People Dispel Common Misconceptions That Far Too Many People Believe To Be True

Don't be gullible. Everything you hear is NOT true... no matter how old the saying is or whatever family lore can accompany it. Do research before you believe anything. Google is a wealth of knowledge. Just try... think of the craziest and simplest things you've been told and look them up.

Redditor u/Dememria wanted to know what beliefs we've all been bamboozled by, by asking.... What stupid myth do too many people believe?

To Tell the truth....

"You won't get in trouble if you tell the truth."

Edit: Yes I know that morally, this is not the good option. But if you are in a sticky situation (and I bet you once did) you probably lied. Forg1ven1738

I'm laughing. Chuckling really. You get told this from the time you are a little kid. Right up there with being able to trust a police officer.

I once walked right up to a cop one time and handed him a bag of weed I found. It was at a place where kids were, so. Well guess what? I got arrested. ShinzoAbeFroman

Lights Off.


Its illegal to turn on lights in your car. Lakinther

While it isn't illegal, it is more likely to get you pulled over. Especially if you're also swerving and driving erratically.

The real reason people say it's illegal is because the glare from an interior light can make it really damn hard to see through the glass. mechwarrior719

The 10%.....

That human beings only use 10% of their brain. Ervaloss

Good grief I can't listen to people who say this is true. The worst thing is, my teacher in elementary school thinks that humans only use 10-15% of their brain, and the reason Albert Einstein, for example, was super smart is that he used about 30% of his brain. The biggest amount of bullshit I've ever heard, and the person saying it is a science teacher. yoyosarefun123

Multiple People....

"My arm's not broken, it's only fractured." It's the same thing!

Source: I'm an x-ray tech. powerpatch90

In my experience, it seems that most people think a fracture is when it's not broken the whole way and broken means it's broken clean in half (or multiple pieces).

In this case, I understand their intent, they simply don't know the right words. Still annoying though, they do mean the same thing. Laivine_sama

Tax Issues.


The most annoying one to me is the idea that in America you pay the percent from your highest tax bracket on the whole of your income. I've had people brag to me about how they know to clock out early on certain days so that they don't make enough to go up a tax bracket - as if you would make less money by making more money! CaramelleCreame

Seeing Red. 

That blood is blue in your veins but turns red when exposed to the air. Total bull. Blood is always red, it just goes from dark crimson to bright, almost-pink depending on how much oxygen is present in your blood. The blue color of your veins is just that: The color of the vein tissue. because of how light shifts as it passes through the skin. If someone persists, ask them what color the blood is when they have it drawn, because it's not in contact with the air. (hint: It's red.)

EDIT: Corrected statement regarding where the blue is coming from. In any event, the blood inside the arteries and veins is red. cadomski

Hair be Gone.


Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker. gt35r

Had very short hair my entire life and now that I want to grow it out and do something with it, I find that I'm actually losing my hair. That myth is super bull. nowshowjj


You don't need to wait 24 hours to report a missing person.

If you sincerely think someone is missing, then report it. The faster that a missing person report is filed, the better chance there is that the person will be found.This is especially crucial when it comes to missing children. -eDgAR-

Nifty Notes. 

Snakes will chase you and bite you, opossums have rabies, pigs are dirty, there's tons of misinformation about animals. hannibalstarship

Here's a nifty little Opossum fact, they almost never have rabies because they run too cold!

Bonus fact, they will eat massive amounts of ticks and bugs! They look like mean rat cats but they're really not! They're quite beneficial to keeping your home pest free! PigsAndCats

People think that if you ask an undercover cop is they are an undercover cop, they have to tell the truth.

An undercover cop does not have to reveal that they are a cop, even if the person asks. Back2Bach

I don't think I've ever heard this outside of comedy movies. I'm not sure anyone actually believes this. Immortal_Azrael

The Frog Story...


That if you put a frog in tepid water and slowly raise the temperature, the frog won't try to escape and save itself when the temp gets too high. Great for illustrating certain points, but completely untrue. Ted_Shred

Hey Goldie. 

That goldfish are meant to live in bowls! The average goldfish gets about fourteen inches long in proper conditions, and because they're such dirty animals (they generate ammonia like you wouldn't believe) they need heavy proper filtration. Yes, you should have 20 gallons per goldfish. That means two goldfish go into a FILTERED forty gallon tank. No, an air pump is not a filter. No, a plant is not a filter.

No, you cannot put other tropical fish with your goldfish, because goldfish require lower temperatures (65 degrees Fahrenheit) while tropical fish require higher temperatures (78 degrees Fahrenheit).

Goldfish can live up to 25 years. Putting them in a bowl means you are stunting their growth, but not the growth of their inner organs. They stay 2 inches while their organs keep growing inside of them, which is why they die in 2 years, instead of living to be 25 years old, and over a foot long.

That turned more into a rant than anything but oh well, PSA brought to you by a humble aquatics associate at a pet store. Mothman8130


Fire Sprinklers. They don't all go off by pulling a fire alarm, they're individually heat activated. Not_A_RedditAccount


I started in facilities maintenance- big buildings have water reserves for the sprinkler systems (concrete cisterns / tanks)

Very few buildings I ever worked with drained/cleaned/rotated this water.

Getting hit with the sprinkles was begging for Legionnaires or Staphylococcus... Dr_Doctor_Doc


Bermuda triangle. For any given same sized sea area there is statistically the same amount of missing ships and planes. skreed

And a surprising number of ships and planes that "vanished" in the triangle...

  • Sank/crashed for perfectly understood reasons.
  • Went missing for a few hours, then were found perfectly safe and sound.
  • Sank/crashed/went missing nowhere near the triangle (in one case in the Pacific!)
  • Never actually existed in the first place. TheMightyGoatMan



That it takes 7 years to digest gum if you swallow it. WaffleJonesthe3rd

Spot Off....

Spot reduction of fat. People think that doing sit ups will burn fat around your belly area. 6PrivetDrive

I'm telling you, I have a 6 pack under all this flab. CamQueQues


You get arthritis by cracking your knuckles. All it is is just gas bubbles popping. Also some guy did a long term experiment (several decades I think) where he constantly cracked all knuckles in one hand and left the other one alone. After the experiment was over, they took X-rays and tests to find that both hands were practically identical in terms of condition. Waeiwa



Too many people believe that porcupines can shoot their quills when they actually have to jab you with their quills. AngelicalTal

When I say "The Church".......

If birds eat rice their stomachs explode. This was started by the church because people were slipping on the rice and getting hurt.

Edit: When I say "The Church" I meant local churches not some shadowy evil organization so everyone relax. The closest thing I can find to the original spread is an advice column by Ann Landers.

Saved. Or Not.


That if you're an organ donor then doctors won't try hard to save you and might 'let you die'. I'm a doctor, when I'm treating a patient whether the patient is an organ donor or not never crosses my mind, I will genuinely have no idea. And even if I did, why would I want to sacrifice MY patient for some random other patient across the country? Surely that would just make me look like a crap doctor! Ivehitanewlow


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