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The 1966 sci-fi classic Star Trek has always held some hidden gems. One in particular sparks a conversation around a regular fact of life: sometimes we do everything right and still lose.

In one scene, Captain Jean Luc Picard requests Commander Data to help him on the bridge of the spaceship. Data tries to suggest that Picard choose someone else as his first in command.

Data said:

"I have not been able to isolate the problem, sir. I might make a mistake."

Picard took a few steps toward him, closing the distance between them, and gives him an order.

Before leaving, Picard turned to Data and said:

"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose."

"That is not a weakness. That is life."

This statement was an encouragement to not let fear or self-doubt get in the way of action and the pursuit of what must be done in the way of your own self. Failure is just a part of life.

This scene sparked Redditor NeonDragon76 to ask:

"Picard said, 'It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose,' what is your real life example of this?"

We compiled some of the moments where no matter our efforts, life got in the way.

In a relationship that just wasn't meant to be.

"Being the best partner you can be in a relationship and having them fall out of love or cheat on you."

- sugarplumbuttfluck

"Relationships are very much like that. Stories always make them seem directly attainable - you do the right thing, and the person will fall in love with you, you keep doing the right thing and they'll stay with you forever. But in reality... like, if someone doesn't want to date you, and then you rescue them from a burning building, they still won't want to date you."

- LtLabcoat

"Learned the hard way that you can be as good a partner as possible - still doesn't matter if the problem is one you have no control over to fix..."

- TorTheGasman

"Yup. I spend three years as my ex's emotional punching bag and therapist before I realized how f**ked up it was and left."

- ManySpectrumWeasel

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They didn't go first.

"I’ve lost many board games and card games simply because I didn’t go first."

- super-goblin

"I remember my cousin bringing out mancala and was so excited to play it. After two games I realized the first player would always win if you played correctly and asked her if I could play first since I was new and proceeded to win every game then told her the strategy. She was dejected at the time, but I like to think she went on to beat other people with it after that."

- geshtar

Not getting the job.

"Not getting a job offer from the interview."

"Sometimes you didn’t do anything wrong. Sometimes the other candidates were just better."

- BrokenHeartedOctopus

"Sometimes, you were just as good, but they simply had to make a choice because of the limited amount of vacancies."

- Lvcivs2311

Not getting bonus's for something out of their contro.

"My team at work getting absolutely reamed out and having year-end bonuses denied to us because of a major outage on one of our systems... The outage was caused by a bug that we were among the first in the world to experience and the vendor hadn't even published an advisory yet much less released the patch to fix it."

"There was literally nothing we could have done to avoid it."

- Hrekires

"Wonder how many people are going to quit over that bullsh*t."

- Montzterrr

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Getting fired.

"When despite doing everything your boss tells you, you still get fired."

- MaverickYankee

"Or when you outperform everyone else on your team for years and are due for a promotion but instead your boss's freshly hired 20 years younger girlfriend gets the promotion."

"I literally quit two days after."

- RealMainer

Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


"Sometimes you can be very careful to avoid all your triggers, and still end up stuck in the bathroom for a few hours."

- grmrsan

"Yes, and then spending those cursed toilet hours going back over the last day or two trying to work out what you did differently despite knowing you intentionally only eat the same things for this exact reason."

- NeonDragon76

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Getting into professional sports.


"Someone can do absolutely everything right. They can work harder than anybody else. Play to the highest level that their talent allows, and they still will not make it professionally."

"No matter the amount of effort I put in, I simply will never throw a 100 MPH fastball."

- RockySlough

"I think a lotta people forget that genetics is a very important component of athletic performance. I could train every single day and be absolutely jacked and would still get destroyed in any game of basketball because I'm 5’3."

- dogsonboats

Relationships with our parents.

"My brother was always that kind of son who made everything he wasn't supposed to do. I tried to be the best daughter I could and support my mom in everything she needed. Now my brother has a really good relationship with her and I barely talk with her."

- Uncomfortable_Mind

"Right. I feel your pain deeply. My brother did the same kind of thing, my dad was problematic so I had to be strong for mom. Do you think we didn’t test their love? Lost son syndrome? What is it?"

- HerrLangschlong

Working in the medical field.

"I worked as a paramedic for 15 years. You can do everything right but if it’s not going to happen it’s just not going to happen."

- medic8388

"I was an EMT for 3 years and left to become a flight attendant. When it's your time, it's your time, and there isn't much we can do."

- tommygunz007

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Sometimes it may feel that we have everything under control and then life throws us a curve ball.

As Picard said, it's not weakness, it just is the way it is. It's how we move on from those moments and find other ways of continuing that show our strength.

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