There so many questions I want answers to before I succumb to the slumber of the great beyond.

Some answers are to the ethereal and spiritual questions, and some are hardcore murder mystery and drama answers.

What happened to Hoffa?

Are all of the episodes of Dateline NBC correct?

I love a great mystery but an unsolved mystery just eats away at me.

I'm not alone.

Redditorhavehartwanted to discuss the greatest mysteries that plague us all. Will we ever know? They asked:

"What is the unsolved mystery you'd most love to see solved?"

This is why these crime series on Netflix and podcasts have gotten so popular.

Everyone loves a good mystery.

In the Sky

"Would love to know exactly what happened to Amelia Earhart. The theories are all more than likely and one of them is probably the truth! But it would still be cool to have the full story and closure." ~ Bitter_Theory5467



"What happened in 536CE?"

"Records from around the world talk about 3 years of winter, destroying vineyards, frost in the Mediterranean…dendrochronology (tree ring studies) shows a period of reduced to no growth during that period in places as far flung as Ireland and the Pacific Northwest."

"There were no supervolcanic eruptions that year, no evidence of meteor/comet impact. It’s theorized Iceland had an eruption that spread on the jet streams to affect the northern hemisphere, but the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Project has never reported a volcanic event higher than a VEI 6 (basically, amount of ejection and damage), and nothing higher than a 5 from the two most active volcanoes of the period (Katla and Hekla)."

"VEI 8 is a supervolcanic/caldera event, like Jemez in New Mexico or Yellowstone. So what happened? 536 CE - Smithsonian Global Volcanism Project" ~ BSNmywaythrulife

Long Pause

"Why the Polynesian people stopped sailing for ages in an event known as the Long Pause. About three and a half thousand years ago some time after Polynesians explored the Pacific and arrived at Fiji, and despite some evidence that they were expert wayfarers and navigators and boat builders, they just stopped."

"Stopped sailing, stopped exploring, stopped travelling for nearly two thousand years. And no one really knows why. We've got theories from multiple bad storm seasons, to El Nino effects, to Moana's interpretation that it was caused by the Rock stealing the heart of creation and causing sea monsters."

"That last one is probably the least likely. But we have enough evidence to be confident it happened and no concrete idea why. And its a tantalising mystery, because there was so much of Polynesia left to explore." ~ TerrisKagi


"Opelaika Jane Doe. I know there are a lot of cases for Jane and John Does being solved recently through DNA, and I only hope DNA can help here. Opelaika Jane Doe just stands out to me/pulls at my heartstrings because she’s a young child that was clearly neglected and/or abused during her short life."

"There are pictures that show a young girl that I think even police think is the Jane Doe but no one has come forward with information regarding who she might be." ~ bookaddict1991


"Who killed Elizabeth Short aka 'The Black Dahlia.'” ~ Cosmic_TentaclePorn_

"I feel like this is one of many cases that was never solved bc of corruption in the LAPD- it just happened to get the most attention. that Dr guy (i’ve forgotten his name) had like no morals, he had the surgical skills, he had a lot of power over officials in LA at the time, and when he moved to the Phillipines, another woman was murdered near his home there in a similar manner to Elizabeth Short. the evidence is all there, imo, so unless someone was trying very very very hard to frame him, it was the Dr." ~ romanian-gal

Amelia, Amelia... where are you?

We'll never know.

Or is it obvious???


"What happened to Sneha Anne Phillip, the NYC doctor who disappeared on the night of September 10, 2001. She was officially added to the 9/11 victim list and memorial in 2007 after her family fought for it in court."

"But her rocky marriage, professional problems, and the fact that no one knew where she was the night of Sept. 10th have led to a lot of speculation that she was the victim of foul play, or that she took 9/11 as an opportunity to run away and start a new life." ~ Darmok47

March 2014...

"What happened to eight-year-old Relisha Rudd? She went missing from a DC homeless shelter in March 2014. She had been absent from school for several weeks and they didn't follow up to ask about her absence. Her mom didn't file a police report immediately either. All the adults in her life failed her, poor girl."

"She was last seen with the janitor who worked at the shelter and used to treat her often. He was found dead of apparent suicide during the search for the girl. His wife/partner was found shot dead in a hotel room."

"The police searched a local park and didn't find a body. So they must have had a lead but never shared anything new after that. I check every year or so since it happened but nothing. Here's a link to more info if anyone's interested." ~ Crohnies

Only 3 have been found...

"The Secret. In 1982 an author published a book with clues to 12 hidden boxes containing keys buried in North America. The keys can be traded in for jewels. Only 3 have been found. The author died and supposedly only he knew the exact locations. I live in one of the cities that likely has a buried key and it drives me crazy that the rest of the puzzles will likely never be solved!" ~ Ashleysmashley42

Into the Wild

"What happened to the LA wild chimp. Okay this one is niche and I can't find anything about it except for a clip from 'Monsterquest' in an episode I've forgotten. Here's the gist: A private chimp owner had their pet chimpanzee escape into the LA national forest. Theoretically from a biologists standpoint this habitat would kill a chimp within weeks from hunger."

