People Share Which Unsolved Mystery They Would Like To Be Solved In Their Lifetime

People Share Which Unsolved Mystery They Would Like To Be Solved In Their Lifetime
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There's something so alluring about unsolved mysteries. Especially that show from the 80's, Unsolved Mysteries, which might be the reason for many finding these cases so darn interesting.

However, in this article, there are no Robert Stacks' – just a bunch of Redditors.

Reddit users' favorite unsolved mysteries came to light when Redditor renaissance-cat asked:

"What unsolved mystery would you like to be explained in your lifetime?"


"Brandon Swanson"

"Car breaks down. On the phone with dad. Says something like "oh sh*t" while still taking to dad and supposedly walking to the town dad was waiting for him. That's it never heard from ever again. Relatively recently to.. just kind of makes someone wonder"

"EDIT: It wasn't hogs, very unlikely it was a wolf or a bear. (knowing the area of marshal MN) He did in fact go through the river but the dogs had his scent after the river also. No I don't think it was necessarily a person and no I don't find it more interesting than aliens but it was either comment aliens for the 400th time or put out an unsolved case from a town I spent a few summers in and have heard about happening"

"EDIT: My friend who grew up there said town folk think he may have passed out in a field and gotten ran over by a combine and didn't tell."

– Psauceyo

Bad Cow!

"When I was little I wandered off from my parents at a story telling festival. When I turned back up I had some type of mild wound on my hand and all I would say about it was "baby cow bit me down there" while pointing toward the nearby river."

"To this day we have no idea what bit me. We lived in Florida at the time so it could have been pretty much anything, except for a cow since there were no farms nearby."

– Call_Me_Koala

Bad Joke.

"The cure for Alzheimer's, preferably before I turn 40."

– jrose5133

"Please tell me you aren't 39."

– ShotaKingNotCrossdr

The Unknown Is Always The Scariest

"Kyron Horman went missing when I was in 5th grade. He was in 2nd grade. He went to a different elementary school than me, but everyone in the Portland area knew about him, and still will if you mention his name. There were signs everywhere for him, and you occasionally still see them around. He'd be 17 now."

"It's largely believed his stepmother had something to do with his disappearance, but there's been no evidence to suggest what happened to him."

"Portland remembers him, and we want to know where he is."

– Just_OneReason

If Only Everything Had A Solution Written In A Poem

"I'd love it if someone found Forrest Fenn's treasure."

"To explain: Forrest Fenn was a gentleman with some serious cash. He ended up having a cancer scare and being told he was terminal, so he buried some of his bonds/gold/etc. in a cache and wrote a poem with clues on how to find it, just like old-tymey pirates or what-have-you. He ended up surviving the cancer and doesn't really give any hints on the treasure, except to say that he goes out like once every few years to make sure it's still buried in the same spot and it always is. That's how he knows nobody has found it yet."

– beepborpimajorp

We Have A Lot Of Questions.

"Madeleine McCann"

"I used to be so convinced it was the parents, until I watched the recent Netflix documentary. Now I'm back to being unsure as hell."

"My main question I just want to know the answer to is if it really wasn't them, why did the cavadier dogs scent out Kate's shirt, behind the couch, and inside the closet? There's so much contradicting evidence and the events of what happened afterwards with the Portuguese police make it all the more confusing."

"For Madeleine's sake as well as her siblings I really hope the truth comes out."

– Proctio

Always Have Hope.

"What happened to my friend Daniel. He went missing during our freshman year of college, over winter break. He was back home in California. He left his keys at home and walked away. He's never been seen since."

"I know he's probably dead. But a little part of me has always wondered if someone took him, or if something happened and he's alive. And I can't give up that hope until I know he's not alive, because what if he is and no one believes anymore? Are you really alive if no one believes you are?"

– kayisbadatstuff

What A Mystery.

"There's a few murderers and disappearances I'm curious about, but they've been brought up already, so I'll say: The Voynich Manuscript. The materials used have been proven to be from the correct time period, but it's written in a still completely unknown language, and has yet to be even partly decoded."

