Popular Fads People Are Glad Finally Died Out

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Trends. They will always happen.

And there will always be followers.

But these fads come and go, and the followers go on to follow something else.

We've seen tons of popular movements that had their fifteen minutes, and they can bring up some nostalgia.

But we can be glad to wave goodbye to plenty.

Redditor Animeking1108 asked:

"What fad are you glad died out?"

All fads die. I'm glad shoulder pads are out.


who let the dogs out GIFGiphy

"There was a two-year period in the late 1990s when 'Who Let the Dogs Out' was featured on the soundtrack of every single motion picture."


Game Over

"Those Facebook games from like 10-15 years ago and the constant onslaught of invites. I guess people would get extra points or some crap for inviting as many friends as possible and my notification box would be full of fifty invites saying; ‘Tim needs goons for his mafia. Join mafia wars now!’, ‘Susie needs seeds for FarmVille’!, ‘Tyler sent you five hundred silver tokens’, ‘Keith needs sixty bucks for a gram of blow!’ (that one may have been a legit request, but I just couldn’t take the chance on it being another game.)"


Just Once

"YOLO culture. Not like the YOLO where you take a vacation that you’ve always wanted, but doing stupid crap because 'YOLO.'"


"There was a solar eclipse on my 21st birthday, and I was at an Irish pub, and one of the bartenders, in a very thick Irish accent said, 'Well you only live once, right?' and went outside and looked up."


"As you said, YOLO was supposed to promote the idea of doing adventurous things to broaden your horizons, because life is short. NOT shorten it even further by downing a keg of vodka while skydiving without a parachute."


Food Poisoner

"That short lived fad where people were licking food and putting it back at the stores!"


"Some chick filmed it and got arrested for this."


"I don't know how much time she ended up serving, but she was facing up to 20 years in prison for food tampering. A guy in Texas spent 30 days in jail and ended up having to pay the ice cream company for all the stock the store had to throw away."


Bad Pop

Marvel Cinematic Universe GIF by Leroy PattersonGiphy

"Double polo shirts with the popped collars."


"It was worse when they started to make regular shirts with 3 popped collars. Same look without the body sweat."


I hate those shirts. So pretentious...


pennywise it 2017 GIFGiphy

"The freaking Clowns standing in the middle of the street or in the woods. Glad that crap is over."


"Yeah, you don't see clowns outside their spawning grounds after the government announced that cull a few years ago. Course that just caused the mime population to explode due to lack of competition."


Not Fashion

"Teenage boys wearing their basketball shorts so low that their butts literally hung out the back. Had a couple of geniuses at my school that avoided the wrath of the teachers by wearing three pairs of basketball shorts layered in various stages of pulled-down-ness, so they could still get their low pants vibe without showing everyone their undies. Looked more ridiculous than the original iteration."


This is a Thing?

"Toddlers and Tiaras. Shouldn't have been a thing in the first place."


"When I first heard of child beauty Pageants as a teen, I was expecting something completely different. I expected really cutesy outfits like princess dresses and fairy themed etc. you know stuff that kids would love to wear and dress as."

"I was very shocked that they dressed them and put makeup on them like an adult. It’s not acceptable in normal everyday life and shouldn’t be acceptable for pageants either. They are kids and shouldn’t be dressed in anything like what they show."


Yum. Not.

"Kale in EVERY FOOD for 'health.' I am mildly allergic and it causes my entire mouth and throat it itch as if I have eaten a cactus... Even fast food was adding 'healthy kale' to their salads and sandwiches...!"


"As an old person, I can tell you that superfood fads come and go just like clothing fads."

"In the 80s, someone decided that oat bran was good for you. Next thing you know there's oat bran in everything you can imagine. I still remember a New Yorker cartoon depicting an office worker in front of the water cooler, which bears a sign saying, 'Now with added oat bran!'"



Grocery Store Falling GIFGiphy

"A**holes filming themselves and friends in grocery stores pretending to slip and throwing gallons of milk in the air."


"Remember that one guy who slipped and fell on his face and broke his jaw doing this? That video was some karmic beauty."


Karma always finds a way. Injury can follow. Be safe out there.

Do you have any fads to add? Let us know in the comments.

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