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There's definitely jobs out there that take a special kind of person to be able to do. There's actually some research that suggests personality actually plays a role in what job you have.

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With the advancement of new technology, comes a hard sacrifice.

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Don't be fooled by the profession when judging one's intellect.

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Some choice of people's "careers" can be baffling? I've lost track on how many times over the last decade I've said... "that's a job?" It feels like people are just making stuff up as a joke, and then someone decides to give them money for it and then BAM, you've struck gold!

The things people can get paid for, legally, has quadrupled in recent times, so maybe that extended unemployment wasn't necessary. But just because you're getting paid, doesn't mean it's a job or career one should really be thrilled of. Not to shame anyone or be a Debbie Downer, sometimes you just get lucky, and some coin is there for you.

Redditor u/Neil_Murphy wanted to discuss people's career choices, by asking:

What profession do you have the least respect for and why?
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Some people can sense the kind of jobs do based on their temperament.

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