People Share The Absolute Best Comebacks They Know
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Being at a loss for words can be incredibly frustrating.

Particularly when someone has just thrown an insult in your direction.

While your brain is simply screaming to take them down, sometimes it's just impossible to find the right words in the heat of the moment.

Redditor anonymoussalmon1 surveyed his fellow Redditors for the best comebacks that can be used at almost any time by asking :

"What are the best comebacks you know to any kind of insults?"

"I'll show you where you can put that..."

"I learned this in third grade:"

"If someone sticks their tongue out at you, say, 'No thanks...I use toilet paper'."

"They will never do it again. Works with ALL ages."- Sandpaper_Pants.

Inside joke.

"'OH now I see what people were talking about'."

"And never fill them in."- SprinklesMore8471.

Can I help you?

"If somebody says “'what are you looking at?', I respond with “'I’m asking myself the same thing'.”- MochaManBearPig.

That the best you've got?

"I’ve been called worse by better."- UltraaMilds.

"That might be hurtful if anyone gave a sh*t what you think."- PowerStacheOfTheYear.

Some people...

"'I envy the people who've never met you'."-Back2Bach.

What was that?

"I’m sorry I wasn’t listening."- LurkysGoCart.

Melissa Villasenor Oops GIF by Saturday Night Live Giphy

A comeback for a comeback.

"Not reeeeally an insult, but if someone says 'thats what she said!' I reply with a solid 'yeah, not to you.' "

"Never fails to amuse."- legitttz.

Daddy Issues.

"When somebody says, 'Do you know who my father is?' just reply, “why? Your mom didn’t tell you?'”- Doctor-Dragonborn.

Judge and be judged.

"'What people say about you was indeed the truth!'"

"Even if it's fake, it will eat anyone from inside thinking how they're being judged."- TunakYourLastTun.

Perhaps the most effective and efficient comeback seemed to escape the Reddit community.

Which is to simply walk away, and take the high road.

Then again, a good comeback should never be put to waste.

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