People Explain Which Things Just Aren't Worth The Effort
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Life is too short and too precious.

So why do we waste so much time on trivial things?

If it's overly complicated or the result isn't life changing... why bother?

We need to decide sooner when to save our energy and effort.

Redditor FaxTimeMachinewanted to hear about what we've all basically given up on.

They asked:

"What isn’t worth the effort?"

If I start to get frustrated... I'm out. Try it.

Wear Black

"Getting a toddler dressed in a white outfit."


"Omg yes- I see all these white linen outfits on Instagram and I’m like ain’t nobody got time for that!"


Crazy Ladies

"Making lady fingers for tiramisu. Holy f**k just buy them. Crap takes like 8 freaking eggs and you basically have to make a sorta custard and a sorta meringue then mix the 2 together and both of those things are incredibly easy to mess up. I never messed up a meringue yet but wow lot of steps for friggin' lady fingers I never would have guessed."


We Done

"A relationship you put significantly more energy, work, and emotion into than the other person."


"Just ended my relationship of 13 years because of this."


"Same, ended a 15 year marriage because I was tired of being Cinderella: around the house, in the bedroom, breadwinning, parenting... if it was a responsibility, it was mine. Finally got fed up and said fine, forget this. If I'm going to have to take responsibility for everything, I'll just do it myself. I'm much happier now, and the kids are happier too."



"Online arguments."


"It’s also pretty hilarious when they clearly have no argument, and just start repeating everything they’ve said over and over again, while completely ignoring what you’re saying. I encountered someone who literally started copy-pasting my own argument, changing a few words in a desperate attempt to come up with something."


"Show me evidence that online arguments aren't worth the effort."


Get Easy

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"Toxic people in your life - seriously, it gets 100x easier once you drop the people weighing you down."


Get rid of the poison. Save your health.

Career Moves

Work Working GIFGiphy

"A job you truly hate. Even if it pays a bit less get a different job. It’s not worth being endlessly unhappy."


"Ehhh it’s worth it in the short term. I worked as a waiter last summer and absolutely HATED IT, but I earned enough that summer to pay for an entire year of college, so I took the entire year off and focused on school work."


How Much?

"Spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on a kid's birthday party. My mother is the manager of a catering company and on the food alone, this family spent almost 6k. The kid? Yeah, she was turning 2."


"I once saw a birthday party with tons of decorations, treats and a cake from a specialty bakery, costumes for guests, and I heard something about waiting for the videographer. The party was for a dog."


"Well I'm going to play the devil's advocate here and say, if these people didn't spend so much money on such vanity pieces, business such as catering would not make much of a revenue."



"Tinder post-Covid. One possibility is that a lot of people stopped using tinder during covid and just never got back to it. I feel though that, as things reopened, people would have gotten right back to it, because you know, instincts. What I think happened is that tinder changed the algorithm."

"I get way less matches than I used to, like maybe 10x or 20x less. It seems to me like they're really trying to push people into paying for gold or premium. I might even be tempted to try if the price wasn't outrageous."


Finding Assistance

"Trying to help people who refuses to help themselves."


"Bonus points if they complain to you about something and/or ask for advice and you offer solutions to fix it and they shoot you down instantly without listening, or choose the opposite of what you say immediately toxic relationships at their finest."


"I feel like a lot of times like these, what people want is just to be heard, they aren't asking for help."




"Folding a fitted sheet."


They were the worst...

"Those survey websites that 'pay out' for every survey you complete."


"Omg. I got an app to do that on once because I thought I liked taking surveys. No. They were the worst, most boring surveys ever and I probably made a dollar after wasting several hours of time completing them. Never again."



"Chasing someone that isn't interested in you."


"For friendships especially. Don’t try to become close to someone who doesn’t show with their actions that they want to be close to you too."


"Relationships are 100x worse. At least you can fake a friendship for a while things develop - but if someone isn't interested in you on a certain level, you're going nowhere in a relationship."


But... dude?

"Arguing with strangers online. I get occasional replies to social media comments I post, and they're angry. But... dude? You good? I'm literally no one to you, go live your life."


"About 98% of the time when I start typing an argument, I delete it. It is incredibly difficult to change someone's mind. You aren't going to do it arguing with someone you have no stake in as person."


"I only ever check my messages a day or week after I've commented on something. Keeps me from getting worked up and it's only worth replying if you actually wanted to have a conversation."



shell using GIFGiphy

"Pistachios without a split."


"Or even those incomplete splits. If it's not open halfway at least, I don't bother and I move on to the next one."


Terrible People

"Family that are *icks. Even though they’re you’re family if they’re *icks to you, it’s not worth your time to try and put up with it because you feel you should."


"Going through this right now. Sisters getting married. We were never close since she treated me terribly when I was younger & never bothered to build a relationship except when she needs something."

"She asks me to be her maid of honour since she doesn’t have any serious friends. Hasn’t stopped making demands, snapping at me, and anything I do that isn’t perfect she tells me why bother if I’m just going to ruin it. Tried to back out of MOH role since she’s being such an ass and the whole family is flipping out on me about 'my duty to her as a sister.'"


be true...

"Trying to be someone you aren't. To thine own self be true."


"Took me a long time to figure that out. Now that I know, I’m not stressing about trying to get that job I didn’t actually want all these years I’ve been chasing it. I love the job I have now and the company I work for. I don’t need more than that right now. If I get impatient then I can chase a more challenging and lucrative career later, but not the one I know I don’t want anymore."


Bad Seeds

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"Deseeding pomegranates, f**k that s**t."


"I thought this too until I figured out the trick. Cut it in half, turn it seed side down on your palm or better yet, a cutting board. Take a wooden spatula and just whack the hell out of it over and over again. The seeds just fall out pretty cleanly."


Loved Ones

"Maintaining friendships with people who don’t care about you. When I was going through a rough time I stopped texting first and making plans first. Didn’t hear from any of my 'friends' since. Made a new group of friends later in life who all care about each other deeply."


behind the wheel

"Road rage. Screaming, yelling, brake checking, bird flipping, name calling and acting the fool because someone who accidentally caused you some minor perceived inconvenience is just nuts. I have a couple of friends who are apoplectic behind the wheel all the time... for nothing. Traffic sucks, deal."


I hated fitted sheets. They are works of the devil.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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