People Explain Which Professions They Have Absolutely No Respect For
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Have you ever heard of a certain job that people call a career and thought... "PEOPLE PAY YOU FOR THAT?!?!"

All hard, honest work is good work.

And then there is just trash work.

And I don't mean garbage collection, that is honest work.

I don't know how some people live with themselves.

Redditor MrTuxedo1 wanted to discuss the careers they don't believe people should chase. They asked:

"What job do you have no respect for?"
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People Break Down Which Professions Are Criminally Underpaid
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How in the "richest" country in the world, do people still make pennies on the dollar for hard, often extraordinary work?

It was exposed during the pandemic just how little some are compensated.

What happened to giving people their worth?

Something has to be done. It's a travesty.

Redditor DarlaPA wanted to discuss the careers that need a raise... ASAP! So they asked:

"Which profession is criminally underpaid?"
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People Break Down The Professions That Were Highly Respected But Are Now A Complete Joke
Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Do you ever sit back and ponder just how much the world has changed?

It's astonishing. Things we thought we'd never be able to live without are now obsolete.

Does anyone even own a cassette tape anymore?

Do we still have home landlines?

If I call 411... do people still answer? And what about all of the jobs that went along with them?

If anyone is answering at 411, now they're basically looked at as a failed telemarketer.

So many jobs that were seen as thriving and a legacy have really taken a hit.

Everything from bus drivers to pilots and waiters.

Why is society so disrespectful?

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People Share Which Two Jobs Sound Suspicious If A Person Does Both
Rhodi Lopez on Unsplash

Suppose you're out at your next dinner party and you find yourself enjoying some small talk with one of the guests. You tell them you're in sales. They tell you they're a doctor.

Oh, and they also moonlight as a funeral home director.

Hmmm... sounds like a conflict of interest, no? At least enough of one to give that person the side-eye.

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People Debate Which Professions Are Undeniably Evil
Scott Graham on Unsplash

What is up with televangelists? They're certainly not in the business of helping people.

Remember Joel Osteen and the controversy that erupted when he refused to open his megachurch to people seeking shelter when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas?

Yeah... it sounds like he's not particularly interested in following the tenets outlined in the Bible, does it?

Some people are more passionate about this topic than others, though, and there are a host of other professions out there that many people view as outright predatory.

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