Years ago, I worked in food service and I think I'm still traumatized by it.

There's something about working for minimum wage, being denied breaks, and running around dealing with rude people all day that really gets to you.

Good thing I'm no longer in it!

These days, I'm a broke writer, and you know what, that's okay with me. It's definitely an improvement!

When I tell people about my time in food service, many respond that they don't know how I did it. I still wonder that myself.

And there are plenty of jobs out there that I won't do (or go back to).

People told us all about the crappy jobs they're avoiding like the plague after Redditor Tuesday2017 asked the online community:

"What's a job or profession you absolutely won't do?"

"Working in a call center..."

"Working in a call center is one of the most soul-destroying jobs imaginable."


I have thankfully never done it and I don't think I ever will.

Just the thought of working in debt collections sounds awful.

"He just couldn't stand it."

"Child welfare worker. My father did that as his third and final career and counted the days until he was eligible for retirement. He just couldn’t stand it."

"He was providing a needed service for the community, but got no love from any of the other players. Kids hated him because he was removing them from their (abusive) parents. Parents hated him because he was taking their kids, however justified."

"Lawyers were endlessly attacking him, and judges liked to crap on the social worker. It’s not as if the pay was any good either. That is a job I would never do."


The system is in dire need of reform.

I know a few wonderful people in this field who are already burnt out.

"The job entails..."

"Crime scene cleaners. The job entails cleaning up blood, bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials."



I don't have the stomach for it.

"I wasted so much of my life..."

"This might not quite answer the question because it's a job that I've held previously but I won't ever work in food service again under any circumstances."

"I wasted so much of my life grinding it out in restaurants. These last two years with the pandemic were the breaking point for a lot of food service workers including myself."


Former food service employee here.

No thank you.

I will not do it again.

And in this pandemic?

"I salute those brave men..."

"Cleaning septic tanks. I don't know who does it but Jesus f**k. I salute those brave men for being able to do that kind of s**t."


Everything about this job sounds so nasty and I just CANNOT.

"It was always a huge mystery..."

"Teach. It was always a huge mystery to me in school. Like, these adults chose to come back? Could never be me."


Too bad education is full of so much red tape and bureaucracy.

There are wonderful teachers out there who leave the field because of that.

"I don't even understand..."

"Proctologist. I don't even understand why someone would consciously choose that path while interning unless it comes with benefits greater than other specialties somehow."


Hey, there's always someone who can do that kind of job, and I truly salute them!

"So that."

"My pest removal guy crawled under my deck and then went in my scary basement. He was covered in spiders."

"So that. I do not want to do that job."


And neither do I!

I cringed just reading this.

"I'm too bossy."

"Therapist or any sort of mental health. I’m not cut out to listen to people and help them work through things, I’m too bossy. I want to tell them how to fix it and have them do it, not deconstruct their feelings and help them work their way to their own solution."


At least you're aware of this, and it's good that you know.

There are plenty of capable people out there who can do the heavy lifting.

"Everyone deserves a fair trial..."

"Defense attorney. Everyone deserves a fair trial but by god some people and their actions are horrific. Massive props to the guys who do it."


I met a brilliant public defender years ago who had so much insight to share.

I still don't know how she kept it up.

Bravo to people like her!

Okay, I wouldn't do any of these, just so we're clear, so it seems like I'd get along with all the people here. Can you imagine all the great stories they'd tell over drinks?

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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