People Break Down The Most Underrated Non-Alcoholic Drinks
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There are tons of reasons to choose a drink without alcohol - but people tend to have this idea of non-alcoholic drinks as boring.

They couldn't be more wrong.

It's easy to understand where that idea might come from if you don't think beyond water, juice, or your basic cola or lemon/lime soda. But there's a whole WORLD of drinks out there to make your tastebuds do the same happy-dance they do when they get tacos.

Reddit user Far-Refrigerator-2 asked:

"What is the most underrated non-alcoholic drink?"

Let's get your tongue dancing.


Food Fruit GIFGiphy

"Drinking a mango lassi is like being hugged from the inside."

- Apprehensive_Goal811

"I once had an awful case of neverending diarrhea in southeast Asia and just randomly ordered a cold mango lassi from a bistro."

"That settled my stomach immediately and it's my favourite drink whenever I'm about to eat something adventurous or spicy."

- BudovicLagman

"That sh*t is amazing! Sweet mango, sour yogurt, I can seriously enjoy that any time of the day."

- Somerandomedude1q2w

A Tart Tongue

"Gingerale and cranberry juice!"

"There's a tart little tang to it that just hits you on the side of the tongue. 50/50 ratio."

- Pyanfars

"Throw a slice of lime and a slice of orange in it and you have my favorite at work drink!"

- IGotThatYouHeard

"Swap ginger ale for a lime Bubbly or Berry La Croix for a crisper, less sweet combo. Over crushed ice it tastes like $12 cocktail."

- delmersgopher

Arnie Palmer Alert

"The Arnold Palmer - half lemonade, half iced tea."

- JohnnyRoanoke


- thisortheapocalypse

"Greatest beverage of all time."

- mcqueen424

"Arnold Palmer is overrated."

"It is identical to putting lemon in sweet tea yet we convinced the world that if we go through the trouble of making lemonade it’s an entirely different drink."

- badnbourgeois

"Au contraire mon frère. It is not the same."

"Lemonade has sugar added to it and it also dilutes the iced tea."

- JohnnyRoanoke

Drinkable Chocolate

"Chocolate milk."

- Levi_2k4

"How is this underrated? I've never met a monster, I mean, a person that doesn't like chocolate milk."


"I’m the monster"


"I think chocolate milk is terrible. I also don't really enjoy hot chocolate or coffee. Am I a monster?"


Beer Bros

he's not actually drunk root beer GIF by hoppipGiphy

"Root Beer."

"Yeah, there are the big brands (Mug or A&W) but since I gave up liquor there's a fun and a challenge to trying many different brands which vary in different ways ( creamier, sweeter, drier, etc.)"


"Not to mention the related world of birch beers and sarsaparillas — sioux city's a good one."


'Yes - Birch beers too. If I get a bit burned out on root beer I'll go to birch beer for a week or so."


"I like your style dude"



"Ginger beer. It's like ginger ale, but spicier."


"Ever add more ginger to ginger beer?"


"I have not, though I frequently add ginger beer to ginger."

"I am the ginger. The ginger beer is in me."


The Sweetest Shirley

"When I was a kid the bar my dad would bring me to always used the syrup from the maraschino cherry jar for the Shirley Temple."

"One of the bar tenders would always fish out extra cherries for me to snack on before he would make my dad’s drink."

"Those were the best Shirley Temples."


Cloudy Apple Juice

"Apple Cider."

"Once accidentally drank 3 litres of it in a day. So good"


"I mentally added ‘vinegar’ to your comment and was thinking WTF?? 3L of apple cider vinegar?"


"Ah right, we call that cloudy apple juice in the UK."

"Cider is alcoholic, same % approx as beer (3-10%)"


"We have hard cider here too but the cloudy juice is delicious."

"Warm it with cinnamon and allspice and just a dash of clove, sweetened with honey... makes your whole house smell like apple pie."


