Do you know what the most dangerous job in America is?


The rate of fatal injury is 111 per 100,000 workers for logging workers. The fatal accident rate is 33 times the average job nationwide.

All that heavy machinery?

Yeah, dangerous.

People shared their observations and experiences after Redditor mrbadmtss asked the online community:

"What job is more dangerous than it seems?"

"They have to often..."

"Garbage collection. The rate of workplace injuries is insane in that field. You think, what's the big deal? They ride in a truck, wheel the garbage bin to a machine that unloads it."

"They have to often run on the street in traffic, so a lot of them get run over. The bins are extremely heavy too, so they often suffer sprains, pulled muscles, and damage to joints and spine."


I saw a horror film as a kid in which a garbage collector died in the back of their truck and I have never been the same.

"Leave the pizza drivers alone..."

"Pizza Delivery Driver."

"Can't tell you how many times people have tried to rob me when delivering pizzas. Something about them knowing you have cash on you and you're making terrible money so they know you won't fight for it."

"Leave the pizza drivers alone, we just trying to make enough to buy some weed after work."


I would never be a delivery driver. No thank you. They deal with some horrible stuff.

"According to..."


"According to the US statistics, farming is very dangerous and deadly."


It's also hard work! So, so hard.

"A guy got sucked into..."

"Tree trimmer. A guy got sucked into a wood chipper in my community not too long ago."


Fargo ruined woodchippers for me forever. No thanks.

"Falling from high up..."

"Falling from high up or getting electrocuted by power lines. The death rate is like 10-20 times higher than other professions."


Electricity is no joke! Always check and double check.

"I helped out..."

"Disability worker. I helped out in a place once that had day programs for people with severe disabilities. On the ads they make it seem so happy and you just help to push them, take them to the toilet."

"But a lot can be very violent."


The working conditions in these places can feel very demoralizing for the people who deal with it day in and day out.

"It's not about..."

"Chemist. It's not about the explosion risk. it's about the cancer that you will get because management does not feel like paying for expensive equipment, and besides for the last 40 years they have been doing it this way in the lab so what's your problem?"


A friend of mine is a chemist. His stories of close calls have frightened me.

"I've had bottles thrown at me..."

"Bartending. I've had bottles thrown at me, had a customer pick a fight worth me when we were the only two people there, had knives pulled on me, etc. not to mention the occupational hazard of drinking too often and hating your life."


You see, I think I would enjoy bartending but customers? Customers are ridiculous.

"If the fact..."


"If the fact that your patient constantly tries to kick/scratch/bite/kill you isn't enough, it's one of the careers with the highest suicide rates due to the pressure of the job/lack of support. Also, if you're a large animal vet your patient can literally and easily kill you."


After watching Tiger King, I think I have a good idea of what a large animal vet would deal with and my answer to that is noooo.

"There's probably not a nurse out there..."

"Nurse. There's probably not a nurse out there that hasn't been hit by a patient. Also, job hazard includes exposure to biohazards, chemical inhalation (crushing and administering meds), accidental pokes with either contaminated needles or even just clean needles that expose you to whatever med is in the syringe."


Well, well, well... I guess if you have dreams of entering a certain field, you should probably think twice?

Sorry to disappoint.

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