People Reveal Which Professions They Hate The Most

Deep down, nearly all parents dream of at least one of their children becoming a doctor, lawyer, or high-earning professional.

This doesn't mean they aren't still proud of their children if they enter a profession that doesn't exactly make them rich but brings them joy and also brings joy and happiness to others.

Even if it doesn't stop others from passing judgment on their career of choice.

In fact, there are some careers that are almost universally viewed as a hindrance, if not a threat, to modern society.

Jobs that might cause harm to the environment, or jobs that barely qualify as jobs, which no one should actually be paid to do.

Redditor Modern_Devil was curious to hear which professions people felt had a negative influence on society, leading them to ask:
"What is the most bullshit profession that actually exists?"

Why Celebrities Have No Privacy


"Professional stalking/harassment."- __TenguDruid__

Those Pesky Fees...

"NYC apartment brokers."

"I hate having a middleman."

"The only way it would make sense to me is if they were there to negotiate on my behalf, but instead they are incentivized to do the very opposite."- RamenTheory

Charisma Can Get You Far...

"Promotional speaker."

"'Let me tell you how I became successful charging you $10,000 to speak how I get $10,000!'"- mattosx

Dance Kiss GIF by ZEE TVGiphy

Always Be Careful With Your Investments...

"Anyone who says they have an 'investing strategy'.''

"100% makes money from selling this bullsh*t and couldn't make money investing in a million years."- BCS24

One Only Hopes Someone Isn't Paying them To Do This...

"Whatever the person who's in charge of making the malware and annoying redirect ads is called."- iamhumi

Oh, The American Healthcare System...

"The jerk at insurance companies who gets to choose if a medical procedure is covered."- BigBiggity

"Pharmacy benefits manager."- FarOrganization8267

drugs pharmacy GIF by South Park Giphy

When In Doubt, Buy From The Source...

"'Ticket broker' and 'Console broker'."

"AKA Ticket scalper and console scalper."

"Add no value to the transaction, just needlessly insert themselves to profit."

"F*ck 'em."- Srslywhyumadbro

"See The Pyramids Along The Way..."

"Anyone who sells MLM garbage."

"No, I don’t want to buy your average at-best makeup."- Toasty825

Be Wary Of Those Who Claim They're Fluent In Barking...

"Pet communicator."

"Yes we have these in my country, and there’s this famous internet joke:"

"Communicator: 'Your pet wants to be pet more often."

"Owner: 'He is a fish'."- wildcat5566

dog whisperer running GIF by South Park Giphy

Doesn't Take ESP To Figure This Out...


"Any kind, especially those who prey on people mourning the dead and convincing them they are speaking."- galacticracedonkey


"Televangelists."- JewishSpace_Laser

Taylor Swift Probably Agrees

"The entirety of Ticketmaster."

"If they had to compete on a level playing field, your concerts would cost half of what they do."- VSM1951AG

Why You Should Never Answer A Number You Don't Recognize...

"Phone/text/email solicitations for anything."

"If I wanted to buy something or sell you my house I would contact you."

"F*ck off."- randomcanyon

Before we pass judgment, we should always remember that some people simply need to earn a living, and don't think any more fondly of these professions than we do.

Even if it doesn't make calls from telemarketers any less frustrating...

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