Life in full of the unexpected and all things that cannot be explained. I don't know about the rest of you, but déjà Vu is a daily visitor in my life. I am constantly wondering... "Did that just happen, again?"

Strange happenings abound in all of our lives. And finding ways to properly describe phenomena has never gotten easier.

How do you relay the details about dreams within dreams within nightmares that happened while we're awake? It's all part of the mystery.

Redditoru/TheCornishGameHenwanted to hear about some things that have occurred in life that we'll never properly define, by asking:

What is an experience you've had that you cannot logically explain?

I swear I've relived moments of my life. I'm convinced of it. Like... "I swear I already paid that bill." Does anybody else have that issue?


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"My twin sister died suddenly at the age of 50. Two weeks after her death I get a text from her apologising for our last argument, which I didn't get at the time nor responded to. She died with us still estranged."

- Living_Role1037

sorry for scaring you...

"Had a dream where someone interrupted my dream to tell me I only had 6 months left, 6 months after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was the harmless type, and this was 15 years ago, but it still freaks me out to this day."

- juicy_liu

"There's actually another case like this. A lady who heard a voice told her to go to the hospital and get her brain scanned. Sure enough, there was a tumor. She got surgery to have it removed. In recovery, the voice said "sorry for scaring you. This will be the last you hear from us."

- Morvack

Call me Coco

"We were in a town outside Puerta Vallarta on holiday. In the middle of the outdoor market was a small church that we decided to check out. For some reason I felt really connected to it. I felt compelled to pray and light a candle. As we were leaving the church courtyard a little girl across the small brick road was pointing at me, pulling her mother towards us, and she was calling me"Coco Coco". The mother was pulling against her saying, "¿Quien? no la conocemos. quien es Coco?" (Who? We don't know her. Who is Coco?)"

"I froze. I locked eyes with the little girl. She was so excited and happy to see me. I didn't know her either but I smiled to be polite. And in that moment it dawned on me. My little sister used to call me Coco when she was very little. I hadn't heard anyone say that name to me in over 30+ years and had not thought about that nickname or told anyone about that nickname ever."

"It was alarming yet comfortably familiar. The little girl's mother pulled her along up the street and we went on our way. Years later my sister is getting really into genealogy and tracing our roots. She says 4 generations back, our dad's family is from that small town outside of Puerta Vallarta."

- Sparkle__M0tion

Just Stop

"I was taking my kid to a doctor's appointment and as we were walking from the car everything around us just stopped. It was only for just a brief moment and then everything went back to normal. What was weird was everything went silent too which never happens there since it was right by one of the busiest intersections in town. I could also blow it off as just my imagination but as soon as it happened my kid asked me if time just stopped."

- rhett342

I hear it...

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"The other day I heard the radio station without turning on the receiver. I turned it on and it was exactly what was playing in my head."

- Schmevil

That radio thing happens to me five times a day. Or... I'll be thinking of a random movie that is YEARS old and then... BAM, it's on tv. Like, I made it happen.

In Nashville

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"In the mid nineties (I was about 14) my family took a weekend trip to Nashville to go to Opryland. The night before we go, I had a terrible nightmare that the shoulder harness on a rollercoaster we were riding was faulty, and I fell out. So the next day at the park, my mom, sis, and I get on the exact same rollercoaster. I sat in the car in front of them by myself and the shoulder harness would not lock in place!!"

"I freak out! The ride is about to start. I start screaming! A ride operator comes over and manually locks the harness in place so the ride can begin. When we get off the ride, they shut off that car so no one else can ride it. I will never again ride an upside down rollercoaster."

- JennyStarquest

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The Power of Christ

"My parents got the house exorcized by a priest (my mom claimed that seeing demons and being manic were unrelated, we just didn't argue). As the priest walked around the house, suddenly a flood of roaches spewed out from behind the priest, emerging from cracks in the pavement and fanning away from him like a wake, instantly disappearing as soon as they'd materialized. I've never seen insects act like one perfectly coordinated hive."

