It's always wonderful when the thing you like starts to get noticed by other people.

What's not so nice is when that thing gets ruined. Something becoming trendy will inevitably lead to non-desirables getting involved, and more often than not, make it unappealing to pursue. Video games? Fandoms? Shopping trends?

All up for being ruined.

Reddit user, TimeAd20, wanted to know what wasn't fetch anymore when they asked:

"What was ruined, because too many people started doing it?"

You know what's really popular? The internet.

You what's really popular on the internet? Trying to get popular on the internet.

Hey, What's Going On Guys? Welcome To...

"Too many people become YouTubers without having any quality content."


"I'm gonna be sure to smash that like button and subscribe to this comment."


*whispers noises*

"ASMR videos. Some people put a lot of thought into what they are doing. But then a lot of failed Instagram models figured out that they could just look hot and make sexual innuendos while whispering and get 500k views like it’s nothing"

"Same with podcasts. Seemed like around five years ago every single person and their mom came out with a podcast. There’s nothing I dislike more than watching a group of people talk over each other about nothing in particular for an hour"


#Ad #Sponsored #LookAtMe

"influencers...... everyone is an influencer"


"It's like MLM CEOs. Worst thing I read "As an influencer or CEO...". Christ dude/dudette, you barely have a thousand followers, or sell MLM junk. You are abusing that title."


"if everyone's an influencer then whos getting influenced"


Don't Ever Let Them Use YouTube Without Monitoring

"I know it may sound wierd but youtube kids. I let my son watch it all the time until i realized that it was actually worse than real youtube. I took his phone and allowed him ( btw i do not controll his phone but just deleted yt) to use youtube again. (And parents dont control your kids phones bc if they realize that your controlling them than it'll be worse for you and childs relationship)"


It's not that the thing that becomes ruined was ruined from day one. No, it has more to do with the kind of people it attracts as soon as it grows in popularity. Not everyone is a good person, turns out.

Not From Here? Ugh.

"ironically tourism, no one hates tourists more than other tourists"


"As someone who lives in a tourist area, I disagree. Locals definitely hate tourists the most. Tourists are the worst."


Just Let Us Gather Bells In Peace

"The massive influx of people playing Animal Crossing. It completely reshaped my perception on how to play AC in both good and bad. Good because I found that social media resulted in me becoming a trader and I can pretty much get anything I want or need in game. Bad because people create hacked islands where you can get pretty much anything and I feel that cheapens the AC experience."


Type "F" In The Comments For The Game

"Almost any multiplayer game that gets the full blast of the popularity spotlight becomes a toxic, steaming, bubling and disgusting mess of a community."


"Call of Duty, Overwatch, Genshin Impact, League of Legends, Fortnite"


Getting Out And Ruining The Wilderness

"Increasingly car camping. I used to like the convenience of pulling my car into a campsite, setting up a base camp and day hiking all over an area. Since the pandemic, everyone has found this one neat trick, but they don't respect the natural environment. They bring in generators and high powered lights and big RVS and they try and turn the woods into someone's backyard, or into a glamping experience."

"Then they leave trash and literal sh-t in the campground when they leave, because they can't be bothered to respect their fellow campers or mother nature, or learn what a f-cking dump station is for their black water tank."

"I'm starting to invest in backpacking gear, because if this trend continues... car camping is ruined for good."


Get Out And Enjoy Nature. No, Not You. Not You, Either.

"There was this amazing waterfall hike we used to go to. No signs. No bathrooms. 4 waterfalls. Cross a river on a tree. You would maybe see 4 people."

"Now signs, guard rails, bathrooms, stairs,bridges and about one gillion people."


"This state park 45 minutes from me. It was on a lake and had a clean pristine beach and a comfortable amount of foot traffic. It got featured in a Top 10 places to visit in my state and now everyday the parking lot is chock full of cars, people playing loud music on speakers, litter and random leftover grilling things left behind. 4 years ago it was my favorite spot to go for a swim, relax and make a little campfire in my grill. Now I only go there for the hiking."


It's The Shopping Cart Rule, All Over Again

"Going to National parks."


"National parks (and state parks, and local parks) could handle it if everyone made an effort to follow the few really easy and simple rules but I think we've pretty much demonstrated that's an unreasonable expectation for society at this point."


From Humble Beginnings To School Work...

"Geocaching. About 14 years ago it used to be a perfect tourist guide on interesting places, good to get know your or any city, and the nature around. Then all the interesting places got taken, and more and more insignificant caches appeared. (like someone's primary school, someone's wedding cache, what were we doing in today's IT lecture, or powertrails....) So the map got cluttered with trash quality caches, and it got hard to use gc as a guide after that."


It's not that it became trendy then immediately becomes worse. These shifts happened over time, years and years later, with hundreds of thousands of millions of new users making it a worse environment to be in.

Too Much To Keep Up With

"Streaming services. Remember when Netflix had literally everything? It was so cheap too. Note they've effectively just turned streaming back into cable. Everyone has like 30 streaming services adding up to like $100 a month. It's still better than cable, but not by much. I also hate how I keep having to see ads for (insert streaming service) originals that are the dumbest low effort shows literally nobody will ever watch."

"Have you seen that show about the colony?"

"Apples, HBO, or Amazons?"

"It's just exhausting."


Making It So No One Can Live Here

"Owning second homes in rural beauty spots and raising the prices so locals can't afford to live where they were born."


Most Popular Shoes For A Reason

"Wearing AF1’s and Jordan 1’s. Now everytime someone wears them they are a “conformist”. Like no Becky I just like the look of the shoe."


Not As Cheap Since It Became Trendy

"Thrifting. Many thrift stores have increased their prices a lot since it became popular."


"I am actually happy that it became trendy to use secondhand things. A lot of that stuff ends up in landfills if enough people aren't interested in buying it"


Like what you like. This isn't meant to try and discourage you from doing something that makes you and your loved ones happy.

Just, maybe be extra sure you've picked up all your trash?

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