People Break Down Their Favorite 'I Put That Sh*t On Everything' Sauces
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We've all had times when our food was a bit bland, so we've added some sauce for extra flavor.

But there's probably an extra special sauce that you find yourself reaching for almost every day.

The true MVP in your kitchen.

Redditor Pleasant_Skeleton10 asked:

"What's your 'I put that sh*t on everything' sauce?"

Keeping Vampires at Bay

"S&B Chili Oil with Crunchy Garlic"

- chenan

"It's crushed chillies, Szechuan peppercorns, finely chopped garlic and a fermented bean of some description."

"All this is fried till crispy then bottled and is just as awesome as it sounds."

- Moneia


Creole All The Way

"Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning"


"God damn the Mythical Kitchen for making me get this. It goes on everything now."


"Love Tony Chachere’s. We’re just about done with a can of it and wanted to try the others, so I just got back from the store with 4 different varieties."

"Original, More Spice, No Salt, Spice & Herbs"

"Very excited to try them all. They’ll probably all get a lot of use for different things."


Can't Go Wrong With Yogurt



"Use tzatziki as your binder next time you make chicken salad (or other similar bound salads)"


"I did a tzatziki pasta salad."

"Greek yogurt, diced tomato, diced onion, diced cucumber, dill, lemon juice, pasta. So freaking good"



Chipotle Is Key

"Chipotle mayo. Surprised to see it not mentioned yet."


"Kraft chipotle aioli is one of the best versions of chipotle mayo you can buy in stores"


"One of my favorite breakfast sandwiches, egg, avocado, and chipotle mayo."


Hoisin Makes Everything Better

"Hoisin sauce. It's sweet and a bit salty and so intense. Makes even boiled vegetables taste like heaven - and on roasted stuff it's better still."


"Cook some beef and onion in some hoisin. Serve in a lettuce wrap. It’s like heaven."



Unconventional, But It Checks Out

"I have a mixture of msg and vinegar in a spritzer bottle... Works wonders on just about anything"


"My answer was going to be vinegar! MSG is just a given at making things taste better, but vinegar adds a depth that is often lacking in savory foods."


"Acid, the missing ingredient to most fatty greasy dishes"


Truly The God Of Sauces

"I worship at the altar of Our Lord and Savior Cholula."


"In Cholula we trust."


"SAME if I have anything non-asian, Cholula goes on it. otherwise, it's chili-garlic or kimchi for me."



The Best Accompaniment For Chicken Nuggets

"Honey mustard"


"THIS ONE. Recently I started mixing my own honey mustard using chili infused hot honey and it changed my life. Sweet and spicy and you can't go wrong."


Sweet, Sweet Accompaniment To Any Meal

"Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce"


"Came looking for my family of bbq sauce lovers."



It's A1!

"A1 steak sauce. Sue me."


"F**king so good on mashed potatoes."


"Growing up eating very overcooked steaks, my favorite was a1 and then using the baked potato skin to soak up the leftover sauce on my plate, so damn good."


"I like a little puddle of that on a plate so I can dip some of my steak bites in it. I hate steak snobs. I like what I like and steak snobs can go f**k themselves."


The Proof's In The Name

"Terry ho’s yum yum sauce"


"I came here to say this, I started putting it on sandwiches lately and it’s incredible."



Everybody's tastes are different, but almost everyone has a go-to sauce for when things just need a bit more flavor.

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