People Divulge Which Things Just Never Make Sense To Them

People Divulge Which Things Just Never Make Sense To Them
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Sometimes your left with only one choice: turn your head and simply wonder why some people do the weird crap they do.

Human beings have the profound capacity to disregard logical thinking and do what feels more emotionally ideal.

Moments like that are absolute torture for the one's still clinging to reason. They're stuck observing what look, to them, like cartoonishly unproductive decisions all around them.

At times, the head-scratch inducing behaviors are vestiges from the past. Sometimes there based on myths or misinformation.

Whatever the underlying cause, these Redditors are at their wits' end.

cantthinkcantsleep asked, "What doesn't make sense to you?"


"When people don't want the world to become a better place because they had it hard so now everyone until the end of time should have it just as hard."

"Because that's somehow fair or something."

-- Jauxerous

Psh, I'm Fine

"People will drive in rain, at night, in a black vehicle, without headlights on." -- ItalicisedScreaming

"The government can't track you if your lights are off" -- sond1369

"Or walk around at night in dark clothes in the middle of the road, nowhere near a crosswalk. You're going to get yourself killed!!" -- thedoomdays

But it's So Heavy!

"How airplanes fly."

"Yeah, yeah, Bernoulli's principle, lift, air moving fasting over the curved part of the airfoil, etc. I understand the principle involved."

"But seriously, it's a metal tube with flat sticks that somehow make it stay up!"

"Confession: my father is a glider pilot, I've flown in them since I was a child, and it still makes no sense. Must be magic."

-- DrFiveLittleMonkeys

Bit of a Leap

"How Dick is short for Richard" -- sarahkatie123

"Richard = Ric = Dic = Dick." -- MissDynamax

"This is the biggest pile of bullsh*t I've ever seen. According to this logic you can turn any name into anything." -- HitomiSato

"For a female version: Margaret = Peggy" -- crazydisneycatlady

Wait Til You See Me Do It

"The fact that we cut down bird's houses to make birdhouses." -- Dhriti05

"The bird doesn't know what's good for it. It will sit in our tiny cube houses instead." -- SuperSaiyanTrunks

I Gotta Turn RIGHT NOW

"Why people don't use their god damn blinkers. It is literally positioned next to the steering wheel to be as convenient as possible to flip on and off." -- hwell_w_t_f

"Or people who hit the brakes then use their blinker. Like, yeah, thanks for warning me you were gonna slow down." -- Narge1

What a Time to be Alive

"The f*cking moon being exactly the right size and distance between us and the sun to appear the same." -- TheWestwoodstrangler

"Pure chance. Seriously, we are so goddamn lucky to be alive when we are (at least in respect to the size of the moon). If the moon were a bit bigger or smaller we wouldn't get full eclipses." -- Hanif_Shakiba

Must Be Loving Social Distancing

"Handshakes. Do we really still need to check if your business partner has a dagger hidden under his sleeve?"

"And people are disgusting! Not washing their hands after using the restroom and all. (Women equally as bad as the men I've heard about.)"

-- MissDynamax

Obligations > Feelings

"People who won't go visit someone very sick (this is more pre-virus days) but will move heaven and earth to make it to their funeral."

"Hey when my time comes, come visit me when I am still able to recognize you and talk about the old times. Don't drive all night in a blizzard in a beat up car with bald tires after working all day to attend my funeral."

-- kendebvious

Magic Secrets

"Wifi. How is the internet just flying around in the air, waiting for a device to grab it?"

"Honestly grammar. I can do calculus fine but could not tell you wtf a clause is."

The Human Capacity for Self Delusion

"When you give someone verifiable evidence that they're wrong, but they don't believe you because they don't feel like it."

"And I'm not talking about something that could be doctored or is ancient history, I'm talking about things like a certain law being on the books, and showing them it on a state or federal website, and they still don't believe you."

-- greatteachermichael

"How Terrible. Welp, Best of Luck."

"When you give evidence of a door cam of package theft with the thief's face on full view, ad they can't do anything about it. O well. Just put a glitter bomb outside." -- ElucidMid_

"The police is and has always been an establishment dedicated to enforce a government's wishes." -- PeterPorty

More Magic

"Electricity. No matter what age I've studied it in school (and I'm now in college), I always can't wrap my head around all the concepts of it. Like, why the hell is electricity even a thing? Where and how do charges come about and work?"

-- 1regit


Very Non-Secret Codes

"How all information online even what you're reading here is just a bunch of 1's and 0's." -- short_n_curlies

"When you think about it, all stored information is coded. Language is a code. DNA is a code. Perhaps the universe itself is stored information in some sense." -- SuzQP

Got Us This Far

"Why America can't have the same measurement system as the rest of the world." -- purpleBarny

"Because it would be expensive and difficult to change every road sign in the country to metric." -- AnCearnaighMor

"We actually tried once in the 80s when I was in elementary school. They taught it for a few months and then gave up. I assume after people realized how much it would cost." -- GaryNOVA

All About the Kids

"People call it a 'cold' if your temperature goes up, shouldn't it be called a 'hot'?" -- Dhriti05

"Nah, it's called the cold because your body feels cold. More relatable and easier to explain to children." -- Paxelic


"How people care more about dying and starving animals than dying and starving people." -- AbbyRayne01

"Because animals are viewed as innocent beings who can do no harm and only want to be loved while humans are viewed as flawed, selfish, and evil, therefore the suffering of humans is justifiable in their eyes." -- MariachiBandMonday

A Dose of Sense for Ya

"I never understood wind." -- WnderMut76

"Materials heat up/ cool down at different rates."

"The quickest example of this is the land and ocean (ocean is slower). When the sun comes out, the land (or whichever material gains heat faster) heats up quickly but the ocean heats up slowly."

"The air above the land becomes hot, but the air above the ocean is cool. Since hot air is less dense than cold air, it rises, and the air over the land moves over to the air over the ocean, while the cool air above the ocean rushes in to fill the space."

"The warmer air is now over the ocean and cools down, while the cooler air warms up. This creates a cycle of air motion that you feel as wind." -- neumonia-pnina

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