People Describe The Most Mysterious Thing That's Happened To Them That They Can't Explain

Everyone loves a good mystery or ghost story, particularly one with a massive twist regarding one of the main characters.

But surely, stories like this never happen in real life?

Such as finding yourself stuck on the side of the road, when a guardian angel of sorts comes and helps you, seemingly out of nowhere, then disappears just as mysteriously.

Or getting a call warning you about something which sounds far-fetched, then happens three weeks later?

Surely, these are the types of situations only found in the work of Shirley Jackson or Edgar Allen Poe.

Or are they?

Redditor vinnlo was curious to hear if people had ever gone through a mysterious experience which they still can't explain to this day, leading them to ask:
"What's the most mysterious thing happened in your life that you can't find any explanation for?"

Mom Acting Weird

"My mum is a type 1 diabetic, has been since she was 11 years of age."

"When me and my little brother were very young, I was about 7 and he was 5 , I came into my mum's room to find she was acting extremely strange."

"She looked almost drunk, and wasn’t really responsive."

"I went to pick up her insulin needles to see if she would react to that and she didn’t."

"So I panicked and phoned my Nan who told me to put the phone down and dial 999."

"For some reason I was so frightened and confused I didn’t, and sent my little brother outside to get help while I tried to get my mum to respond to me."

"My brother came back in crying saying he couldn’t find anyone and then about five minuets later this woman just walked into my mum's bedroom, called me by my name, and my brothers, said she knew my mum and help is coming, she was calm, soft-spoken and had a warm feeling about her."

"I didn’t recognize this woman and neither did my brother."

"Shortly after the ambulance arrived and got my mum's sugar levels back up."

"And when I went to find the woman, she was gone."

"Like literally gone."

"When my mum came round I explained to her about this mysterious woman and what she looked like."

"And my mum had absolutely no idea who she was, and we never saw her again."

"If she didn’t help us my mum would have died eventually."

"Still gives me shivers now."- leeshouse90

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Psychic, or lucky?

"When I was around 18 a friend and I were traveling in Europe."

"We were walking along a pleasant, quiet street in Rome one day and saw an elderly homeless man sitting on the street."

"He said to us if he could guess our date of birth could we give him some money?"

"Of course we said ok."

"He did it! "

"He told us both our correct dates of birth!"

"Never met him before and never saw him again."- robertodurian

Some Unfinished Work, Maybe?

"I was at my mother in law's flat in Hungary."

"Fyi I don't speak Hungarian, so I couldn't be aware of any of this."

"I tend to go to bed later that my wife, and for the first couple of nights, I had trouble falling asleep because around midnight I could hear the neighbor upstairs."

"It's an old block of flats made under the communist era, walls are incredibly thin."

"Walk in high heels, which was very annoying."

"I could also hear little objects fall on the floor, and I told my wife it sounded like the plastic buttons you have on some clothes."

"She looked at me funny and told me her niece hated to sleep in that room because she was scared by the noises coming from upstairs."

"I said that was a bit exaggerated, and I thought it was until my wife told me the flat upstairs had been empty for the past at least 4 years."

"Neighbor died years before that, and guess what?"

"She was a tailor, always nicely dressed and wearing high heels."- mimzou

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Gone Without A Trace

"When I was a kid, I participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters, which if you don't know what that is it's pretty much just a mentorship program in the US."

"I basically just hung out with this dude Chris for a couple hours a week."

"We'd go to the movies, out to eat, he'd help me with my homework, that kinda thing."

"One day, he tells me that he's going to Baltimore for a couple weeks and when I should expect him back."

"The day rolls around and I give him a call to see if he's back yet."

"A man whose voice I didn't recognize answered and I asked if Chris was there."

"He said no."

"I asked him when Chris would be back just kinda thinking it was someone staying at his house or watching his dogs or something."

"But he said that I had the wrong number, that he and his wife had lived there for years, and there was never a Chris there."

"I double checked in the phonebook to see if it was the right number which it was because I had it circled."

"I was confused so I just said sorry and hung up, and I never heard from Chris ever again."- theautomemoriesdoll

A Clever Distraction?

"When I was 10 or so I was staying at my grandma's over the summer break and we were having breakfast."

"We barely started eating when the phone rang."

"She left the dining room and I followed her thinking that maybe they were my parents calling."

"When we returned most of the food was gone."

"She asked me if I ate while she was on the phone and I said 'no'."

"There was no one else home and there were no pets."

"My grandma just shook it off saying we might have eaten more than she remembered but I am absolutely positive that I had at most two bites of my toast by the time the phone rang."- queenliz2fr

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Mystery Benefactor

"Every month around the 5th I get a letter with exactly 23 dollars."

"No note, no return address."

"I’ve asked family, relatives, friends, the two past occupants of this apartment."

"Nobody knows anything about it."

"It is not addressed to me, but to my unique postal address."

"The total is now exactly 1886, I have just stashed it all in a box."

"I do not want to spend it in case it is cursed."- Puzzleheaded_Ad928

A Comforting Sign

"My grandmother always loved roses and had them growing in her back yard."

"She died in a December and when we were gathered at her house for the funeral my father happened to look out the back window and saw a bright red rose had blossomed."

"It stood out brightly against the snow."

"He brought it in and put it in a vase on the kitchen table."

"We all left for the funeral and when we came back the rose was on the living room floor."

"No one had been in the house while we were gone."

"My father is the most hard-headed person alive but he was convinced it was his mothers way of telling him she was all right."- regular6drunk7

Mystery Portal?

"We have a built in wardrobe in our bedroom."

"About a month ago our cat had managed to get herself inside and I must have closed the door."

"I heard her meowing and I opened the door and she jumped out and walked off."

"Silly cat."

"I closed the wardrobe door."

"Less than five minutes later I hear a meow in the wardrobe, I open the door and to my surprise, our cat jumps out again and walks off."

"My partner and I were both stunned as there is no way into the wardrobe with the doors closed."

"Neither of us have any idea how this happened."- TorthOrc

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Lost Time

"I had just picked up a coworker from her house heading to work.'

"We are just talking and chatting, "how'd your weekend go" type of stuff."

"We are maybe 5 miles away from her house, when all of a sudden, we realize we are in town pulling into works parking lot."

"We both kinda look at each other not sure what happened."

"We had gone near 20 miles in a blink of an eye."

"And what cemented this experience as something that I actually happened, and not just simply losing track of time, IS THE TIME!"

"It should have taken us almost half an hour to get to work."

"Instead the time from when I picked her up was 2:30."

"And the time when we got to the building was 2:40."

"There is no way in HELL!"

"We couldn't have gotten there that fast."

"From that point on we both called that experience the time when we Jumped, like from the movie Jumper."

"I have no explanation why."

"I'll also state, I don't believe in the paranormal or supernatural."

"So this experience is one of those things that makes me question my own sanity."- belac4862

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