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People Divulge Which Scientific Experiment They'd Want To See Results For If It Weren't Unethical
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We're only human.

It's not healthy to deny ourselves the thought experiments or thinking trails which creep into our brains. It might feel icky in the moment to imagine something horrible happening to someone, somewhere, but don't run away from it. Explore it, work through it, because it's the only way to assess what sort of human you are. Ultimately, so long as you never act on these dark impulses and darker analyses, it's all fine.

Still, the mind will wander.

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People Divulge Which Things Are Socially Unacceptable Unless Done By A Professional
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We have no problem paying highly skilled, trained professionals to do the unique, difficult-to-tackle jobs for us. That's not the issue. The issue is if someone tries to do the thing others are paid and given time to learn to do without any of the training required. You ever try to check someone's teeth on public transit?

This is why we hire professionals.

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People Describe Which Things Are Not As Attractive As People Think
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How often do you look at a person or society as a whole and think... "Um, no. Just no?"

What are people thinking?

How do we leave the house in various states of disarray and think its fashion?

There are trends and behaviors that are just over, in fact they never really were.

Yet so many people persist.

We need to put together a guidebook of what's in and out.

And what never was.

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People Confess The One Socially Unacceptable Fact About Themselves
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Being human isn't easy. And surviving humanity is near impossible.

We all have little things about ourselves the outside world may not immediately take to heart.

That's fine. That's the fun part.

But it's not always easy to be fun.

When we're in public we may need to acknowledge the rules of decorum.

But it's ok to not follow the rules, just own the rebellion.

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People Share Which Socially Unacceptable Things Drive Them Nuts

Did Emily Post ever write about more than dining etiquette? We'll have to check. When amongst others, or even when amongst oneself there are basic signs... trademarks, behaviors we're all suppose to follow. It's all about good breeding, or at the very least basic human behavior. Now, sometimes there are extremes that really just breed snobs but there are certain actions that just don't belong when trying to thrive in society. Who hasn't been driven mad by people engaging in obvious unacceptable behaviors? I've lost count of how may people I've asked in what barn they were raised.

At least according to the opinions of others. That's all that counts... right? ;)

Redditor u/sadboi017 wanted to discuss the do's and absolute dont's we should be aware of when amongst society by asking.... What is considered socially unacceptable for no reason?

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