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We trust things to not kill us.

A quick look around the room will reveal how much we put our safety and well-being in the hands of others. People we've never met and might never meet are responsible for designing so many products and items in our homes to function without hurting us. Unfortunately, outside of knives and running with scissors, there's a lot more we can do that will unintentionally hurt us.

Reddit user, u/BeefBall1010, wanted to hear what we should be more cautious about when they asked:

What seems harmless but could actually kill you?

There's products, things we use every day, which might contain a kill switch just waiting to be flipped. Sure, it's under extreme or circumstantial moments this happens, but you wouldn't expect a spice to get you out of nowhere.

Something So Small And You'd Never Know

"Potato leaves, they can kill you"


"Just don't let them stay too long..."

[There was a story about an 8-year old girl being orphaned.]

"...rotting potatoes in a basement/cellar produced enough toxic gas to incapacitate and kill several members of the same family in short succession (as with many fume/gas events, often in sewers/manure pits: one person went in and succumbed, and several followed later to check on them, succumbing in turn)."


Pain Reliever, Liver Killer?



"tylenol is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the US. leading cause of liver transplants."


"This definitely needs more votes. A couple Tylenol and some alcohol in the right ratios can kill your liver quickly."


But What Should I Put In My Stew?

"Nutmeg. Nice and tasty spice in small amounts, but more than a teaspoon can lead to hallucinations, cramping, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The substance myristicin that causes all of this can also lead to organ failure in large amounts. Not that most people would happily eat a full jar of nutmeg on purpose, but its still wise to keep out of reach of small children, pets or those who don't know better."


There's actions we do, every day, which without thinking usually go off without a hitch. It's only on those bad days, the days when everything goes wrong, that it kills you.

Feet: Down.

"Don't put your feet up on the dashboard of a car if you're in the passenger seat, unless you want to become an example of human origami."


"I'm an accident investigator and can confirm this. What would otherwise be slight bruising and soreness results in fatalities fast."


This Is Going To Change A Lot Of Weekend Plans

"Getting drunk in a hot tub"


"Def fainted after being in a hot tub too long. Dehydrated that day, drinking alcohol, spent too long on the hot tub, got out and passed out on the ground"


Pond Swimming Horror Stories

"Naegleria. If you live in a southern state, think twice before diving into a lake or pond. It might just contain an amoeba that will crawl up your nose and eat your brain."


"Every summer there seems to be a story about a kid that died from this here in Florida. So sad."


And then there's these, the medical concerns we overlook or don't pay attention to because of how silly the seem. There's no harm in a little daily stress, right?

So Cute, So DEADLY

"Cat bites."

"Cats' mouths are filthy and their fangs are such that they puncture deep, often leaving a seemingly minor wound that barely bleeds but which, in fact, has trapped dangerous bacteria deep beneath your skin."

"If you get bit hard by a cat (I'm not talking a little nip, I mean a serious bite) then it's very important to clean the wound thoroughly, or go to urgent care and have them do it, otherwise you risk a potentially deadly infection."


Big, Giant, Horned Rats


"Yes they can attack you but mostly it's car accidents and a huge number of tick borne diseases."


"Yep. I got Lyme disease thanks to the deer around here. Somehow a tick got up my trouser leg and got me by my knee. Thankfully it caused a bullseye rash so it got caught straight away. The antibiotics were brutal - I assume untreated Lyme disease is far worse!"


The Silent Killer



"The things stress does to your body and mind are so numerous, I wish I could give this 100 upvotes."


"This 100%. Stress and anxiety literally killed my dad. My dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at the age of 60 triggered by stress at work. He died about two years later."


Outward, Not Inward

"My parents once saw a guy die due to a ingrown toenail. It got a very bad infection, the infection spread through the blood, ended up in his heart, his heart went to sh-t and he died"


"I just recently ended an antibiotics cure I got because I got a nasty infection in my cheek from an ingrown hair. Swelled so bad I could hardly open my mouth."

"Scary to think, that without antibiotics, I might have been in real trouble from an ingrown bloody hair. Killed by my own sloppy shaving, hell of a way to go."


Be safe out there, people. Watch your nutmeg intake.

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