People Break Down What They Think Should Be Common Knowledge But Isn't
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Everyone grows up a bit (or a lot) differently, and we're all exposed to different experiences and taught different things. Some things that may seem like they should be common knowledge to you might be a big revelation to someone who was raised in a different environment.

Redditor Earthling3617 asked:

"What do you think should be common knowledge, but isn't?"

Save That Lost Tab

"Command/Ctrl + Shift + T will restore your accidentally closed tab in Chrome/Firefox/Opera."

- hiketew767

Mind The Blind Spots

"Trucks have a massive blind spot... don't drive in it"


"Exactly. If you can't see the driver, the driver can't see you."


"Even if they can see you, sometimes they blow a tire, and if the tread comes off it can decapitate a person who is in the wrong spot, or a sudden wind gust can make the trailer veer. Don't dwell there."


Gotta Make Room First

"When you are waiting for the subway and it arrives, YOU STAY OUT OF THE WAY FOR THE PEOPLE INSIDE TO COME OUT AND THEN YOU ENTER THE TRAIN."


"Same with elevators"


"Or nearly any other instance. Out before In. If someone else is occupying the space you wish to occupy , they must vacate the space before it can be reoccupied. You know, basic physics?"


Fitted Sheet Hacks

"When you're making your bed, the tag will almost always be on the bottom right of your fitted sheet. That way you don't have to deal with flipping it all around trying to orient it correctly."


"Also, just buy sheets that it's super easy to see which way is which. I only buy stripes and directional patterns for all my sheets now."


Nobody Is Omniscient

"You can say 'I don’t know'. To anything. There’s no shame in admitting you’re out of your knowledge depth. It’s ok. It actually makes you look smarter than talking out of your @ss."


"If you're in a meeting and the person holding it says something like 'is everyone familiar with (thing?)' and you're the one to speak up and say, 'no sorry, can you explain?' I GUARANTEE there are at least a few other people in that meeting who were too scared to ask and grateful you spoke up. Be that [person] whenever you can."


Always Take The Pee Break

"Never, never pass up an opportunity to pee."


"And if you're in bed and feel the need, just get up and go."

"You'll spend the next ~30 minutes not sleeping and thinking about it anyway. Save yourself the hassle and just get it done."


"and NEVER NEVER get in car with the bladder full. Go to the bathroom before starting your trip"


We're All Doing Our Own Thing

"Other people think about you WAY less than you think. Stop worrying about other people so much. You do you."


"Just think about how often you think of other people in a context other than them thinking about you, they likely are the same way. I once dwelled on something I said to someone as a joke that I felt bad about later and apologized after agonizing about it for hours. He said 'no man I never even gave it a second thought'"


Not A Panacea

"Antibiotics kill bacteria only and are useless against the cold and flu, which are both caused by viruses. When not used correctly, they can be harmful to your health."


"Another thing is antibiotics kill ALL bacteria - good and bad. Which means it can upset your gut as it kills all the good bacteria. So always eat yogurt or take probiotics when you take antibiotics. I got a yeast infection after being on antibiotics way too many times with no yogurt or probiotics."


Everybody Hurts

"People need to stop with the mentality, 'Other people have it worse than me. So I have no right to feel this way.' You're allowed to feel unhappy and you shouldn't feel like your misery has to be worse (than someone else's) to be validated."


"Everyone has their own problems and difficulties. And you have the right to feel however you feel like."


"I've seen this explained recently as 'toxic gratitude'"

"Somewhere along the way all our self-care and gratitude list making took a turn and started to do more harm than good."


We All Think Differently

"That the way people's mind works varies dramatically. Some people have no inner dialogue at all, some have no mind's eye and cant see images in their head. Most of us are somewhere on the spectrum for them though."

"For example I can't visualize images in my head well at all. I can do at most one colour at a time and I can't picture non-geometric objects so I cant imagine the face of my family or even myself. I have no issue with fluid motion of visuals in my head but others can only do slide-show-esque imagery. Others have inner dialogue but can't change the voice to sound different, can't hear music or sound effects, etc... like I can."

"It's something very rarely discussed but I think everyone should be aware of this variety within people."


"This is something that frustrated me with my husband anytime we tried to work on a project together. I can play out how to do something in my head like a video and how the cause and effect would work when building something or putting an object together. While my husband does not have that same capability. It always confused me why he would just do things a certain way instead of pausing and thinking it through. After realizing that our brains function differently it made things much easier"


Spread the knowledge, don’t judge; you never know what someone else's life has been like or what they've learned.

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