"California's forests just don't have the resources for an ape. but a few years later a wild great ape was spotted for just a moment on a hiking trail near a dry wash. If it was a real spotting how did it survive?" ~ CyanideTacoZ

“Peaked Interest”

"Andrew Godsen. Kid who just randomly got on a train one day and disappeared completely." ~ bumford11

"There is a YouTube channel called 'Peaked Interest' hosted by a person who shares this case, then does a very compelling segment where he turns over the different theories and presents the one he thinks makes the most sense."

"It is a GREAT video, I highly recommend it. Long story short, he feels there is a lot of evidence (that he lays out very well) that Andrew skipped school to probably go see a concert with the intention of staying with the family they had in London, and didn’t tell anyone before because he wouldn’t have been allowed to go."

"However, he met some terrible end in London. I think it’s the closest we will get to an explanation. Do check it out!" ~ nomoanya


"Two hikers on the Appalachian Trail were found in their tents with their hands bound and their throats cut. They never found who did it." ~ sev1nk

"Was that the couple that were killed in Shenandoah National Park, summer of 1996? I was working on the AT that autumn close to where they were killed. It really shook up the trail community." ~ pozzledC

"That's the one. Bill Bryson talked about it in his book as he was in the area just a year after it occurred." ~ sev1nk


"I’d like to know who did the Hinterkaifeck murders. Five members of the same family and their maid, all killed. Six months prior to the murders, the previous maid quit because she heard weird sounds coming from the attic. The dad found a strange newspaper. They thought maybe the postman had lost it. But it turns out nobody in their little village subscribed to this particular newspaper."

"A few days before, the dad found tracks in the snow leading to their machine room whose door was broken into. Later that night they heard footsteps in the attic. The day of the murders, the new maid arrived. And then it happened. All six people killed."

"Four of them were lured to the barn where they were killed with an axe or some other farm tool, I forgot. Then the killer or the killers went into the house and freaking killed the two year old kid and the maid with the same axe. It’s considered one of the most brutal murders in the history of Germany." ~ ChhotaKakua

The Escapees

"What ever happened to the guys that escaped from Alcatraz." ~ T00_pac

"They survived. Hell, they even attended one of their mother's funerals in drag and didn't get noticed. Odds are they just left the country or something after escaping and only made very small revisits to the USA for things like family funerals." ~ Hudsony12


"How the universe started. What was it before? If it’s nothing, how did something come from nothing? Will people have the ability to comprehend such an answer?" ~ -Four-Foxx-Sake-

"Yep, this is absolutely the one for me. Since I was a kid I would sometimes just lay in bed and think 'but what existed before… and before that.. and before that?' It’s the one thing that makes me think existence still has mysteries to us, which I actually find kind of comforting." ~ bottleglitch

Valentine's Day

"The case of Asha Degree. It's been over twenty years and we have no idea why a nine year old girl left her home in the middle of a rainy night. Other than a few eye witness reports and some belongings, there's essentially nothing. No body, few leads, and it's been over two decades. The worst part is that the parents' worst nightmare happened on Valentine's Day, which also happens to be their wedding anniversary." ~ MissDeathAssistant


"I haven’t seen any other comments about this so I’m just gonna put this out there: what exactly happened to Lindsey Baum Me and Lindsey were family friends just before she went missing. She was 10, I was about 8. I didn’t grasp what had happened until years later."

"TL;RD: 10 year old girl is abducted without a trace in 2010 from McCleary, WA. The case is completely cold until 2017 when a fragment of her skull was found 100+ miles away in eastern Washington. Authorities have a possible suspect but to this day no arrests have been made." ~ bayliascaris

Ask Kendall Rae...

"I wish I knew who killed my dad. It’s been 6 years now, and the police have never tried to make a move towards it. And I am not sure how to solve this mystery myself." ~ Direct-Painter5603

"I'm sorry for your loss. the only thing I can suggest is perhaps reach out to Kendall Rae, she's a true crime YouTuber who helps smaller cases like yours. She takes suggestions from family members of those lost. She's huge, too, and she could help give the police a kick in the a**."

"From what I see, she isn't in it for the money. Families she's worked with say she donates all ad revenue from the video(s) about their loved ones, and in addition donate to any fundraiser. I think she genuinely wants to help. If you want to look into it, she has a link to a form you can fill out in every video description." ~ dawnmountain

The Sodders

"Realistic unsolved mystery I would like solved is what happened to the Sodder children. The surviving family members deserve peace after so long. Unrealistic unsolved mystery I would like to know what some of these UAPs we have seen the last 7 or 8 years are. For real." ~ RadicalTzar


"The Delphi Murders." ~ breadtanglewrangler

"This one drives me crazy. Those girls did everything right. They were together and managed to record their murderer. Yet he continues to live on. They were so brave. They deserve justice. Their families deserve closure." ~ Jigelipuf

"The recording that has been released to the public is apparently just a snippet of what they actually have. This gives me hope that they have more evidence they have not released and that it will lead to the killer." ~ star_guardian_carol

Back of my Mind

"Brian Shaffer's case is one that's been sitting in the back of my mind for years now.The fact that he vanished without ever being seen exiting the Ugly Tuna and that authorities didn't find any trace of him even after looking through everything in the bar is terrifying yet sad.I have a feeling that his friend may be hiding some piece of info but we may never know for sure what it is." ~ GIANTFLOATINGCOCK420

Some questions will just always remain a mystery.

Which is such a negative about life.

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