People Reveal The Most Disgusting Thing They've Been Served In Someone's Home

We all have our favorite foods to eat, but when it comes to eating at someone else's house things get a little bit more complicated. You see, not everyone is a great cook, but the obligation to serve guests something to eat is real. It's just a part of being a good host, or maybe not!

LanguineO asks:

What's the worst meal you've ever been served in someone's home?

Lets serve these disgusting dishes up!

Potatoes are actually hard to cook, OK!

My sister tried her hand at ranch potatoes. But since she didn't have the ranch seasoning she just decided to pour ranch dressing over raw potatoes and bake it. Nothing like hot greasy ranch glop over semi cooked red potatoes.

Read the instructions before you start drinking

A stir fry with a cup of vinegar in it. My friend misread the instructions that said 1 tablespoon and put a cup in instead.

What horror movie is this dish!

Undercooked chicken with strawberry yogurt as a topping (cooked with the yogurt plopped on top) and an orange slice as a garnish.

Truly bizarre.

Grandma knows how to cook

My grandma once served me burnt-to-a-crisp hamburgers and hotdogs with dishsoap-washed salad (yes, you could taste it). For desert, there was cinnamon jello made Hot Tamales (it was revolting). At least she did burn the meat though, because it had been "thawing" in the summer heat outside for the entire day. Grandma's meals were always a little terrifying. If she didn't cook the meat long enough, there was plenty of food poisoning to be had.

Home town pleasures

In Mount Pleasant, MI. there's a culinary tradition of a side dish consisting only of peas, peanuts, and a lot of miracle whip. My old girlfriends family was very excited to serve it, and I had to act like it wasn't some wildly weird s* that nobody should ever put in their mouths.

Close enough!

A guy I was dating in high school tried to impress me by making chicken alfredo. He didn't have heavy cream for the sauce so he used french vanilla coffee creamer and didn't tell me.

Sometimes the secret family recipe should be kept a secret...

Brother's wife put 5 boneless chicken breasts in a pan, poured canned peaches and canned pears over them, and baked at 350 for an hour. Nothing else. It was a secret family recipe she grew up with and loved. It was terrible and I felt poisoned.

Listen, moms already do enough dishes as it is...

It wasn't so much a bad meal, but the method of serving was... different. A friend invited me and a couple of other friends to dinner when I was in high school. His mom served homemade chicken soup, which was fine. There was chocolate cake for dessert, but instead of serving it on separate plates, she went around to each of our places and sliced off a piece into each of our soup bowls, each of which still had some broth. Chocolate cake flavored with chicken broth is not a flavor I really want to repeat.

A modest snack

When I was around 9 or 10, my friend's mom offered me a half a stick of butter as a snack. Apparently my friend's favorite afternoon snack was a full stick of butter. I declined as respectfully as you might expect a 9 or 10 year old would.

Grandma had that low budget swag

My Grandma had signature dishes, which meant it was all she made, ever.

"Swiss steak" consisted of the cheapest cut of meat, cooked until hard and gray and then she'd dump a can of mushrooms on top and burn those until they turned into a congealed topping.

Ramen noodles were usually cooked just to the point of liquidity, if she was feeling fancy she'd dump in a can of tuna and mix that all together with the seasoning packets.

"Fruit salad" was orange or lime Jell-O mixed with canned fruit. The topping would consist of mayonnaise and cream cheese spread over the top.

She also served reheated McDonalds french fries and used expired condiments and seasonings, she also washed her dishes with Ajax or Comet.

Sometimes you make sacrifices in relationships

My girlfriend attempted to make a recipe from Skyrim called Apple Cabbage Stew. I'm not proud to say I lied to her and said it was good, but she looked like she was on the verge of tears so I choked it down. That was the last time we tried anything from that recipe collection.

Wanna be grill masters...

Friend's dad when I was young had the distinct skill of barbecuing meat which is burnt black on the outside and raw on the inside.

Also I recall at the same house when they had a roast and were slicing it - their dog was on the counter, biting into or licking every piece they slice before they finished cutting, and served the plate as is on the table.

Never make substitutions on a new dish, that's just lazy.

My dad's mom tried to make kholodets (a Russian aspic with meat in it) but didn't want to take the time to actually make it correctly so she bought the first jello and canned meat she found. The jello was lime flavoured and the meat was canned tuna. She wasn't drunk; she's just the worst cook ever.

Eating rocks is healthy, lots of minerals!

Oh boy, here we go.

I was in a man's house in Afghanistan, and as is tradition, he made us tea. The tea wasn't great, it was really just warm, dirt flavored water as far as I could tell. But, to be polite, I consumed my cups worth. As was expected of me. Next, he gave us rice. Now, these guys are poor, but it's rude to turn down food. So what you do is this: take a little bit. An appetizer sized amount. Eat it relatively slowly and thank them profusely.

Easy enough. Well, unfortunately is this particular instance, the gentleman was lacking in certain utensils, dinnerware and OSHA standards. The rice was served to us on these slabs of shale this guy used as plates and had an unholy amount of GRAVEL, not sand, mixed in. Not to exaggerate, but the pieces of stone in the rice were dancing up to pea sized. This dude starts munching, so we all follow suit, trying to minimize chewing and maximize swallowing. Again, we are this rockyrice with our fingers since he had no utensils for us.

His teeth were pretty jacked up, so I can only assume he eats rocks regularly. But anyways, super cool dude, super kind gesture, and I hope we were nothing short of gentlemanly in our acceptance of his hospitality.

The best revenge...

This is a meal served by someone else in my own home.

My dad was a pretty awful guy growing up but for the sake of us kids Mum used to invite him to stay with us when he had access visits here rather than us flying over there. One year he brought his girlfriend along. She, being relatively lovely, decided to cook dinner to thank Mum for hospitality.

So she serves up a strange meat casserole full of bones. Mum said, "Oh, this looks nice". Girlfriend says, "Oh, I hope you don't mind, I used the bag of meat in the freezer". Mum pauses, and kicks me under the table and shakes her head fiercely at me. We don't eat the casserole, claiming not to be hungry. Mum watches intently as Dad eats the entire lot, including my serving.

Later she informed me: the bag of meat was dog food. She relished the opportunity to watch Dad eat dog food, whilst sparing me from the same fate.

Mystery ingredients

I'm still not sure what it was. My ex boyfriend's mom served something that looked like mac and cheese, chicken, broccoli, corn, and something red shoved into a blender.

Stuffing does seem like a place where you can get creative and express yourself

My aunt's stuffing is legendary in our circles. It has raisin (something no self-respecting adult would serve at an extended family dinner), along with unidentified lumps that we don't want to ask about.

I'm all about an undiscovered combo

Had dinner at a friend's house once. They just had a giant pile of tuna on a plate with some mac and cheese mixed in.

Blatantly trying to kill you

Salmon patties. With the bones from the salmon crushed into them... "I like to keep the bones in them so they keep all of those good vitamins and nutrients from them."

I swear I almost died because they tasted awful and the bones were a choking hazard.

Can you believe that some things just don't work fried?

It's got to be the deep fried burritos I had at a friend's house. The burritos themselves were amazing - perfectly slow cooked pulled pork and lots of different fillings.

But, after being deep fried, the taco breads became solid containers. A LOT of oil remained in the burritos, so we had this weird combination of (still) really tasty pulled pork mixed with tons of oil. The oil had been used a couple of times in the deep fryer, too, so it tasted like the smell of used deep frying oil.

I managed to eat one burrito, and almost immediately felt like s*** - nausea, heartburn and being bloated. I experienced horrible, painful, greasy s**** the same night.

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