People Break Down The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of All-Time
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Needless to say, when a crime or mystery is never solved can be both frustrating and devastating.

Those assigned to solve what happened to a missing person, murder, or theft will likely lie awake at night going over the case on and on in their heads.

While the families of the victims and missing persons will never get the closure or answers they were hoping for as to how and why it happened.

But for those of us on the outside, it's easy to be fascinated by an unsolved mystery, or cold case.

Particularly, if the mystery is a case of possible supernatural phenomena which was never explained.

Redditor Lelo-Of-Kah was curious to learn more about the various cases people are still trying to solve to this day, leading them to ask:

"What is the greatest unsolved mystery of all time?"

Asha Degree

"Disappearance of Asha Degree."

"In 2000, 9 year old girl that packed a bag in the middle of a storm and was last seen walking down a highway."

"A driver approached her to help and she ran into the woods and was never seen again."

"Nothing suggest why she would run away."

"Her book bag was found a year later."

"Most likely she was abducted while walking but why did she leave her house in the middle of a 'raging storm'?- palabear

Missy Bevers

"I love unsolved mysteries but one that always gets me is the murder of Missy Bevers."

"She was killed in the early morning at a church that she taught yoga at."

"Security footage from the church showed the murderer roaming the halls of the church all night but that’s not what’s weird."

"What’s weird is that the murderer was dressed head to toe in police riot gear."

"It is the weirdest and eeriest video footage and is just unsettling."

"There’s lots of theories but her murder has never been solved and I believe there hasn’t even been a real suspect in the case."- norminthedorm

The Springfield Three

"The disappearance of the Springfield Three is a top contender for me."

"Long story short, in the early morning hours of June 7, 1992, these three women, Sherrill Levitt (47), her daughter Suzanne 'Suzie' Streeter (19), and Suzie's friend Stacy McCall (18) all vanished from Sherrill and Suzie's home following a night of fun and partying as it was the girl's high school graduation."

"All their personal belongings, their cars, purses, and even the little dog was left behind."

"There were no signs of a struggle or foul play, however, the front porch light's glass globe was broken and not swept up, and there was a weird message of the answering machine that accidentally got deleted."

"Yet, no trace of the three women has ever been found and the case remains unsolved 30 years later."- Bjnboy

Zodiac Killer

"The identity of the Zodiac Killer hands down."

"It hasn't been solved despite what you read about Gary Post."- 1man2barrels

Zimbabwe Sightings

"The aerial school landings in Zimbabwe."

"60+ school children saw crafts landing and beings coming out of them."

"The kids interacted with the beings."

"They were put under evaluation by a Harvard psychiatrist."

"They all told virtually the same story and drew the same drawings."

"It was concluded that they were telling the truth."- Equivalent-Quail3995

Chicago TV Hijacker

"My favorite is the Chicago Tv hijacking."

"During a Dr. Who rerun in 1987 somebody dressed as Max Headroom hijacked the tv signal for a minute and a half during which got spanked by a woman and mocked coca-cola."

"FCC has been investigating for years and nobody has been charged."- KhaosKake

Disappearance At Ohio State

"One I’m always fascinated with is I believe in the mid 2000’s a student at Ohio state mysteriously disappeared and to this day they have no idea what happened to him."

"Basically he went out to a popular bar with friends, the security camera sees him walking into the bar and this is the only entrance/exit as the bar is in a larger building but it never sees him leave the bar at the end of the night."

"His name was Brian Shaffer."

"It’s an interesting story/mystery to take a look at."- TrainingRegistration

Escape From Alcatraz

"What the hell happened to the 3 escapees of the 'inescapable' Alcatraz."

"If they did survive or not but if they did that's one hell of a plan to escape undetected till to this day."- Leveolizan

The Yuba County Five

"The Yuba County Five."

"One of the detectives interviewed at some point said not a damn thing about this case makes any sense at all."

'Five guys with minor disabilities go to a basketball game."

"They have their own very anticipated game to play in the next morning: one of the guys even laid out his uniform for the next day."

"They leave the game they were spectators for, on the drive home, they stop to buy snacks--the wrappers were found in the car and the cashier remembered them."

"Then instead of going home, they drive miles and miles out of their way to a national state park, leave their perfectly functioning and fueled car to wander unprepared into the snowy wilderness."

"A witness claims to have seen a second vehicle and perhaps a woman?"

"A convenience store nearby claimed to have seen them the next day?"

"But three of them are found dead in the woods, believed to have died from exposure."

"A fourth one is found in a trailer in the woods that had sufficient food and heat sources to survive for quite awhile, having apparently starved to death and losing 200 pounds before succumbing to that and hypothermia."

