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Most people look at their leaders and think "if only..."

No matter how admired they are, leaders are real people complete with all the frailties and failures of humanity. They can't be perfect.

But what if you could pick an unreal ideal leader?

Who would you choose?

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Do we really forget or do we choose to ignore the less pleasant parts of our history? That is the real question. The crux of how America deals with history.

There are so many vital details and so much fascinating information about the forging of this country that we often just study for a moment, then file away in the dead lands of our brains.

Maybe this is why we repeat history, we never learn from it because we choose to forget it.

Thankfully we have historians, teachers and people who crave random knowledge in hopes of one day ending up on 'Jeopardy.'

They'll never let us forget.

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Photo by Jonathan Roger on Unsplash

Dream of the sea of lights, of the opportunities, the nightlife, and all of the things you've been dreaming of living in your adult life since you were a kid. Being in a city as an adult can afford you those opportunities.

But oftentimes the city will just afford you more expensive housing with no real way to keep up your standard and quality of life. Unless you make major budget cuts, you might often find yourself at odds with your own city, and growing to dislike it.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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Aaron Burden on Unsplash

While the world is still suffering from the pandemic, the US has certainly experienced its fair share of turmoil.

Americans have been divided over many key issues, but unfortunately, the media has focused on exploiting the shortcomings of our United States.
But I believe most people in the country are still inherently good-natured, kind people.
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