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People Explain Which Old Video Games Still Hold Up Today
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Not long ago, I rented a vacation rental for my dad's birthday.

It was a really cool apartment downtown near restaurants, and the building even had a rooftop pool! Unfortunately for him, this is summer in Florida, which means we got slammed with a tropical storm and that rooftop pool was closed.

The arcade was open, though... and that's where the entire family proceeded to get our butts handed to us because, evidently, my father is the Galaga master.

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People Share Their Best Gaming Hot Takes
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Video games are supposed to be a stress reliever, a way to unwind with friends from time to time, or by yourself, and to immerse yourself in a fictional world where the rules of physics don't matter and you pay for everything in gold coins.

They're supposed to be fun.

It's when they're not fun that opinions are formed about it. Unpopular opinions. Opinions that would get your gamer card revoked if people found out about them.

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People Break Down Which Things Are OK To Steal
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Look, us here at George Takei Enterprises (not our official name) in no way support or endorse the actions described below. It would be ethically wrong and potentially incriminating to say that any actions describe thereafter are acceptable or endorsed by us, or society as a whole.

Still, you do what you gotta do. Life is hard. Get what you can out of it, right?

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People Break Down The Things That Are So Addictive They Should Be Considered A Drug
Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

Many of us have a tendency to obsess over things, whether they're behavioral or tangible. You know the feeling. You just can't stop thinking about them.

But if our fixations get to the point where we are letting them interfere with our lives, are the detriments something to be concerned about or should we trust our ability to control ourselves?

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Gamers Break Down Their Favorite Games Of All Time
Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Video games get a bad rap—often being blamed as time-wasters, brain-rotters, etc...

But there's an altogether different side to be considered.

They can be masterpieces of storytelling, visual stunners and bring people together in ways they couldn't have connected otherwise.

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