"He had approximately 13 weeks of beard growth."

"The last man has never been found."

"So, firstly, why? "

"And then why starve to death in the woods for weeks?"

"If it was foul play, for what purpose?"

"Their car wasn't stolen."

"There was no money to be gained."

"Even if it was some weird cult thing, none of them were apparently harmed, they all just died in the woods from staying in the woods."- Kaysmira

Mr. Cruel

"Mr. Cruel."

"That case is so disgusting to me, and the most commonly used picture/police sketch is even scarier."- piledguts

The Canadian Forest TubeSock Serial Killer

"The Canadian Forest TubeSock Serial Killer is, by far, the most heinous, puzzling, and mind-boggling case of serial murder to ever occur in human history."

"The mystery is gripping."

"The mystery is terrifying."

"The mystery is...well...a mystery."

"The forest tubesock serial killer is just one of the many unsolved mysteries that haunt the forested Canadian landscape."

"For over 60 years, this ruthless madman has plagued the province of Ontario, indiscriminately murdering, raping, and mutilating countless victims."

"His total body count is still unknown, but local officials believe it to be well into the triple digits."

"No evidence can be found, no survivors can be found, and nobody knows who this killer is."

"Some speculate that he is a ghost, others say he's a demon, but nobody really knows for sure."

"All we know for sure is that he's out there."

"And he's watching."

"The Forest TubeSock Serial Killer (FTTSK) was first discovered by Canadian authorities in 1961."

"The horror was discovered when the body of a female tourist was found, brutally murdered, beneath a pile of logs."

"The woman had suffered 45 separate lacerations, as well as several puncture wounds, to various parts of her body."

"Investigators were baffled."

"The next victim was found 2 years later."

"The victim, also female, was brutally murdered, with a tube sock tied around her head."

"She was found 5 miles from where the first woman had been discovered."

"3 years later, in 1965, another victim was found."

"This time, the victim was male."

"He was found bludgeoned to death by a tube sock."

"6 years passed."

"In 1971, authorities found the body of another female victim."

"She was found with a tube sock tied around her head."

"5 years after that, in 1975, 3 more female victims were found."

"They were all found with tube socks tied around their heads."

"4 years later, in 1979, 2 more victims were found."

"They were male and female."

"Both were found with tube socks tied around their heads."

"2 years later, in 1981, 4 more victims were found."

"3 of them were female."

"They were all found with tube socks tied around their heads."

"9 years later, in 1989, another victim was found."

"He was found with a tube sock tied around his head."

"10 years later, in 1999, another victim was found, again with a tube sock tied around his head."

"So, to this day, the FTTSK has killed at least 15 people, possibly more."

"What makes the FTTSK extra terrifying is the fact that he has been active for 60 years."

"That's 60 years of absolute terror."

"The FTTSK is believed to be responsible for other murders, as well."- TheAlbeOne

The Ade Family Murders

"The Ade family murders."

"There isn't much coverage or information about it."

"The only reason I know about this is because I read about it in a Time magazine years ago."

"Somewhat (not really) similar to the Hinterkaifeck murders."

"It's just bothered me since I first read about it."

"It happened such a long time ago and is a tragic read."- Responsible-Laugh233

Karina Holmer

"The murder of Karina Holmer in 1996 in Boston has always haunted me."

"The fact that she was split in two and one half was never found is super sad and creepy."- Environmental_Tune96

The murder of Elizabeth Damron. She was killed in an armed robbery in Greenville NC in December 2000 at the AMF bowling alley just after close. I cannot for the life of me find what happened in regards to the case. There is only one existing news article left on the internet that I can find. This story has always haunted me as this happened just 2 minutes from my house.

Elizabeth Damron

The murder of Elizabeth Damron."

"She was killed in an armed robbery in Greenville NC in December 2000 at the AMF bowling alley just after close."

"I cannot for the life of me find what happened in regards to the case."

"There is only one existing news article left on the internet that I can find."

"This story has always haunted me as this happened just 2 minutes from my house."- Kwilburn525

The Dyatlov Pass.

"The Dyatlov Pass."

"I still get the chills everything I hear that story."

"And have no clue to this day what killed them all."- leenlo26

The Unexplained Pier Fire

"That one pier in the UK that burnt down so that they could build a new one."

"I’m pretty sure that they f*cking lit that shit on fire on purpose so that they can build a new pier."- Vo_Lair

A deep mystery everyone wants to get to the bottom of...

"How is it that a country could exist in which people think having Donald Trump as president is in any way a good idea."-blokert

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