Sober Bride And Groom Spark Serious Family Drama By Only Offering Water At Their Wedding
It’s no secret that there are a lot of steps that go into wedding planning, and weddings tend to be incredibly expensive events, especially when the new couple is paying for it themselves. But there are places where corners can be cut to save money, and places where they simply should not, shouted the “Am I […] More
Woman Calls Out Picky-Eater Boyfriend For Embarrassing Her In Front Of Her Parents At Restaurant
It seems like food issues have gotten out of control lately, owing to taste and other factors. We’re not talking about allergies or intolerances. We’re talking about people who are very particular when they dine out. Everybody likes to substitute this and take away that. So how do picky eaters and adventerous eaters navigate this […] More
Fed-Up Bride Has Influencer Sister Ejected From Engagement Party For Taking Too Many Photos
There are very few people who don’t have a family member whom they constantly worry will embarrass them in public or with friends. This isn’t necessarily to say that these people don’t love this family member. Rather, they are worried that their behavior will be met with confusion by those who don’t know them well. […] More
Bride Ejects Coworker From Wedding For Refusing To Pay For Expensive Five-Course Dinner
Weddings can be very expensive. Not just for the happy couple and their families but for the attendees as well. There is the price of the gift. You might have to travel. Money for one’s attire. And, of course, the dreaded cash bar. But the menu and snacks are usually covered. So it can be […] More
Mom Called Out For Fat-Shaming Young Stepdaughter With Low-Fat Treat Instead Of Birthday Cake
Food is a complex topic, especially surrounding young kids. Opinions vary wildly, and the science is always being refined, so it can be challenging to form any healthy relationship with what we eat. Redditor and Original Poster (OP)  Economy_Insurance434 thought she was helping when she set boundaries for what her stepdaughter was eating but faced […] More