If you're a Dateline NBC aficionado then you know that every hometown has it's secrets and issues. Those issues are the reasons we run as fast as we can to find new places to call home and, they can often be the reasons we stay... flaws and drama always add a bit of character and pastiche. But of course some issues are just to much to stick around for.

Redditor u/Jblaze908 wanted to know what towns maybe we should all skip to visit.... What is it that you hate the most about the city or town that you live in?

Unpure Flakes....


Saint-Petersburg, Russia, weather.

It's a 6 million city at the latitude of Anchorage, Alaska. There's crappy, dirty snow everywhere from early November till late March or even April. PerepeL

Life needs options.... 

I live in a fairly small rural town and I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world but I do admit to missing the ability to go out for dinner later than 7 pm. I also miss options, it's really only the couple of pubs in town and that's it, there are more options if we pop over to one of the other surrounding towns but that means a bit of a drive.

I also miss going out for after dinner coffee. We used to do that a lot when we lived in the city, totally not an option out here. vivian_lake

Gurnee for the "NOT" win! 

I live near a Six Flags and an outlet mall. The town is nothing but retail and chain restaurants. There is no downtown area outside all of that. Nits_rik

Gurnee, IL? sanchower

Yup.... Nits_rik

It's not terrible or anything. It's just... blah. It's in the dead zone in between Chicago and Milwaukee where you aren't really close to either city, but you're still kinda in the suburbs. But the Six Flags has some pretty legit coasters, and Mars Cheese Castle and the Ren Faire are right over the border. So you've got that going for you. sanchower

It's like a Survival game... 

Potholes, road work that takes forever, combined with bad weather. Welcome to Montreal! gamecoder95

Recently drove from Toronto to Montreal. It's insane how noticeably crappy the road infrastructure is once you cross into Quebec. It's like the government doesn't give a f**k. No snow/ice removal, and oh my God the potholes. Reddit

Just watch "The Wire."


Murder. Definitely the murder. Baltimore. mattz2015

Also drugs! Sorry, just finished watching "The Wire." ThePlayfulPython

People Suck! 

I live in Plymouth, UK.

A few days ago a suicidal man was stood on top of a multi-story car park. Large groups of people just stood around with their phones out recording it. One woman yelled at him telling him to jump and called him a coward while the emergency services tried to help him. People around her laughed.

I really hate the people in my city. Jerry_Cola

Damn Tourists! 

L.A. I work in downtown and it gets very annoying when influencers and/or people who just moved in get upset when you're "in their way." I'm sorry I ruined your photo; I just want to get home. nonilpadre

But we need water to live... 

The water.

I moved here from another nearby city that had some of the best municipal water in the entire state and I miss it SO much. My current city's water is incredibly hard. We get calcium buildup on EVERYTHING. Pots, pans, glasses, showerheads, faucets, coffee maker. I feel like I need to buy stock in C.L.R. And in the summer, when the water levels get low like they always do, it takes on this weird "dirt-like" taste. Like the exact same taste you'd get if you fell face down in the dirt and got a mouthful.

Don't get me wrong, it's not Flint-level bad. The city assures us it's safe, meets all relevant health guidelines/codes, blah blah blah. But it's one of the most common complaints I see and hear from other people that live here, too. Apple2Geek

The list goes on.... 

I live in Austin, Texas. Every allergen known to man seems to be here. pielord599

Don't forget traffic that appears out of nowhere. You'll be moving right along on 35 outside of downtown when all of a sudden you're at a crawl for no reason whatsoever. lipp79

I'm so bored....


My entire town shuts down at 8pm every night. Except for the self service gas pumps. It would be nice to be able to get food/snacks/Gatorade after I get off work but instead I have to drive 20 miles to the next town over.

Edit: Wow, my most upvoted comment on reddit. I'm in tears, I love you guys! Also the town I currently live in is Elk Horn, Iowa. Population of less than five hundred people. We do have a pretty kick a** pizza place here and the most interesting thing is how many people with Danish heritage there are here. Literally over 3/4 of the town I believe. alleng919


Cleveland, Ohio. Every one thinks it's an awful, terrible place. Our economy was based on Lebron James, who left.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZzgAjjuqZM For people who want a taste of Cleveland, and a laugh.


Cheers to Weird! 


Austin is known for "keeping it weird" and being a fun, cooky place. Recently, the whole place is being developed, and all of the places that the transplants move here for are being bulldozed for condos. The city is slowly getting unaffordable, and losing the parts about it that are special. Everyone I know is getting scattered to the wins and a lot of my favorite places to hang out have been closed. A lot of people chalk it up to progress, but I'm terrified of becoming the next SF where regular people can't live in the city and rich people live like poor people. On top of everything I am pretty sure we have whole neighborhoods of nothing but rentals - which makes the housing issue worse.

The city is already insanely segregated- you can't live west at all unless you have money. Like the whole west side save a small strip. imhereforthemeta

The Company....

Seattle. Amazon, Microsoft, and other big IT companies have HQs here, resulting in lots of people moving here suddenly, rents and house prices skyrocketed as a result, and you feel poor all the time as software developers woosh by in their Tesla's and BMWs. I feel like if I'm ever going to want to own a house I'm going to have to move away. Which is a shame: I love the area apart from the damn expenses. typicalrowerlad

Too Much....


I live in a small city in the UK called Bath.

We're one of the main tourist cities of the country and we have 2 of the top universities, but we're too small to accommodate so many people. It's always crowded, always expensive, and there aren't enough well paying jobs for students or graduates to be able to afford to live here. Everything closes at 11pm, we have an insane amount of traffic, and literally one of the busiest roads in the nation. Massive drug problem, no police station (only aiding the drug problem), and the worst clubs I've ever seen.

But it's beautiful as hell so. SmashMetal

ATL for Life... 

Atlanta traffic, has to be the worst iv ever experienced or ever will. oliyonion

One time I was driving through Atlanta (never been before) and my dumba** was going like 75-ish on the highway and was getting blown past by every single car including cops... only to later learn that everyone goes at least 90. RuthRuthRuthBabyRuth

Grand Ole Country.....


It is getting way too expensive to live here. Your choices now for affordable housing is either Antioch which is almost an hour drive or Ashland City which is backwoods good old boy country. FxDriver


In Orlando, that means you get to share the road with the following drivers: lost tourists who drive like crap in the first place, foreigners who drive like they're still in their homeland, yuppie-a**holes who are the most "important people in the world," gangsta' wannabees who have seen "Fast & Furious" way too many times, and elderly retirees who should have had their licenses revoked long ago.

We also have some of the highest car insurance rates in the US. scottiebass

With Breadsticks....


Olive Garden is "fine dining."

Gainesville. number1journeyfan

Blame Ontario...

  • people can't drive for crap
  • major inferiority complex as a city
  • too many old nimbys preventing progress
  • a city council that is a barely literate group of bickering children who only grow up long enough to give themselves a pay raise, again
  • old people complaining about the university and kids just doing what people do at that age

good old London ontario. uncle-tacitus

Maine for the Win....


I live in a moderately sized town in Maine. What drives me up a wall is how annoyingly comfortable these people are. It's almost as they feel they're entitled to everything. What's even crazier is if someone is minding their own business on the freeway and you go to pass them, that person will make it their mission to make sure you don't. Then once you do pass them they go back to the same speed they were before. TheRealPizzaPope


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