Image by Marcel Gnauk from Pixabay

The rule of thumb when eating fast food is very simple: put on the blinders, enjoy the meal, and try not to do it too often.

But what if you work in the kitchen?

In that case, there's simply no escaping a complete understanding of the several horrors that each assembled burger or french fry encounters on its way to that front counter.

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Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Food is an essential part of life. We need it to survive. But there are some foods that I'd rather drop dead than have to consume. Now I get that there are otherworldly concoctions that can give the palette an orgasmic shock but if the ingredients contain a few certain things--like cow tongue--I'll stay food celibate.

Redditor u/Dependent-Recover353 wanted to know what menu items gets your stomach turning by asking... What food do you just completely despise and why?

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Image by Three-shots from Pixabay

There are things we accept as inherently bad – like predatory animals or unhealthy foods – because we are socialized to believe they are.

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Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

Until recently, I did not appreciate cooking until the pandemic hit.

Suddenly – like many others who were self-isolating for much of 2020 – I was forced to prepare my own meals as going to restaurants was not an option and ordering take-out was not economically convenient.

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From a strictly utilitarian sense, food's job is to get nutrients and calories into your body so that you can convert them into energy and not die.

That's it. There's no contractual obligation that it has to be tasty - and sometimes it's just not.

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