Science Slaps

Soda Love GIF by McDonaldsGiphy

"A McDonalds fountain Coke"


"This is the correct answer"


"Did you know that they run all the soda lines under the ice wells so the soda is always ice cold for much longer than anywhere else. Deliciously cold and crisp!"


"I’ve heard they get a slightly different formula than what goes into the bottles and that’s why it tastes better. Maybe cuz it’s mixed from the sludge right there and not sitting in plastic for months?"

"I don't know all the science; all I know is that sh*t slaps"


Little Jars For The Win.

"Lime Jarritos."


"You sir, are a man of impeccable taste."

"I always end up getting either the tamarind or piña ones because aside from Hispanic markets I can't ever find the lime ones around."

"If you ever see it, the Mexicola one is solid as well"


"Most any jarritos in my opinion."

"The guava, grapefruit, mandarin, and lime are all contenders for my favorite depending on the day my dude. Hard to pass up a jarritos at the taco truck :)"



"Sharkleberry Fin Kool-Aid."

"I gave up beer and soda and mostly drink water but once in a while I'll make some Kool-Aid and I gotta' say that next to black cherry Sharkleberry Fin is the best flavor."


"The only Kool-aid flavor I like.'

'Weird how relevant the top answers are. My go-to drinks are this, Arnold Palmers, and ginger ale. All 3 were mentioned near the top."

"Guess I should probably branch out and try more of these, since a good portion of AskReddit has the same tastes in drinks as me."


"My 'Dad Joke' is when someone asks my favorite fruit I say 'Sharkleberry.' "


Muddle It

Drink Cocktail GIF by Absolut VodkaGiphy

"Fresh basil, lime, and strawberries muddled in the clear soda of your choice (I like Sprite or Ginger Ale) 🍓 🍃 "

- Practical-Item-5808

Cookout Cheerwine

"Cheerwine, more specifically from the fountain at Cookout."

"It is by far the greatest thing to ever come out of North Carolina and makes a killer float."

- LawPup23

Carbonated Milk?


"It’s like carbonated milk, but it doesn’t really taste like milk. Lot of people think it’s gross."

"It’s really not, only thing bad about it is sugar level."

- nice_wholphin

Make It So

Star Trek Drink GIF by Paramount+Giphy

"F*ckin tea man."

"Hot tea, iced tea, sweet or unsweet, earl grey, chamomile, lemongrass, mugwort, ALL THE TEA MAN."

- maloudin

Umbrella Optional

"1 part pink grapefruit juice (preferably cocktail, not the pure actual juice, though that's good too) to 2-3 parts seltzer."

"Get really crazy and do 1 part pink grapefruit, 1 part cranberry to 3 parts seltzer."

"Lots of ice, festive drink umbrella optional (but oh so amazing)"

- goblyn79

Clean Water And Smoke

"Lid eugenia tea."

"I don't know about the world, but this drink is very popular in my country."

"It tastes like super clean and distilled water mixed with a little sugar, green tea and a scent of smoke (idk how to explain this but it’s that specific smoke when you burn the dried body of rice plants)."

"It’s super refreshing and can quench your thirst. My late grandma from my mom’s side introduced me to this, and bro the sh*t’s goooood."

- PFVN_Dragon

It's The Quenchiest

Fade Away Drinking Water GIF by kaiGiphy

"Water straight from the fridge!!!"

"Ten years worth of thirst was quenched just by typing this."

- rviejn

Non-Americans Are Skeptical

"Regular lemonade."

"Simple syrup, lemon juice, and still water. Tart, sweet, SO refreshing on a hot day."

"Non-Americans are so skeptical because whatever the f*ck they call lemonade in Europe apparently sucks donkey balls, but I'm telling you: regular ol' lemonade is SO f*cking good."

"Add a little mint or some fresh berries if you're feeling narsty."

"(also you can add booze)"

- boiling_my_piss

The next time someone asks you out for a drink, you're probably not going to slam a few rounds of chocolate milk - but it's nice to be reminded that it's an option, ya know?

Drink up!

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