Life is a minefield. I try to stay positive but let's be real, every second we live in danger and survive the unthinkable, mostly when we're not aware.

We have to pay better attention. I'm not trying to make anyone anxious, but being vigilant can save a life.

And a little worry goes a long way to having a long life.

Be cautious, it's not a bad trait to have. I think they call it be on the defense? Is that right?

I don't watch football.

Let's discuss...

Redditor _Losy wanted to warn us about all the dangers we're ignoring, so they asked:

"What is something people don’t worry about but really should?"

For me, it's food allergies.

I've nearly died not knowing allergies change over time.

Pay attention after you eat.

Be Better

"Driving. There are so many horrible drivers out there. Be better." ~ PM_ME_UR_LAST_DREAM


I Am Here

"Posting your whereabouts." ~ Stargazer10108

"My cousin does this all the time despite us begging her to stop. Her argument is that "'just my Facebook friends see it' - yeah, but do you know all of your friend's friends."

"Do you know who's accessing your friends' accounts and we all know how 'private' Facebook is. SMH. I only ever post about vacations when I'm back home again." ~ SuchLovelyLilacs


"Hypertension. The silent killer." ~ kluverbucy77

"I’m 29 and recently had to have a physical because I’m applying for new job. I haven’t been to the doctors in probably four or five years."

"When the woman was about to take my blood pressure I warned her it was gonna be high (it always has been even when I was playing three sports in high school, it runs in the family)."

"Anyway after taking my blood pressure four separate times the woman warned me by saying if I wasn’t in my late 20s she would sent me to the ER. That’s how bad it was."

"Really opened my eyes. My grandfather had six heart attacks and my father has had two." ~ Lukey_Jangs

Brush up!

"Teeth health. It can go real bad real quickly causing things you wouldn't even think of while having tooth ache." ~ theR0TH

"I am 27 and have terrible teeth since I'm 14. I'm lacking 10 teeth. I never even once in the last 13 years smiled with my mouth open. I always instinctively hold my hand in front of my mouth when I laugh. I have absolutely no confidence nor self esteem because of this. This is true." ~ Wisewolf-Holo

All the Colors

"Glitter on Christmas decorations and toys."


"They are basically tiny pieces of plastic, rub off easily, stick to hands and clothing and eventually get into your lungs where they remain for eternity. Why these aren't banned worldwide escapes me, but it is getting increasingly difficult to buy non-glitter ornaments." ~ BaaaaL44

Drivers are crazy.

It's all a scene from 'Mad Max.'

Nobody can drive safe.

Just pray...


"Sugar and salt intake. If your diet is high in processed foods you’re loading up on these 2." ~ Lovingnature412



"Antibiotic resistance." ~ pixer12

"That's how my grandmother died! She got a cut on her foot, and it became a MRSA infection. They considered amputation, but by that time, she was so far gone with dementia that the doctors didn't think the trauma would be good for her, so we just let it run its course."

"I was like, what freaking year is it that an infection is so bad that it takes a life? Freaking mind-blowing. I thought we had moved past that Little House on the Prairie crap." ~ mmemarlie

The Earth

"Topsoil. We need it to grow food. No one knows how to make it. And we are slowly washing it all into the ocean with our farming practices." ~ Dirtbag204

"Cover crops were used for topsoil preservation... and it's not very common in modern agriculture. Manure fertilization is effective, but hardly scalable. Bottom line, we're losing 3 tonnes of topsoil per person per year." ~ Low_Adhesiveness_130

Info Wars

"Posting personal information in social media. You might think posting your name, address, birthday, school, car, your children's names, job among others in a single site in the internet is totally safe. It is not."

"A really good identity fraud can easily use your identity. A skilled burglar can easily monitor your schedules to time their theft perfectly. So don't give out too much information in your social media." ~ Curious-Force5819

'maybe vulnerable'

"Cyber vulnerabilities. I've worked with some of the world's best white hat hackers and its mind boggling how accessible everything is."

"Here's a simple question to ask yourself to see if something is vulnerable. Is it connected to the internet? If yes, the answer is 'vulnerable'. If no, the answer is 'maybe vulnerable'." ~ MarcusGMElius


No one is saying to be afraid.

We all have to live.

And we want to be sure we all get to, so let's do our best.

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