People Break Down Which Things Are Widely Considered A Red Flag But Really Aren't That Bad
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I look for red flags constantly.

I like always being prepared.

Who knows what dangers are lurking?

Not every red flag signifies danger.

RedditorMuchDuckwanted to discuss what we maybe need to chill about because we're not in that much danger.

They asked:

"What is widely considered a red flag but actually is not?"

Let'e be less cautious. Life is meant to be lived.

Hold On

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"Not responding to message within 5 milliseconds."


"I am a quick texter. I just type really fast. I make people feel like they need to respond immediately or I'll get mad even though I tell them I don't expect it lol. I get seen as a red flag lol."


Sight Unseen

"Not making eye contact doesn't mean someone is lying."


"Too much eye contact can actually indicate someone is lying as they're looking at you to see if you believe it."


"I’m afraid I will see negative emotions towards me in others eyes. Disappointment, dislike, any kind of dis. Also, I have a very expressive face. I don’t want to bare my soul. I don’t like lying but I’m not brutally honest if it only hurts another."


The Socials

"Not having a social media presence. I’ve had multiple people tell me that my choice not to use social media was a huge red flag, but in reality I got rid of my accounts because they were making me miserable. I got rid of my Instagram/twitter accounts two years ago, and have been noticeably happier ever since."

"Edit: I really did not expect this comment to blow up so much. I think this is the first time that’s ever happened to me. Obviously a lot of people feel the same way that I do. Quick note to save a few people some typing: Yes, I obviously still use Reddit. I mostly kept it because I like the News tab, and the anonymity makes it far easier to deal with than something like Instagram."



"Not posting pictures with friends on your dating profile. Some people assume you’re anti-social and not pleasant to be around, but I choose not to because I feel weird to post pictures of other people than myself."


"I entirely prefer someone to *not* post pictures with friends. It's hell when ALL of their pictures are with friends so it's like 'Who the hell am I getting from these 20 different people that aren't strikingly different?'"


Alone is good...

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"Not dating for several years, I’ve been told by girls that if a guy has been single for over five years that’s a problem.So you’d prefer he’d be in 25 relationships in the last five years and wonder why all those relationships didn’t work out?"


Sometimes alone is the better option. Smarter.

Stay Away

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"Not having many friends. I'm just very introverted not a weirdo."


Blood isn't always thick...

"Not getting along with parents. Some parents are abusive, neglectful, or toxic to be around; and if an adult chooses not to be around that, good for them. Of course, if a person is actively awful to their parents, that's another story."


"THANK YOU. everyone always says that I’m being rude by being so uncomfortable sitting next to my mom, and that’s because around other people she seems like a really really nice woman, but when its only the family she is MENTAL and mentally abusive AF."



"Being independent, or even a loner. Sometimes we’re just shy and have poor social skills. We’re not 'creeps' or 'weird.' I just do my own thing and leave people alone for the most part unless they want me in their life."


"This is me. I do not have anyone, except my wife, that I would call a close friend. I am active in a few areas hobbies, but that is it. I am not lonely and enjoy socializing once in awhile, but honestly I like doing my own thing. I get plenty of socializing with my coworkers during the day."


Hidden Figures

"I once met a girl who thought it was a red flag that I always placed my phone screen down on a table. She thought it meant I was hiding something. I had to try and explain that it's too big to keep in my pocket and it's screen down to be polite and show her that she has my undivided attention. Although, I must admit, that her level of insecurity was a red flag to me."



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"Living with family, in this day and age it’s just not feasible for everyone to have their own place."


Living with family... that's the new best roommate situation.

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