"I guess, chances are, it's medieval medical/astronomical book."

"Also the tamam shud case. Unknown body found on an Australian beach. No sign of foul play or drowning, and had a strange coded message in his pocket. The body was found in 1948. He's never been identified. If I remember correctly, the labels had been removed from his clothes, and he didn't seem to be from the area."

– chaosperfect


"The escape from Alcatraz."

"I think they made it."

"Supposedly flowers were sent to their mother every mothers day after they escaped, two tall 'women' were seen at their moms funeral and other hints suggest they are alive."

"I need to know what actually happened."

– Amargeo

Read The Comments On This Video

"The M cave mystery. I remember hearing about this one and it still bothers me to this day."

"Basically some guy who was an avid hiker went back to visit a cave that he said was vibrating on his previous visit. He never came back from the trip and hasn't been seen since."

– dailydonuts16

IDK, I Still Think Trump Is Andy Kaufman In Disguise.

"The Jon Benet Ramsey murder."

– knowses

"Don't some people believe that she's Katy Perry?"

– renaissance-cat

"Who said conspiracy theories have to make sense? I always thought Katy Perry was Andy Kaufman after extensive plastic surgery, but Jon Benet is my second theory. I guess we should add to this list, "who is Katy Perry, really?"

– FaithWestman

Not Unbelievable, That's For Sure.

"The assassinations of JFK and RFK."

– the_buddhaverse

"I'm not one for conspiracies, but I'm of strong belief that the US government and other high ups were fully behind that."

"If you listen to the famous last speech he gave, it's about government transparency, among other things. You can hear the shake in his voice, he sounds godawful terrified."

"The only secrets he's threatening are government secrets. The only people who would want those hidden is the government."

– FitzyII

A Definite [ossibility.

"Where the hell is Hoffa?"

– Anodracs

"I'm guessing someday a concrete bridge piling in NYC will crack in half and expose Hoffa's skeleton."

– DarthContinent

That's An Interesting One.

"The taste of fresh T Rex meat. We even found some flesh in a thigh bone, so all we need is a genetic engineer to go insane and we'll find out how it tastes."

"Edit: On second thought, it was definitely bone marrow, so it might not count as flesh. It was soft tissue, though, so I'm still counting it."

– Koifish_Coyote


"I live in the Netherlands. My aunt and cousins live in Berlin."

"Was in elementary school and sitting in "the circle". It's a Dutch habit. I knew there was something vague behind the window, he or she didn't tend to leave. As I finally look through it seemed to be my aunt and cousins, I wave back, and then they leave. I was excited to see them after school. When I came home, they didn't visit us and they hadn't already left. Was rather confused than disappointed. Whenever I mention it with them, they can't remember."

"TL;DR Why my Aunt and Cousins who live 500 miles away randomly popped at a window in class."

– username13022001

It's A Bird, It's A Disappearing Airplane

"MH370. Just so weird that a large passenger airliner disappeared into thin air with no wreckage found."

"The other one would be the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto."

– icyboy89

Aliens, Of Course!

"The truth about UFOs and if they really are spaceships with aliens from another planet."

– tomcalwriter

What A Sad Case

"The case of William Tyrell is a mystery I wish to see explained in my lifetime, in Australia it’s a big thing as a little boy went missing from his grandmothers house."

"The saddest thing about it? There’s a photo that was taken of him minutes before he was supposedly abducted, he was so happy in his Spider-Man costume."

"If you don’t know about William Tyrell I urge you to check it out, it’s deeply saddening."

– Squintacle-

Near And Dear

"The mystery of the Roanoke colony. I know there have been updates, but no confirmation on exactly what went down. When I was little I would have dreams that I was a baby who died there, forced to die by John White who then blamed it on the natives. So idk kind of holds a place in my heart."

– eiany

Finally, A REAL Mystery.

"Why did Fox cancel Firefly?"

– Stonewalled89

"Because despite popular opinion Joss Whedon isn't actually that good."

– GiovanniMarco

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