People Break Down The Stupidest Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say
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Why are people so dumb? Ok, maybe that's harsh. Maybe some of us just speak dumb.

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when in conversation, but I'm consistently disappointed.

So I've come to three conclusions... people really don't think before they speak, brain farts are more frequent then we'd like to believe or... people are dumb. And maybe hearing isn't a gift, but a curse.


Redditoru/Away_Television9221wanted to discuss the things we've heard that made us want to stab our ears repeatedly by asking:

What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard someone say?

I've lost track of the amount of times I've been asked outrageously idiotic questions. I have literally been frozen in disbelief. Sometimes I get asked if I'm having a stroke. I'm not, I'm just paralyzed with shock. Let's see who can relate...

Ask Nemo

finding dory GIFGiphy

"How do fish breathe when they are eating cabbage underwater?"

"Coming from the new guy in the class to the bio professor in HS."

- kayra551

Oh Girl...

"A girl in my class genuinely thought the sun was the size of a basket ball and "the stars" were the size of golf balls. She failed to grasp how heliocentricity worked despite being shown a model and having it explained to her very slowly and deliberately."

"She failed to understand indoor plumbing and seemed to believe that some water just naturally existed in a state of "hot" since she expressed agitation at the tap water being cold and asked if "anyone can refill the hot water or something." She sincerely believed that all cats were female and all dogs were male, no she didn't have an explanation for how they reproduced and implied it happened via divine means despite the fact that she wasn't religious."

"She didn't understand how wages or loans worked and genuinely thought people could just withdraw as much money as they wanted from the ATM and that poor people were just too lazy to go to the ATM. She said something new this dumb every week, these are just some of the more memorable ones. Oh, and she was around 15-16 at the time."

- PM-me-Sonic-OCs

Up Where?

"Was star gazing with a mate one night out camping. He said dead serious (and sober) "do you think there are like, other planets up there floating around in space?" I didn't know how to reply."

- borosillycat

"You sure he didn't mean other planets with life similar to ours? Surely someone can't be that stupid."

- Coltyn03

In the Bed

"Used to work maintenance for college student housing. Every unit has its own parking directly off the street in front of it. Tenant complains he has 6 yeti coolers stolen. I say "oh no, how terrible. Those clever criminals, however did they break into your home? I never noticed a work order for a broken door or window here?" Tenant: "... uh... they were in my truckbed..."

- Tthelaundryman

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Deep Breathes

best friends vegan GIF by Mercy For AnimalsGiphy

"Cow is the only animal which not only inhales, but also exhales oxygen."

"--Rekha Arya (Minister of Animal Husbandry, Uttarakhand, India, 2018)"

"Edit: There are quite a lot of dumb comments made by politicians but I chose this one because it is not as problematic yet definitely very stupid."

- KennTheZen

I don't even know where to begin. I'm again frozen in my shooketh state. How do human beings survive with every breathe we take? It's a miracle we've made it this far. Shall we continue?


Scared Saturday Night Live GIF by HULUGiphy

My wife : "What day is Saturday night live on?"

- Eenvy

Hot and Cold

"The sun is cold, otherwise the universe would be super hot."

- toasted314

"Relative to the rest of the universe, sure. Relative to other stars, my understanding is that the sun isn't particularly hot (not particularly cold either, I believe it falls somewhere in the middle if you are comparing how hot all stars are.)".

- Tie_Jay

Holed Up

"I don't believe in outer space. If there was outer space all our air would be gone." My new neighbor said this awhile back. I GTFO and have been avoiding him ever since."

- dontpushyourluck

"My grandfather was opposed to NASA because they were, apparently, "poking holes in the atmosphere."

- InfanticideAquifer

And Toes?

josh holloway sawyer GIF by The Paley Center for MediaGiphy

"If someone loses their finger, their child will be born without a finger."

- headpeddler

Oxygen Use

"My gf said she had to keep refilling her fishbowl (which is in direct sunlight all day) with water because the fish kept drinking the water."

- xSerebii

"They do use up the oxygen in the water."

- sarcalom

When 40...

"I had this 40-year-old woman come into work and say that she wanted to return a small bottle of hand soap. I asked her if anything was wrong with it, to which she said:

"Well, it says on the bottle that it's foaming hand soap, and I looked inside and there is no foam. So I want to return it."

I had to take a second to see if she was pulling my leg. She wasn't."

"I explained to her how foaming hand soap worked and she seemed so surprised. Then she left with the soap. That was the first customer I ever had working there."

- purplealchemist

Why so Sad?

"One of my old managers was asking me why the nurses were so unhappy, as they liked to confide in me. I pointed out that the company was short staffed, so the nurses had a HUGE workload in a very emotional intense specialty and it had been that way for almost 8 months (pre-covid)."

"They were also getting paid less than the area norm. She then said "I think of my job like my marriage. People should stick out the tough times and wait to see if it gets better!". Ummm no. Mind you this woman had just bought a brand new house and Tesla on her salary and constantly dropped the ball on the patients I sent her."

- dumplingdoodoo

In the Sky

Art Moon GIFGiphy

"The moon can't be in the sky when the sun is up." -Kindergarten teacher.

"Literally saying this standing so the moon was in the sky behind them."

"Guess when I realized adults can be hopelessly clueless."

- Downstream03

Oh Josh

"If you save 20 cents a day for a year, you'll save over $1000. I'm so doing that!". He was reading something on Facebook.

"Overheard two coworkers chatting about this. I had to stop them and say "if you multiply $1 by 365, the amount of days in a year, how much money would you have, Josh?"

"Josh is gullible. Don't be like Josh."

- InfamousAbyss

That Germany Trip

"We were traveling through Germany by bus. Every now and then we would come across a sign saying "AUSFAHRT", meaning exit of a highway. After riding on that highway for a good hour or so (and seeing many of these signs), some girl thought she would make a clever remark and went: Damn what's up with this Ausfahrt city, it's huge!!! Everyone who heard it facepalmed and she did as well when we explained."

- ieff8

Indy Don't Know

Harrison Ford GIFGiphy

"My uncle cited Indiana Jones movies as proof that the world was going to end in 2012. He was dead serious and I began to question what genes I was born with."

- PinkClouds94

Not in My Country

"There are no gay people in my country." Very intelligent person, never expressed any homophobia at any other occasion, and actually was involved in the gay-straight alliance and similar projects at my high school. I don't want to be the person that says "they're not bigoted because they have friends from x group" but this person had several gay friends. They were just convinced however that for some reason, there were no gay people at all in the country they were raised in."

- appeltreeingarden

Gimmes the Citrus

hip hop squares eating GIF by VH1Giphy

"Grapefruit shrinks fat."

"I asked well why are there fat people. She said oh because they probably don't like grapefruit. I said, people would eat dog crap if it shrunk fat!!"

- MissGreenie

I really thought I had heard it all in my days as a waiter, but life never ceases to amaze. I tell you if you really want to hear some nonsense that will follow you forever, work as a waiter for one week. You'll never see people the same way again. I gotta get earplugs.

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