A serious amount of introspection occurs when you're stuck at home with nothing but your Netflix watchlist and your thoughts to comfort you.

The pandemic revealed the best and the worst of humanity.
It cast forth all the good many did when the lockdown hit—first responders, scientists, public works programs, teachers, all forced to adapt to a new, slightly more dangerous, world.

We've learned a lot, and seen a lot, as evidenced by these stories below.

Reddit user, idk_you_decide, wanted to know what new knowledge you've picked up during lockdown when they asked:

"What do we only know now because of the pandemic?"

Pre-existing health issues aside: Masks are not that big a deal.

We're All Ninjas, Aren't We?

"Many people look better with masks on"


It's Really Not That Bad Stop Being Dramatic

"Life with masks is suprisingly comfortable"


"Masks also keep out bad odors, like cigarette smoke. It also helps when you're on public transit with a bunch of other people"


"I think I'd rather have no masks than masks, but I do see some benefits for them even when this pandemic is over."

"I haven't gotten sick in almost two years, not even a cold. And they really don't impede life much. I've gone to work with them in, flown with them on, shopped, even done super intensive workouts with them on."

"I think when this pandemic is over, I'll where them whenever I'm sick, or in public transportation."


It's hard to recall what we thought of our fellow man before the pandemic fell on us. Did we think we were all a little bit smarter? Because after this past year and a half, it's certainly become obvious many people should go back to school.

Will Not Even Do The Bare Minimum

"Some people won't do the bare minimum to help others."


"I was thinking the same thing. I was shocked to see how selfish and inconsiderate some people are out there."


"Yes I didnt know that people could be so stubborn, selfish, and inconsiderate until this pandemic, you tell people to do one thing for the safety of others, and they fight it tooth and nail"


That's The End Of That Expression

"People don’t actually avoid things like the plague."


"I have rights." - "Way too many people"


"They do have rights. What they lack is common sense and proper interpretation of those rights."


I Read It On "Totally Real News Dot Com"

"Anti-intellectualism runs far deeper than previously imagined."


"I thought it was 5% of the population. Turns out it closer to 30%."


Because Science Is Hard

"That most people have no actual idea how viruses and science works"


Wearing It Like A Giant Red Flag

"Some people will do whatever they can to showcase to the world how sh-tty they are."


These Low Effort Jobs Have Surprisingly High Salaries | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Have you ever worked one of those jobs that paid you to kinda sit there? If you have, you know the joy that comes with watching the entirety of Breaking Bad ...

We Never Needed To Know Who This Man Was

"Dr. Anthony Fauci. He's been one of the country's top medical scientists for decades. Most people never heard of him till trump brought him out into the spotlight to take part in his song-and-dance."


Not everything we learned helped us.

Sometimes, what we learned were the worst kind of lessons of all.

We Didn't Have To Grind Ourselves Into The Ground

"There could have been a work life balance a long time ago."


"Work from home is possible even in the worst time (a pandemic)."

"Imagine you could’ve worked from home and still met all your friends and family, celebrated together, went to bars and clubs."

"Work life balance would have been way better and digital meetings way more accepted."


We Could Have Left Sooner

"At my job I thought I was irreplaceable. That if I took a day off it would all come crumbling down. Turns out nope. I quit and they replaced me almost immediately like I wasn’t even there at all."

"Don’t let your natural desire to fit in and contribute take away from what really matters."


Rather Than Believe The Truth...

"That people really like conspiracies. Seriously many people who i know have either started believing them or began to believe them even more. And now it's impossible to talk with them. Not that i want to talk with people like them."


Anything To Keep Hold

"Many people in power care more about appeasing their base than they do about actual science and public health."

"For many people, death is an acceptable outcome if you are old or have a preexisting condition, even if it could have been prevented with minor inconvenience to yourself."


Made In...Where?

"Just how dependent the USA is on China based on the supply chain situation l."

"I mean, I think we knew about this years ago but I really feel that people are starting to realize just how dependent the USA is on China for goods."


Maybe Disaster Movies Are More Accurate Than We Thought

"That the world is not prepared for any kind of disasters"


"And that the government and police aren't reliable to help."


"Especially not here in America. Our infrastructure is woefully lacking in many areas."

"I suppose that's what happens when corporations more-or-less monopolize and run the country."


"That all movies about pandemics/zombie outbreaks/world disasters are even more unrealistic if a large portion of the population is not in denial that it is actually happening."


"I think that's why Game of Thrones really struck a nerve. It opens with a zombie attack then spends several books/seasons focusing on governments who think the zombies aren't real and that it's isn't something to worry about. I remember trying to get into the Shannara Chronicles, but as soon as the heroes told the king awful event imminent, and the king was like "We'll hatch a plan and stop this immediately," I tuned out."


Some People...That's The Biggest Takeaway. Some. People...

"We'll never achieve herd immunity to COVID-19 if ~30% of people refuse to get vaccinated. It's not that we didn't know high immunization rates were needed, it was the flat out refusal to get the shot by a large portion of society that was an unknown."


"Some people would rather die than be considerate human beings. It's extremely disappointing and disheartening"


Perhaps the biggest lesson we can all keep: Try to be a better person after all this. Help your fellow man and understand that there's more than just you in the world.

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