People Who Have Stripped Down In Front Of Their Friends Share Their Experiences

Nudity. Naked bodies. Birthday suits.

It's all a part of life.

So why are so uptight?

Redditor BolognaAnt wanted to hear about the times we've all shown a little skin amongst friends.

They asked:

"Have you ever gone nude in front of your friends? What was it like?"

I've only been naked at the gym and with my initmates. So I guess I'm bland.

Who Cares?

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"Yes weekly for football and occasionally swimming. No one cares."



"Play hockey, shower after the game. People are hanging out everywhere. All different sizes. Nobody cares."


"Woman, played mens hockey my whole life. I’ve seen too many naked men that I never wanted to see. Hockey boys really don’t care."


"Yep grew up playing hockey, kind of get desensitized, eyes front or high and you got no issues, but no one likes the guy who got his head down in the showers."


In the Army

"Yeah, being in the military its kind of unavoidable, and you get used to it."


"The military taught me 2 things."

"1) how to be comfortable with my sexuality to an unnerving degree..."

"2) how to make dudes not comfortable with their sexuality extremely uncomfortable. Number 2 provided endless amounts of entertainment. I regret nothing."


"Yeah even having conversations and making eye contact in the showers was normal. LOL."


Rulers Up

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"We had an actual penis measuring contest."


People are weird with nudity options.

Naked Everywhere

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"I live in Finland, a country where nudity isn't a big thing. Whenever we go to the sauna together, if we are not going swimming, we are always butt naked. It's really not a big thing here."


In the Scene

"I was in a play in college and had to do a nude scene. All my friends, my parents, my GF at the time and her parents/family. The scene took place in a doctor's office, so it wasn't anything sexual, but def a strange experience greeting everyone after the show."


"Same - I used to do a lot of theatre in my younger days. Got naked every night for 2 weeks in front of friends and family in a relatively small city where you know everyone. It was awkward, but my co-star was HOT, so I thought 'no one’s looking at me anyway.'"



"Junior year summer. Me and my 5 friends 3 guys 2 girls went skinny dipping. I chased my friend down the street a** naked running as wide-legged as I could."

"Edit: told my buddy about this comment and he wants you all to know, he has seen me chasing him like that in his dreams throughout the years on occasion."



"Went to boot camp, got naked in front 60 other grown men every day. The first week was super awkward y'know we were all getting used to each other. But then one day someone just ran in there and started spinning his member like a helicopter and it all went downhill from there."


Towels ON

"When I was in high school we had a mandatory swimming class, so for the first time unlike regular gym class we had to fully replace our clothing. I had no idea what conditions would be like at first, so going in I did the smart thing: wore my swimsuit under my clothes. But getting out of the pool I was freezing and panicking and realized I still had no idea what the expected protocol was."

"So I just stood at my locker for a while and eventually got the nerve to pull my suit off, with half the class standing there Apparently my friend figured out something was wrong and just as my trunks came down, he wrapped a towel around me and pulled me to a stall, that I hadn't noticed existed."


Dream on...

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"I had a dream that there was a game show I was on and I was nude and people took a vote on how much they liked it and at the end whoever wanted to would be picked by me to be my friend."


So, how comfortable are you in your own skin?

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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