People Share The Best Professional Examples Of 'Everyone Hates Me Until They Need Me'

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From the moment they can talk through their teenage years, all children utter the words "I hate you" to one or both of their parents.

While they think they might truly mean it at the time, it takes them virtually no time at all to realize that is far from the truth, as they need their parents more than they can possibly realize.

In truth, seemingly genuine hatred towards people we actually need is something all adults continue to find themselves struggling with.

This time, often with people who work in certain professions, whom they tend to mock or belittle, believing that all their jobs do is make life more difficult for other people.

Only to find themselves requiring their services soon thereafter.

Redditor RedsRaver was curious to hear which necessary professions people think they hate, but actually need, leading them to ask:
“Everybody hates me until they need me.” What professions are examples of this?"

Joke All You Want, They Both Help You When You're In Trouble...

"Lawyers and mechanics."

"You want to have a good one of each, but you never want to have to call either of them."- OneFingerIn

Literally Always There To Clean Up Your Mess...

"When I was a janitor I got a lot of hate for knocking out my 8 hour day in 4 individual hour long chunks of effort."

"I Was always available for spills and got extra work done every day but spent another 4 hours basically chilling and management not once got on my case."

"The other employees despised this until a customer's colostomy bag somehow ruptured in the bathroom."

"From that day forward none of them gave a f*ck if I was just hanging out on my phone."- Electronic_Warning49

Risking Their Lives To Save Ours

"The US Coast Guard for fishermen and boaters."

"Usually there's a pretty good working relationship between them, but some hate the Coast Guard for the various inspections they do."

"But the USCG is also the ones who will come out there in a storm to rescue them."- raym0ndv2

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The IT Factor...

"IT, except people hate me when they need me, too."- Dogstile

"IT, not the clown."- Nebula_Forte

"Any IT job requiring break/fix support."

"Basically when everything works it’s 'good it’s supposed to work' and then when something goes wrong that’s out of your control it’s 'what did you do?!'"

"When we did absolutely nothing to cause the problem, haha."- Psilocyb-zen

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The Improve Much More Than People's Vanity

"Plastic Surgeons."

"My uncle is a plastic surgeon and he does only reconstructive stuff, fixing burn victims faces and stuff like that."

"But when people ask him what kind of doctor he is and he says Plastic Surgeon, they usually kinda scoff."- darkysix

The Butt Of One Too Many Jokes...

"Lawyer here."

"The expectation that because you are a lawyer you know everything about every law everywhere."

"In reality most lawyers are highly specialized."- Bisjoux

Ironic That The People Who Help Our Smile Often Make Us Frown

"Dentists for sure."- Ohboohoolittlegirl

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Getting Your Money's Worth

"All the trades guys."

“'They’re so expensive!'"

"Until that plumber shows up at 2am to prevent the sewage backup."

"Or the electrician that fixes an overloaded breaker panel, preventing a fire."

"Or the carpenter who builds the room for your toddler so you can get some sleep and maybe some sexy time."

"Definitely tradesmen."- Wolfie1531

Be Honest Though, Would You Rather Do Your Own Taxes?

"Accounting."- tadashi4

It's Often The Context Which Ignites The Hatred...

"'Lawyer' is going to be the most common answer to this question by far."

"But I suppose any licensed service provider could fall into this category, given the right context."

"Plumbers are another good example."

'Everyone thinks they're scum and crooks until the washing machine breaks down."

"Electricians, contractors, locksmiths, etc."

"They all fit this mold."

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"Unless you work with them daily, you're not going to be seeing them very often."

"And you're only seeing them when there's a problem , so you're primed to be upset by the time they even show up."

"Psychologically, you associate the plumbing issue with the plumber, when ironically, the plumber is there to fix it."

"Everyone wants to shoot the messenger."

"IT people and network security professionals are another classic example of this effect."- MissBitsy

When You Realize You Can't Call To Complain...


"Been called a lazy overpaid drug addict by old men I don't even know."

"God forbid we go grab lunch or a coffee."- MaesterKyle

The Ones Who Make Your Late Night Craving Feasible...

"Fast food workers."

"They’re the butt of every demeaning comment about a lack of achievement or the reason why minimum wage shouldn’t be raised blah blah blah."

"But those people get real quiet once they’re ordering their Big Mac."- TheHomieData

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