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"We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you." A lot of humor, either scripted or in real life, is derived from the foibles, falls, and flubs of our fellow humans.

But we don't always think it's funny when we're the person being laughed at. Reddit user thelittlegoodwolf_ asked: 

"What is absolutely hilarious as long as it's not happening to you?" 

In less than 2 weeks over 15,000 responses were received.

Catch It If You Can

Chasing after a paper blowing on the ground.  shoskis



Getting chased by geese or farm animals.  DrWillMedicineWoman


Mistaken Identity

When kids mistakenly embrace a stranger thinking it's their parent. As a child this is terrifying, as an adult it's adorable and hilarious. Qualityhams

You Need a Mercedes

Failing at parallel parking with a crowd of onloookers.  regcrusher


People who take like a whole 10 seconds to actually fall over. Drunk or on icy surfaces. They try so hard to right themselves but always come crashing down.  DCHD


I Know!

Smugly and confidently shouting the wrong answer in class.  minkmilk


My knee dislocated in a public toilet yesterday and I was sitting on the floor with my arse out on the cold tile floor and about 15 people around me while waiting for an ambulance.  cinnamonbrook

Aerial Attack

Someone getting pestered by a wasp to the extent that they run away, flapping their arms at the tiny yellow and black bringer of doom.  Vachleigon


Love In All the Wrong Places

Accidentally saying "I love you" when leaving a coworker due to habit. sweet-dee-88

Present Company Excepted

Unintentionally insulting someone.   The other day I was complaining about someone I don't like.

Friend : "Oh! It turns out I'm related to her. Her dad is an a-hole too."

Me : "Ahhh so it runs in the family!" cringe "Oh.. I wasn't referring to you!" Reddit

Splash Zone

Bursting out in laughter while drinking something. 

Or alternatively, getting wet from a person bursting out laughing while drinking. Mimomics



Waving back at someone whose wave wasn't intended for you.  apricot_crumble


Love Is All Around

I got a call from my First Sergeant once while doing medical coverage at a crew served weapons range... Definitely said I love you as I was about to hang up. What I didn't know was that he was using me as an example of a soldier ready to be promoted to Sergeant in a NCOPD. (noncommisioned officer professional development breifing) I was on speaker to every NCO in my unit. And the Sergeant Major who had stopped in to offer some guidance. 
I went from being Doc, to being Cupid. Dilinial

Meant to do That

Watching someone almost trip then do the half jog to walk it off casually. Reklaymr


Regrets? I Have a Few

Telling embarrassing things while being drunk. Bonus points if you don't remember anything you said the next day.

And then they slowly come back to you in agonising drips throughout the day until you're curled up in a permanent cringe at the sheer awfulness.

And then a week later when you open a beer to relax, you start to think about the embarrassing stuff again. And then you're sitting there (with) a bottle of shame in your hands.  HiMyNameIsSander Seeyouyeah 5MoK3

That's a Different Kind of Court

Calling the judge "Your majesty."

People do this?

You generally refer to them as your honor but some people get confused.

"Thank you your majesty."

"Thats 'your honor' to you."

"Of course, I swear it on my honor, your majesty."

-917- thegreencomic jakeair _pelvicsorcery

Baaaaaack Off

I die laughing every time I watch those videos of sheep (goats) attacking villagers and people on motorcycles.  EsCaRg0t



Being stuck in a conversation you don't want to be having.  elliotron


I once answered in the wrong language and my massive brainfart didn't allow me to understand that what I was listening to was French so I kept answering all their questions and replying to their comments in German. Solid five minutes of "What is going on?"

This happened to me abroad. A professor in Japan asked me a question in Japanese and I answered in Spanish. This son-of-a-b*tch replied back in Spanish.

You should've kept changing languages until one of you broke.  Psyman2 JakBishop p0yo77

Poop Patrol

Getting sh*t on by an animal.  Mr5wift


Reverse Heckling

When a comedian roasts someone in the crowd.  BriFog

Are You In the Wrong Room?

When somebody answers a question so wrong that you start to wonder if they're even in that class or they sat down in the wrong lecture. ChucksMakingMeals

Gone Fishing

Falling into a Koi Pond.    VictorVDoomMD


Better Them Than Me

Watching someone try to teach a 100% incompetent coworker a new skill.  Wishyouamerry

Letting It All Hang Out

When someone's trousers split.  Emily_Starke


Hop In!

Driving forward a few feet just as a friend is about to try and open the car door.

I have almost pissed my pants laughing at other's frustrations and considered murder as an option while being the victim.  cellphonebob

That Stuff They Make You Drink

Prepping for a colonoscopy.

Oh god, those DRINKS. WHY DO THEY TASTE LIKE WHAT THEY CAUSE.  DrNachoMan ThrowawayBlast

Last Laugh

My girlfriend got soaked when a car drove through a puddle on the way to work this morning. It was hilarious, I laughed and laughed..... then she made a joke about how at least someone made her wet.....

Then I cried on the inside a little.  Raav_fox


Someone getting scared. I scared the sh*t out of my SO when I got home from work a few months ago. Saw the TV on when I was heading up the stairs so I figured he was still up. I heard him turning the TV off right when I was at the top of the stairs so it was dark in our bedroom. 
I jumped through the doorway and yelled, "Boo!" in my high pitched little girl voice. He shrieked at the top of his lungs, like I could hear genuine fear in his voice. I really didn't expect him to get that scared, he said he was falling asleep as I got home and that's why he didn't hear me when I opened the garage door and bounded up the stairs. 
I can't help but laugh every time I think about it. Like a full on deep belly laugh. But I swear if he ever did that to me I'd be pissed for weeks.  momosays


Ice, Ice Baby

Falling/slipping on ice.  AngryCockOfJustice


Tuchus Tuba

Accidentally letting out a fart while sneezing in a quiet room full of people.  VictorBlimpmuscle

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