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Whether the person delivering the remark is joking or dead serious and miserable, chances are that we'll be insulted plenty of times in our lives.

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Food is an essential part of life. We're supposed to use it for survival but let's be serious, so many of us just use it for love.

And there are so many meals and certain products that have brought us comfort and joy over time that get snatched away.

Going shopping or just popping into a local store with high hopes, while salivating at the mouth about that one thing that will satiate a craving, is a beautiful thing.

That's why it can be soul-crushing to discover that your favorite food or food product has been discontinued. Say what?!

Redditor u/PixelPervert wanted to discuss our favorite shopping lists by asking:

What discontinued food do you wish was brought back?
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It's incredible how much changes over time. For those of us who grew up in the nineties and early 2000s, it's common for us to get nostalgic for what seemed to be a simpler time back then. But there is always hope that our favorite things will make a comeback.

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Oh the Brits, they are a saucy and sassy bunch aren't they? They are far more free wheeling and fun with everyday language and conversation. Everyone else is so uptight and proper all of the time. Let's be more British. Of course then we'd never know if we were being insulted or congratulated; but that is half of the fun. Listening to the British people hurl insults is like a masterclass in subtle reading and rage combined. I've never been so insulted and simultaneously entertained.

Redditor u/Redditfrie wanted to discuss all those beautiful British slangs we love to bandy about by asking..... British people of reddit, what is the most british insult you can think of?

BEWARE>>>>> Much of the content below isn't for the kiddies.

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The only thing better than a REALLY good insult is an equally as good or better comeback.

That kind that gets the entire room involved, where people applaud, or someone goes "Ohhhhhh!" and the fun and energy of the comeback just really gets you jazzed.

Maybe that's just our inflated view from the metric tons of 80s movies we've been watching in lockdown, but, that's the idea.

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