People Explain Which Things They Absolutely Hate Hearing
Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay

Nails being dragged across the chalkboard can be the single most cringe-worthy sound ever heard.

But it turns out I was only scratching the surface.

When Redditor io_42 asked "What do you absolutely f'king hate hearing?", I was reminded of the dozens of other sonic assaults that make us run for the hills.

According to strangers of the internet, not all annoying sounds were noises.

The things people say caused equal amount of distress.

Read on to see if any of the following makes you want to cover your ears.

For Future Reference

"while you were one of many qualified applicants, we decided to move forward in the hiring process. We will keep your resume on file for future opportunities."



"Those really high pitch continuous notes from some electronics"


Change The Batteries

Smoke detector low battery beeps."


"Work at a fire department. This happens all the time. People are usually just too lazy to change the batteries. Option #2 is they are elderly and don't even hear it. I would lose my everloving mind after 15 minutes."


No More Eraser

"when you're using a pencil eraser, but the eraser is almost gone and the metal scrapes on the paper."


Before You Go

"My name 5 min before I clock out of work."





"I hate it more when people mention it. I was sitting here enjoying reading responses, but then you just had to go and say the word and make me start noticing it again."


Ya Don't Say

"Commercials that say 'things have changed' and go on to list how they're fighting covid in a restaurant or business. Yes, we know things have changed. You don't have remind us every 4 seconds."


Not The Cat's Meow

"That horking sound right before my cat has a hairball."


"Anything rubbing against styrofoam."


Mute Me

"Myself on recordings."


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