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People Share The Most Inappropriate Outfits They've Ever Seen A Coworker Wear


Casual Friday is a gift, a blessing in a dull experience of droning meetings and angry clients. It's something to look forward to all week long, even when the rest of the 9-5 days try their best to bring you down. This make it upsetting when people abuse that privilege, seemingly ruining it for everybody.

In the stellar word of The Office's Kelly Kapoor, "Damn it, Meredith, where are your panties?!"

Reddit user, u/Logistics515, wanted to observe the worst outfits when they asked:

What's the most NSFW outfit you've seen that someone actually wore to work?

Dress To The 11s


Had a client coming in and the office Manager told everyone to please dress very nice. A girl came in dressed in her prom dress.


Showing His Patriotism...Question Mark?

A guy showed up to his sales job at a public event wearing a tank top that said F-CK ISIS.

Boss asked him to leave lol


Setting A Precedent Early On

I worked as receptionist for a government office. They were holding interviews for an important position which required lots of interaction with the public and a high degree of professionalism.

One candidate arrived wearing a low cut tank top and a short denim skirt, with frizzy 80s style hair. It was like she was trying to look 20 again (she was nowhere near 20).

They still gave her the benefit of the doubt and went ahead with the interview. I spoke to one of the interviewers later in the day and he told me she bombed it.


Seeing Too Much Of You, Jerry.

A male coworker who strolled through the atrium and through reception every morning in his red lycra bike shorts.

He might as well have been nude.


*cue "I Ripped My Pants" song

Guy at work split his pants and rather than go home for the day, took them off and duct taped them on the inside. Then split them again, gave up and went home. He was pretty good natured about it and nobody gave him any flack after they blew out each time.


Keep Them Up

I once went to a language tutor center with my wife. We were met with a young 20ish brunette wearing a see-through top. You could quite clearly see she wasn't wearing a bra underneath either.

She went through a 15 discussion about who they are and why we should pick them and considering my wife on my left, I had the longest and toughest 15 minutes of "my eyes are up here" that I've had in my life. I have no idea if she knew or just went with some random top braless and it just so happened to be see-through that day.


Comfy Is As Comfy Does

My dad works at a large company where they have trouble keeping employees. Girl shows up wearing PJ pants, slippers, tank top and, because it's cold outside, she "wears" a freakin' BLANKET. It was a big fluffy blanket that she kept wrapped around just shoulders all day. Worked her whole shift.


Don't Google It

Ahegao t shirt on casual clothes day at school (know school isn't work but we do work at school so I guess it counts.)


Woof...Just Bad Choices All Around, "Margaret."

Hopefully I'm not too late.

I used to work at a non profit part time through high school and college, sort of like the YMCA. I was super close to all the other recreation staff / counselors because we had all been in the program together too.

Anyways, Halloween comes around and I propose the idea to have a communal fall festival with the other local non profits, we all get together, play games, have a costume contest, the whole shabang. I show up the Saturday of the event about an hour and a half before anyone else to start setting up. Upon entering the office, let's call her Margaret (office admin lady), greets me in head to toe black face. Every inch of her body painted black with big pink lips smeared on. Mind you it was 6:30 AM, I wince to think about how early she must have gotten up to apply it all. She is also accompanying this with a bone necklace and straw skirt, bare feet, and black stockings hung from her chest with the nipples cut off baby bottles on the ends, hanging to her knees. She starts doing a dance and exclaims, "I'm a cannibal! Or a savage, however you want to interpret it."

I've never been so shocked in my life. It was way too damn early and I immediately panicked because a few dozen families were going to be arriving soon. A quick call to boss man more in shock than in anger and he dials her. I hear a few pleas: "oh no it's okay, my husband and I have worn this to all of our costume contests at temple and win every year, he dresses as an explorer too, then we kiss as part of the joke!"

She left for the day crying, and that is when I decided to leave that carnival of a job. Still close with all the guys I worked with though, chaos isn't too bad when you have a group of people to go through it with you and you can all laugh about it later.


Not Work, But, You Know, C'Mon Parents. Get It Together.

It wasn't technically their job, but once when I was in kindergarten somebody's mom showed up wearing a shirt that said 0-horny in 2.5 beers.

She was actually the reason the school had to release a dress code for parents and guardians when visiting the school.


Really? You REALLY Can't Tell Why We Brought You In Here?

One of the agents I was teaching in a call centre wore a dress so low cut and so short that when she moved the wrong way I saw /everything/.

Another girl liked wearing corsets to make her boobs spill out of her shirt and hoodies that said inappropriate things like "Blow me." She couldn't understand why HR kept pulling her in for meetings.


Well, I Already Got The Job, So...

The receptionist at a profesional office I worked at thought it was OK to wear an oversized Tupac t-[shirt] with no pants and slippers to the office for her first official day. Overall very confusing because she wore a beautiful outfit for her interview,


That's A New Kind Of Distraction

On Valentine's Day, a new hire dressed like "Cupid."

He wore a white shirt decorated with red hearts and a white tie with a large heart on the center of it.

Then, his pants were also white, but with angels going up and down the legs. Everyone loved it, especially the female employees. But his supervisor told him to go home and change because it was a "distraction."


London. France. Underpants.

I used to work in a call centre and there were way too many people dressed like it was Saturday night.

One girl in particular was wearing a short skirt one day. Her colleagues next to her kept insisting that it's too short and she kept insisting that it wasn't. One woman who's a little person (is that the right word?) walks by when that conversation is happening and says "It is too short. I can see your underwear, it's pink."


I May Not Play By Your Precious Rules, But I Get Results!

I used to work with a surgeon who once burst into an operating theatre in his pyjamas and flip flops. He had gloves on but that's about it. No mask, no hat, no scrub.

To be fair, the patient was bleeding to death and he answered the call for help. Saved her life. Gave her loads of antibiotics though.

Doesn't Matter How Much You Walk

No t-ts and a-- here but many moons ago i worked for Royal mail as a postman. Had a new hire that came into work wearing high heel platform boots. She didnt come back the next day because she didn't seem to understand that those items of footwear are not conducive to the amount of walking posties do, and managed to knacker her ankle. Also complained that carrying bags and putting mail through letter boxes was damaging her nails.

Never saw her again.


Dead Set On Nabbing One

Hospice central office. Secretary is looking to catch some doctor.

Fish net stockings. Skirt that shows the bottom of her a--. No underwear, maybe a g-string.

MD comes in and states "What, is this a strip club now?"

I about fell outta my chair.


It Would've Made Heff Proud


Playboy bunny outfit.

I was a server at a semi-nice casual restaurant that was frequented by business people. It was Halloween and we were encouraged to wear costumes. One of our hostesses wore this and our manager didn't flinch until a customer complained.


Wow, Everyone Really Misses Him...

I worked for an instrument supplier and was installing equipment at a customer site (pharmaceutical company.) It was around Halloween and Hugh Hefner had just died.

Lots of employees were going around (including in the lab space) dressed like playboy bunnies. Not that their outfits were that skimpy (especially those who were in labs) but it was still weird seeing a bunch of scientists at work in bunny ears, bowties, and cotton tails paying tribute to playboy


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