People Share Which Socially Unacceptable Things Drive Them Nuts

You're in public you savage!

People Share Which Socially Unacceptable Things Drive Them Nuts

Did Emily Post ever write about more than dining etiquette? We'll have to check. When amongst others, or even when amongst oneself there are basic signs... trademarks, behaviors we're all suppose to follow. It's all about good breeding, or at the very least basic human behavior. Now, sometimes there are extremes that really just breed snobs but there are certain actions that just don't belong when trying to thrive in society. Who hasn't been driven mad by people engaging in obvious unacceptable behaviors? I've lost count of how may people I've asked in what barn they were raised.

At least according to the opinions of others. That's all that counts... right? ;)

Redditor u/sadboi017 wanted to discuss the do's and absolute dont's we should be aware of when amongst society by asking.... What is considered socially unacceptable for no reason?

Line Hero....


Being the first person to get up from your chair when snacks are brought into a meeting room. There's always that one hero that does it though so others can get in line. Mool901

(Shocked Pikachu face)

Accepting something that someone offered you.

This is mostly in the Middle East I think. But it's really frustrating for foreigners because a foreigner will never know the correct time to accept an offer.

If someone offers to buy you dinner, there is a very delicate balance of refusing and accepting. You have to refuse like 4-5 times. But if you refuse more than that, you'll also offend the other person. But if you dont refuse it several times adamantly, then you'll look greedy and selfish. If they fail to offer it insistently for like 4-5 times, they'll look like they didn't mean the offer and they aren't generous.

A lot of Middle Easterners are shocked, when they come to a western country, and they say something like "hey let me pay for this" and the other person says "oh ok thanks." (Shocked Pikachu face). It takes a while to get used to the fact that westerners will just take you up on the offer. At first it feels like westerners are greedy and they want to take advantage of your generosity. But thats not the case. Its just a different culture and it makes more sense to accept an offer straight up, instead of a whole theatre production first.

But middle eastern people need that theatre production to feel everyone's been proper and polite. eye_snap


Napping at work during my lunch break. I don't really need food in the afternoon, what I really need is a nap! katartsis

Funny part is that i need the nap because of the lunch. Grunge_bob


Playing "Pretend" as an adult without kids involved. There is nothing wrong with an adult man building with legos and setting up an epic adventure with them that plays out in his head as something amazing. Its escapism and very calming even in adults its stimulates the mind to have a self made adventure where everything is what I want. MartimasMagnum



Being single.

Some people are okay not being in a relationship for some time and are perfectly happy, but other people just don't understand that. -eDgAR-

I owe you.... NOTHING!!!! 

Not answering your own door. When there's like a salesman at someone's door, they won't want to answer but they will act like no one is home, and be really quiet so the person outside the door doesn't hear them. But it's your house. I could just stare at a salesman out the window as he rings my bell, who cares. It's my house. I don't have to answer my own door, for whatever reason I deem acceptable. You came to my house, not the other way around.

My neighbor also came to my house the other day, rang my doorbell, and I was trying to put my son down for a nap so I didn't go down. But then she messaged my wife and was like, "Hey, your garage is open, I can see someone is home. Why didn't you answer?" So then my wife messages me asking why I didn't answer. What the heck. For whatever reason I choose! I had a good one this time, but maybe I'm asleep. Maybe I'm taking a shower. Or a poop. Or in the backyard. Or maybe I'm scratching myself on the couch. Maybe forget yourself. It's my house. You took your shot to see if I'd answer and I didn't. Move on. Waddlow

Pooper Pooped. 

Pooping in a public bathroom. It's not necessarily "unacceptable" but it's something that always elicits a reaction of discomfort and often disapproval. I've definitely heard people loudly exclaim that they could tell someone just took a poop in the bathroom acting all disgusted.

I mean, they didn't poop on the floor. They went to the proper pooping receptacle. It just shouldn't mean anything and shouldn't be worth commenting on. People poop in bathrooms, if you're in a public bathroom and you didn't know it - that's where people poop. Stop acting surprised when a bathroom smells like people did what people do in bathrooms. Zoklett

Have a "nice" day Karen....


Using swings/playground equipment as an adult. I friggin love going on the swings, I'm 30 and it still fascinates me that I can quickly and easily get 10-15 feet (or higher) in the air with some simple leg movement.

One day I was at a fairly deserted local park on the swings having the time of my life. Suddenly Karen shows up with her two ankle biters, hands on her hips and yells at me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THERE?! THE SWINGS ARE FOR THE KIDS, NOT ADULTS!"

My tax dollars paid for these swings, and there's no sign saying that I can't, so I'll use them as much as I damn well please whenever I want. How much tax did little Johnathan and little Kymburleigh Pay last year? None? Guess they can't use the swings either.

Some more info: I'm in BC, Canada. The swings were not the crappy weak ones, but had thick chains and rubber seats, I'm sure they were more than capable of holding my 190lbs self. I didn't tell Karen to screw off, but I did tell her to have a nice day.

Don't let your inner kid die! Nothing wrong with getting a little high now and then! chewblekka

"not a good enough reason"

Leaving without giving an "acceptable" song and dance about why you are leaving, with leaving because you have basically reached your limit with socializing being "not a good enough reason."

People who can stand to be around other people for huge amounts of time, more power to you, but me? I can't do that, and I don't want to have to make up an excuse to do so. Drakeskulled_Reaper

BTA = "Blood Toxicity Levels"


Showing distaste for ones family in any way, shape, or form. Foodcity

Forget my family. Why is blood so important to some people? You shouldn't be obligated to keep toxic people in your life just because you're biologically related. ShuShuBee


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