People Share Their Best Gaming Hot Takes
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Video games are supposed to be a stress reliever, a way to unwind with friends from time to time, or by yourself, and to immerse yourself in a fictional world where the rules of physics don't matter and you pay for everything in gold coins.

They're supposed to be fun.

It's when they're not fun that opinions are formed about it. Unpopular opinions. Opinions that would get your gamer card revoked if people found out about them.

Reddit user, JarRarWinks, wanted to know what you think about the gaming world many not agree with when they asked:

"What are your gaming hot takes?"

The best part about video games is they can play differently for everyone, where the thing that makes you enjoy a game the most might not be the same as someone else.

Not Everything Has To Be Online

"Single player, story based games are so much better than online multiplayer games."


"And there's an ending and you can play something else."


"Here's My Family...Before I Kill Them!" - A Typical "Sims" Player

"Playing The Sims is gaming. I’ve seen a lot of people say that’s not really a video game but it is technically and considering how many people kill their Sims off I would say it’s just as violent as any other video game."


Have You Tried, Like, NOT Playing The Game?

"You don’t have to play the game if you don’t like it. Just stop ruining it for everyone else."


"Also: You don't have to pay every single game that comes out. Some people think like they need to buy them all and resell them later."


Have you ever thought about what goes into making a video game? The hundreds of thousands of man hours piled on top of the millions of dollars of advertising and marketing? It would blow your mind if you saw the data behind it.

That all goes out the window if the game isn't very good.

The Look Over The Feel

"Art style is more important to me than realism or 4k graphics. A good art style can win over fans just as much as super realistic graphics can."

"With one exception: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020."


"Look at Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. No passage of time will make that game look bad."


"Nintendo endured an insane amount of bullsh*t for Wind Waker being "Cel-da" when it launched, and it took looks exactly as impressive now as it did then."


Combat: Unevolved

"Halo as a gaming franchise is basically dead. It could have some mild success but I really think the day of halo is over"

"So many of the original fans have just moved on, 343 can't get their sh*t together, and casual audiences haven't latched on"


"Original fans of the games are in their 30's and 40's now and they game a lot less than people in their 20's. It was a first person shooter that wasn't about WWII, and it had a great multiplayer environment along with the early days of online gameplay for consoles."

"Then 20 years went by and it's just another game. That genre as a whole is running out of new things to try. People will still play but it's no longer breaking any ground."


"Ironically, the Doom franchise is actually bringing more new things to the table nowadays than Halo is. Halo was once called "Combat Evolved" because it evolved the genre past Doom and its many clones. But now Doom is evolving the genre past Halo."


Doesn't Erase Everything Else

"Just because the last five minutes of Mass Effect 3 sucked doesn't invalidate how goddamn awesome the rest of that game is."


"People say their choices didn’t matter in the end, but the entire game was resolving their choices. (Some better handled than others.)"


You know the worst part about playing video games?

The people who play video games.

Trying To Play For Fun, Not Glory

"The players in online multiplayer games optimize the fun out of everything. They intentionally seek out the best builds then complain games are too easy so developers increase the difficulty and try to rebalance and then it happens again."


"And gods help you if you don't play the meta. Too many people have forgotten that games are about having fun."


"Most people online ruined the fun out of gaming"


"I love seeing memes like 'hurr kids these days wouldn't last five seconds in a 2000s multiplayer game chat'"

"Like... why should they? I play games to have fun, not to have some idiot blasting his blood pressure through the roof in the process of screaming in my ear about a f**king video game. Just chill dude. Enjoy it. It's okay to lose."


Seeing Through The Mario Nostalgia

"Nintendo is an awful gaming company."

"They release consoles that are light years behind the current gen. The Switch doesn't even have half the power of the latest gen 7 consoles like the PS5 or the Xbox, let alone the power to compete with the 30 series of graphics cards."

"They have zero third party games on there that would make me want to switch over to one. The lack of a steady online service is a killer too."

"They never drop the prices on their games, even the third party ones they do have."

"If Microsoft/Sony released a console with zero third party games on it, no online multiplayer, and a minimal upgrade in power, Reddit would clown on them for months. Yet nintendo does that and everything is okay."


Not All Games Age Well

"Just because you played a game in your childhood doesn't automatically make it better"


"This is fact but sadly nostalgia is rampant in the gaming community, where god forbid anything new is good"


Play what you like, sure, just try not to be a jerk about it. Let's all have a good time. After all, they're only games.

What's an opinion about video games you have that others may not agree with? Share with us in the comments.

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