People Divulge Which Seemingly Normal Things Are Sexualized For No Reason

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves, can we?

We see sex everywhere.

It's astonishing.

Maybe it's because we've just been inundated with it. Sex. Sex. Sex.

Thanks, Madonna.

I think there are some things we need to take a long, hard look at and then question our mindset.

Now get your minds out of the gutter.


"What completely normal thing is sexualized for literally no reason at all?"

Sponge bath time...

"Nurses. I’ve been a nurse and worked in a hospital for 15+ years. There is nothing sexy happening."


"But Grey's Anatomy has taught me that all the staff goes to town on each other in supply rooms."


sexy nicki minaj GIFGiphy


"Step family."


"That’s because we all lie and act like we aren’t attracted to people we shouldn’t be attracted to."


Oh Papa

"Saying ‘daddy’ I said it when I was 12 once to my dad and my friends tormented me over it for the entire month."


"I hate this so much. I always called my dad 'daddy' and even though he passed away 8 years ago I still refer to him that way. If using daddy in the bedroom is someone’s thing fine I don’t care that’s their business but please stop sexualizing it or saying it’s weird. My mom and her siblings are all in their sixties and still refer to their father as 'Daddy' and he’s been dead for over twenty years... lol."


Help Me

"Getting stuck in a dryer."


"I am amazed by how often it happens. Have seen dozens of documentaries about it happening, thank goodness there is usually a (step) family member around to help out."



"Putting a popsicle way in ur mouth. How else am I supposed to do it."


"Cut the popsicle into pieces and eat it with a fork and knife. Show some class."


Aww Popsicle GIFGiphy

That popsicle thing, that really can be a bit much. Depends on the flavor though.

Look Away

"Eating bananas and ice cream."


"Banana to mouth. Not mouth to banana."


Ice Cream Eating GIFGiphy

Just a Mention

"Mentioning you have a friend of the opposite sex to your parents."


"This is why I always lie and say that the guy friend I was talking to earlier is a girl. Every time I mention it's a guy, they always go 'Ooh, do you like him?' or 'He must like you if you talk so much.' Like, bruh, no we don't like each other. For starters, that guy is gay AF, those two have girlfriends, that guy wants to become a priest, and the other guy just straight up hates me."


Get Dressed

"School uniforms. Any uniforms, really, but especially school uniforms."

"EvenSpoonierOnly Japanese or Catholic school uniforms though. My school uniform was khakis and a collared shirt, so unless Jake from state farm gets your rocks off, you probably mean Japanese or Catholic schools."


"I never understood when women (mainly in TV and movies but irl too) would practically melt when they see a man in a uniform, even if it's a postman or something. Am I the odd one for not seeing the appeal?"


Just Ick

"Children’s 'Beauty Pageants'... No, No , No. Not right at all, on ANY level. These should be banned, with NO question !!!! Just... NO !!!"


"I'm an ex-military, big scary-looking old fart, but the feeling those pageants give me can be best summarised as 'icky'. Looking at the people involved gives me the heebie-jeebies."


Title says 'completely normal thing' and I'm gonna be honest I've never seen or heard of a children's beauty pageant that I would describe as 'normal.'"


The Scandal

"Visible shoulders (???)"


"I can wear normal sleeved shirts and tank tops no problem, but I feel so scandalous when I wear those shirts with holes where the shoulders are."


dance dancing GIF by BuzzFeedGiphy

Well that is not a sexy list. Just sayin'...

Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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