Roughly 80 million tourists visit the United States annually.

Not a surprise, considering all there is to see.

And, generally speaking, America is a safe and welcoming place to live, where tourists will hopefully be welcomed with open arms, be it in San Francisco or New York City.

But, as is the case with anywhere, there are a few things which visitors to the United States might want to avoid doing.

Be it for their own personal safety, or just so they don't stand out too much as a tourist.

Redditor, sarra-sagesse was curious to hear everyone's the tips and pointers on what to avoid while visiting the United States, leading them to ask:

"If visiting America what is something that person should NEVER do?"

What are you looking at?

"If you’re in a New York City subway, try not to make too much eye contact or look too long at people around you."

"Just ignore the smell."

"Woman near you screaming at the top of her lungs at her silent child?"

"Keep listening to your music."

"Someone digging through their bag, muttering to themselves, and throwing rose petals on the floor like they’re preparing for a seance?"

"Just keep staring blankly at your phone."

"Trust me."- Jroks2

They're not as cute and cuddly as they seem

"Raccoons are cute… but from a distance."- Legoboy514

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That's not how we do things here.

"Don't think the laws are the same everywhere."

"You can walk with an open alcohol container in Vegas but not many other places."

"Alcohol laws, pot laws, firearms laws, smoking - lots of very different laws depending on the state and city where you are."- Babstana

Be very careful around the police.

"If pulled over by the cops, do not exit the vehicle unless they ask you to."

"The cops might sit in their vehicle for a while, & then they will approach the window & expect you to talk to them while sitting in the car."- yahdinguus

Don't go in the water.

"If you find yourself in Florida, absolutely do not swim in the lakes, ditches, or channels."

"Any standing body of water can and does have alligators in it."

"Also possibly water moccasins."

"And maybe even diseases."- Dobbys_Other_Sock

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"I live in an area around 4 major rivers and my town has a booming river industry."

"It never fails someone drowns at least once a month."

"The current is so strong as soon as your feet hit the water you’re most likely gone."

"Look at the river, take pictures, stop and look at our murals along our flood walls, but do not go near the river!"- Cuesey123

Don't believe everything you see

"Don’t assume that the price shown on an item for sale is your price for said item."

"There are almost always taxes that are added to the price when you go to pay."- Red_Queen592

Take one more look at a map before you take off

"Underestimate distances."

"When I was a tour guide, far too many customers asked how many HOURS the train to New York was [in seattle] and I had to put their jaw back in when I said 5 days."- a9249

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"Just walk on by..."

"Don't take pictures with the people dressed up in costumes in LA/ NYC."- 541mya

Take pictures, leave everything else.

"To not take anything from national parks."- Objective-Dingo6603

Maybe just avoid discussing politics altogether?

"Don’t think that politics from wherever you’re from, specifically Europe and Australia/New Zealand."

"Also don’t try and talk about American politics when you don’t know anything about it."- Saschajoon

"Better not to talk about guns, and abortion especially in the south."- chaseanimates

They earn every penny!

"No matter how your country feels about tipping, ya gotta tip your waiters here."

"It's how they earn their living."

"But don't let people take advantage of you."

"18-20% is standard, feel free to tip more if you had extra good service."

'And look at your check."

"Some restaurants add the tip for you, not cool, but they do, mostly if you are part of a big party, but I've had it happen when I was eating alone."

'My two favorite places in the US are NYC and Texas, and yes, we are extremely nice in Texas."

' However, I lived in New York for 17 years and they are very nice there, as well, it's just different."

"New Yorkers are no nonsense, and as much as everyone enjoys bashing the Texas, we are really, really nice, and Houston has some of the greatest food o the country."

"Just be aware of your surroundings and don't look like a tourist wherever you visit."- Winter_Opening_7715·

"Not tip your waitress or server at restaurants."

"Most are severely underpaid and get most of their income from tips."

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They are convenient though

"Skip going to Wawa".- nilla_wafer__

A controversial opinion?

"If it's your first time, DO NOT GO TO LA or California in general."

"Not as nice as you think."- mincraft890

There are certainly areas for improvement.

"Do anything that requires medical attention."

"Insurance is a complete scam."- ChucksNorris243

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Best in small incriments.

"Please do not plan to have a road trip from California to Texas to Florida to New York or anything along those lines."

"You will spend the majority of your vacation in a f*cking car paying a ridiculous amount of money for gas."

"People do not realize just how big the US is."- Vo_Lair

Is this so out of the ordinary?

"If you are visiting someone in America, take off your shoes when you enter their house."- certifiedzay

Needless to say, there is no handbook of rules of do's and don'ts when visiting the USA.

And more often than not, your own good judgment will often serve you well.

Though, when in doubt, follow any advice you're given.