be a school janitor."




"On holiday in New York, I was doing my thing in a cubicle when an arm appears with a business card under the stall door. I took it because I panicked but it was surreal. It was a plain white card with a guys name 'Kenny' and a phone number. Turned it over and on the back it read 'Call me for a good time.' I am not certain if the hand was male or female. To be honest, I have a lot of questions, but I never did call the number!"


Bad Greens

"I pile of poop on the floor under the sinks. It was green. I headed back to my table (this was in a TGI Fridays) and told one of the staff about it. Had the best laugh of my life a few minutes later after someone went in to clean it up and we could all hear him yelling 'Oh my god, why is it green?!?'"


Petty Please

"A poop painting and a trail of poop leading to the door. There was dirty granny panties in the garbage and poop on the door handle. Literally couldn't even be bothered to wash her hands. I refused to touch the door handle after that so I called the restaurant I was at and told them I was in the bathroom and I need assistance getting out. Petty, yes."


Let's Count

"An abacus. It was in middle school basketball during an away game. Just sitting on one of the sinks."



I guess some find it suitable to do just about anything in a public restroom.

I'm staying home.

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