People Explain Which Things Are Far More F**ked Up Than Anyone Realizes
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We have so many problems, left, right, and sideways, who knows where to start counting them? Or trying to fix them.

And the real truth is that we are naive to how bad off some things actually are.

We like to sugarcoat and make all the medicine go down smooth, but let's talk tough love.

Redditorwhatheplacebowanted to compare notes and send out some warnings about life's more screwed up issues. They asked:

"What's more f**ked up than people think?"

Climate change. Climate Change! CLIMATE CHANGE! Once more for the people in the back... "CLIMATE CHANGE!!!"

Need I say more?

It's Ruined

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"Obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s only ever referenced in a funny way, and sometimes it is funny and ridiculous. But on the flipside it really effects people and can ruin lives." ~ Bitter_Product


"Drug overdoses… how many result in brain injury/death. Before working in critical care, I naively thought overdose = stop breathing = dead. So many get a round or two of CPR, left with a severe brain injury from lack of oxygen, and left to finish out a miserable life of a tracheostomy, feeding tubes, ventilators, recurrent infections of nearly all body systems, in an understaffed nursing home."

"Especially if they have no family who can be found (or willing to compassionately withdraw care). On the note, it’s extremely f**ked yo the lengths we go to to keep people alive. Especially when it is clearly past their time." ~ Muttiblus

New Families

"The foster care system. I’m glad it exists for obvious reasons, but good god is it a nightmare. If you have ever looked into adopting a child you will find out very quickly that it costs almost as much as a down payment on a house. In economical terms... the supply is way too large, and the demand is equally large, but the price is set so high it closes a lot of very loving families out of the equation. Not to mention the abuse a lot those poor kids have to go through in the foster care system." ~ zebradonkey69


"The fact that most of us wouldn’t know how to survive if crap hit the fan and mass production of goods halted. I live in a state where water is scarce and couldn’t farm if I tried because it’s so dry. 😿" ~ yosemite369

"If industrialized farming became impossible, it probably wouldn't matter if we all knew how to farm. There'd be mass starvation anyway." ~ Additional_Hair_8301

The Ringing!!

Dont Care Not Listening GIF by MOODMANGiphy

"Tinnitus. I have a mild case and it really sucks. Protect your hearing!" ~ ThreeNC

I need to get my ears checked. I keep forgetting. In fact, just a whole body check. It's all a mess.

Privacy please...

Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBCGiphy

"Influencers sharing their child's ENTIRE life on social media. Feel so sad for these kids." ~ pizzadazze

The Micros...

"Microplastics, the lead paint of our times." ~ gorosheeta

"I’ve recently heard about this and the scary part is I don’t even know how to avoid it. For example with drinking water, water bottles have microplastics but tap water is also not 100% safe either (my tap is pretty good compared to most city’s) so how exactly can they be avoided in a situation like this. IT'S WATER WE CANT REALLY JUST NOT DRINK WATER? thanks!!" ~ itsleslie000

Chronic Issues...

"IBS. People either seem to view it as a joke disease, or react like, 'oh, yeah, my stomach gets upset sometimes too.'" They don’t realize how painful, isolating, and horrible it can be."

"Without having experienced it, it is basically impossible to imagine how much it f**ks your life up to be legitimately afraid of food. It’s like having a chronic illness AND a severe eating disorder all rolled into one."

"I sometimes wonder how much different my life could be if I weren’t constantly trying to manage the trade off of 'do I avoid eating so I don’t get sick and then risk passing out/being too hypoglycemic to safely drive/etc, or do I eat and basically give up on all my plans for the next 24 hours because of the likelihood that I’ll be incapacitated?'" ~ _MaddAddam

The Preacher's Son

"Withdrawal." ~ 93yourcultleader93

"I have a friend who did every drug he could except one: heroin. He didn't do heroin. I asked why, he said his dad was a preacher. When he was a young teen, One night at 2 in the morning he was woken up by loud knocking at the door. It was one of the members of his dad's church, asking the preacher for help getting off heroin. My friend said he watched this guy go through withdraws for a couple weeks, and swore he'd never do heroin." ~ Jmac0585

Bad Gospel...

dominic cooper preacher GIF by Amazon Prime Video UKGiphy

"Health and wealth preachers. Not only do they essentially steal well meaning people's money, but they are also leading them astray from truth. Health and wealth gospel is the gnosticism of the 20th and especially the 21st century." ~ Jmac0585

Are you scared yet? You should be. Now let's get serious.

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