People Confess Which Jobs They Could Absolutely Never Do

Not everybody is meant to be great at everything. We're all not destined to be rockstars in every career field, even the career of being a rockstar can be too much for most.

That's why we we're all given unique gifts and talents to be utilized in many different ways. We should of course respect everyone and all that they accomplish in their own jobs, because hard work is hard work.

There are so many careers that are just too difficult to comprehend. You look at them and you don't even have to think about it, you just know... "Yeah there is no way that's going to work for me."

Although, never say never. Some ideas just take a quick try to be sure. Let's discuss...

RedditorGerry4Derry_1916was wondering which professions are just too much to handle, by asking:

What is one job you could NEVER work as and have no idea how others can do it?

Crime scene clean up. I have a few friends who have done it. Do you know the pay starts at like $60/hr? I don't care if it starts at $6000/hr, there is no way I could do it. My stomach couldn't handle it.


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"I know a lot of people that work in early childhood education. Just from the stories I've heard it sounds like one of the hardest jobs to do every day." ~ Ill_have_some_toast

Oh No thank you...

"Commission-only sales. Could not stand to push myself on people for a living." ~ Roche77e

"Same. I hate it when people do it to me, I would hate to have to do it to people. I applied for a job that didn't explicitly say it was commissioned based. The interview basically consisted of spending an entire work day with one of their employees to see how they worked. At the end of the work day, they asked me a couple of questions, and then offered me a position. I said no, thank you." ~ Wolf_Moon_Hermit

Ring Ring

"Call centers." ~ IJustStoleYourWaifu

"I worked at a call centre that dealt with life insurance, and it was by far the worst job I have ever had. I will never forget that dads cries on my first day, telling me he didn't want the insurance money- he just wanted his daughter back." ~ blameitonmyouth

"I worked at a call center for 2 hours once. They told me it was not cold calling, but instead people had expressed interest in timeshares. Turns out it was from people putting their info on cards to win a prize at the zoo. I was instructed to call the same person over and over until they accepted or asked to be removed. What a disgrace." ~ glaceto


"Sales. I just don't have the confidence to pester people." ~ Panacea_

"I would never work in that kind of sales where you push stuff on people that they don't want or didn't come into the store for. But I did work a very nice sales job in a plus size clothing store when I was in my late teens."

"That was more like people came in wanting something specific and wanted me to help them find something that looked good on them, which I had a good eye for. But I never tried to sell them something they didn't want. That part of sales is really gross to me, and like you say, feels like pestering." ~ rmp2020

Foods Up!

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"Waitressing and fast food workers. People and their food is not something I want to come between, people are crazy and mean. I worked years in retail but the food industry, you have to have a different skin for that." ~ ManifestsOnly

Yeah, working with kids is a big no for me! Not even a no thank you. Just a big NO! And tip your waiters, especially if you know you can't do what they do.



"Surgeons... I could never cut a person open even to save their life." ~ cinamonroll1806


"House cleaner. This job is literally so freaking tiring. During summer I wanted to earn some money and someone offered me to clean a rich woman's house... and i'm saying rich because this lady owned a big ole house with 3 floors. I had to clean all the house since she had 2 little kids and the house was messier than I could imagine."

"It took me 5 hours and I returned home with a severe back ache and shaky legs... and I don't feel like it was worth it because i got payed so little. $4,5 per hour." ~ c0braah

Too Dangerous

"Military. I feel that even after training months on getting push up and running up to par with the rest of the new troops the Drill Instructor would just tear me to bits. I'm not much of a gun guy anyway. Add in the days where they deprive you of sleep or how neat and organized all your gear has to be and I doubt I'd make it through the first week of basic training." ~ trimondo_blondomina


"People often say they'd want to be a YouTube celebrity but the kind of mind you'd need to turn so much of your life into content can't be healthy." ~ paulohare

"Being a YouTuber doesn't mean you're vlogging your whole life. That's one section of many. You also don't ever have to show your home life. Many vloggers only ever show their work or them out with their friend (which is usually staged and not real anyhow)." ~ RdtAdminsAreTRASH


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"Politician. I could never." ~ epicurious_aussie

"I can't even bluff in Poker. I would be a terrible politician. Also I am an introvert and anti-social. Campaigning would be hellish. No amount of money is worth that. 😆". ~ epicurious_aussie

Doctors. Bless them. Grey's Anatomy makes it look sexy but in actuality, it's just gross. And politician, everyone needs to be careful with that one.

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