People Explain Which Things You Should Never Do In The U.S.

People Explain Which Things You Should Never Do In The U.S.

When visiting any foreign country, one should always be familiar with the laws and customs of the land.

After all, what might be generally accepted on your home turf, might be frowned upon, if not illegal, elsewhere.

For that matter, even locals might need a refresher course on what they can and can't do while at home.

A recent Redditor was curious to hear what tourists and locals alike should avoid doing in the USA, leading them to ask:

"In the United States, what should you never do?"

Stay out of the skies!

"Don't fly a drone in Washington, DC."

"The whole D.C. Area is a no fly zone."

"It's a federal offense."

"Just don't do it."- PeytonCarrK

Cops can't be bribed.

"Don't try to bribe cops when you get pulled over."

"I had some Argentinian friends immediately pull out their wallets and start pooling their cash when they got pulled over once.'

"Fortunately someone in the car noticed and told them to put it away immediately."- PeytonCarrK

"Don't pay off the police."

"My dad has friends from several third-world nations where it is common practice to give the police some cash when you are pulled over."

"However, if you try to bribe a police officer here, you'll get into a lot of trouble."- JohnASmiley

"Do not f*ck with cops."

"It might cost you your life."- Guska-siilka

Know your rights.

"Everyone, including foreigners, has the right to be silent and have a lawyer when being questioned."

"Don’t say anything."

"Also, even if you speak English fairly well, ask for an interpreter."- WickedLilThing

Enjoy all that nature has to offer... carefully!

"Don't wander off in the national parks."

"It's very real wilderness and you can get lost and die out there."

"This includes going over railings you aren't supposed to, or off trails."

"People have died accidentally falling into a steam geyser that looked like normal water, mauled by animals or left to the elements."- AlphaOhmega

national parks GIF by Visit The USAGiphy

Allow plenty of time!

"Expect consistency at TSA in airports."- WickedLilThing

Some terminology doesn't translate...

"If you’re from England, they’re called cigarettes here."- Yung_Onions

Make sure your license is up to date.

"If you come from a walkable country don’t come here expecting the same."

"There are some areas with good public transportation and bicycle/pedestrian friendly streets but for the most part, especially outside of cities, the areas are designed to accommodate cars more than anything else."

"The reason a lot of Americans drive everywhere is because, depending on where you live, we have no choice."- The_Cars93

Dog Driving GIFGiphy

Wait for instructions.

"Get out of your car and approach the cop when being stopped by a cop unless told to."- hildrash

Be careful who you associate with

"Don’t join a cult and work for their 'family businesses' because by the time you realize you’re in a cult the statutes of limitations probably has run out, on the financial exploitation."

"Good luck trying to get reimbursed because after that you’re crap out of luck."

"At least you have your sanity back."

"Don’t give your power over to an illiterate boomer, who is dressed in all white, promising you that they have the secret sauce to the universe, trust your gut, and just walk away."- The_Bearded_1_

Don't rely on the badge

"Ask the police for directions, or anything else for that matter."

"At least not in Mobile, Alabama."

"Just my two cents after being a ignorant tourist trying to find my way."- Andreomgangen

season 9 eddie GIFGiphy

Avoid another revolution!

"Betray us!"- brandii5k

Don't rely on our healthcare...

"Get sick."- Giga-Gargantuar

Hold it in when you can...

"Visit a public bathroom."

"I’m not American, so the bathrooms there seem 12x more disgusting then the ones at home."- QuietQuizzy

snl child GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

Consult a map first...

"Don’t understand how freaking huge the states are."

"Most European countries are barely if even close to the size of most of our states."

"They’re ginormous."- Grumpytacos56

At least not in plain sight!

"Pee on the sidewalk."- SkyUpbeat8839

Budget accordingly...

"Underestimate gas prices but that’s pretty much for a lot of countries."- Fun-Feeling8216

gas gasoline GIFGiphy

Don't spoil your appetite

"Serving sizes."

"Its 3x your size here in America."

"A large cup in Europe is a medium or small in America."- Thund3r_Cr4ck3r

Level your expectations...

"Believe in the American Dream!"- zoheer

Whether your'e waling down a street in a foreign country, or the street you've lived on for your entire life, it's always wise to be on guard and aware of your surroundings.

Not to mention, obey the law.

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