"Roaches scatter erratically, and come in different sizes. These roaches were all exactly the same size and color, and moved in perfect unison. It happened in seconds. My sister, also an atheist, saw it too, but everyone else had been walking alongside the priest. We later went back to investigate. We never saw a single roach in or around that basement before or since. Obvious explanation would be weird roach coincidence, but... I just don't know. It was weird."

- anon24601

Then the phone rang

"One summer when I was a teenager, my cousin came to visit with her then infant son, and my mom took the two of them to the zoo. My mom told me to call on my cousin's phone if I was going anywhere, since my mom wasn't bringing her phone with her. About an hour later I decided to bike to my friend's house. I instinctively called my mom on her phone to let her know, forgetting that she didn't have her phone with her."

"Once I remembered, I hung up and started to dial my cousin's number. Then the phone rang. It was my mom's number. Somehow, her phone called me back on its own, even though it was in her car, which was locked and in front of the house (I ran outside to confirm this). To this day, I have no idea how her phone was able to call me back. And no, I didn't answer the call."

- VisionInPlaid

In a Haze

"I was driving to a running workout at 4:30am and and passed the high school stadium near my house. There was a football game being played with a stadium full of fans. It made no sense at all, I kinda wonder if I was hallucinating. To this day I don't know why that was happening then."

- another_username_yea


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"I once forgot how to read, speak and comprehend stuff for like an hour and half my body went numb. I called the ambulance cause I got freaked out, but they found nothing wrong."

- FearIessredditor

Still haunts me...

"11 years old. Driving 1.5 hrs away on a school trip. I see my (very uncommon) name, first and last, spray painted, in reverse (like to be read in a mirror) on a train overpass. I have pictures of this to this day. I wonder if it means something, but not sure what. I'm 42 now. Still haunts me."

Dad sees it too!

"When I was a little kid, my dad and I would often sit on the front steps just before my bedtime. He'd just let me rattle on about whatever was on my mind. I always looked forward to it. So one night we're sitting there and a a big ball of light, sort of a pale yellowish color, flies over the house. It was moving fast and made no sound we could hear. It was headed straight north and quickly vanished over the trees across the street."

"I was predictably excited, jumping up and pointing at it. Dad calmly took me by the hand and herded me into the house. He had a brief, hushed conversation with Mom and I got put to bed. Next morning when I brought it up they said I must have dreamed it. Years later Dad admitted that yeah, he saw it too. But he still wouldn't talk about it."

- NoRumors

In a Dream state...

"Little late but… When I was younger I always saw the same person in my dream. It wasn't the generic man picture all over the internet. The person was hunched over, much more than normal and had massive teeth and eyes. These dreams slowly turned to nightmares and I was very scared."

"One morning I woke up after having a normal, not scary dream and there it was, for a split second. After I had that experience I never had a dream of it again… so that's good I guess? TL;DR - I saw my nightmare when I woke up and then I never saw it in my dreams again."

- Spottyken1

Funnely Enough

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"Was in a kitchen with a few kitchen implements on the wall. A funnel fell off it's hook, unlikely but not impossible, and flew 6 feet into the open oven. It was really weird."

- citizen_of_leshp

"I love/like milk too"

"I remember it was during a drought in California around a decade ago, I woke up one morning and our entire backyard was overgrown with grass and weeds, when the previous day it was barren completely. We had no milk in the fridge, but had gained a jug of fruit punch, an entire untouched gallon."

"My dad drove me to the store to go get more milk, and we were talking about how much we loved the stuff and how it's one of the only things we ALWAYS keep in the house and never let go empty. We pull into the parking lot of our nearby Savemart and look at the license plate of the car in front of us as we're finding a spot."

"Something along the lines of "I love/like milk too" (cant remember the exact sequence of digits, I was a kid). We both were stunned speechless and brought it up in shock for years to come."

- Shirozaru

The "Person"

"Woke up in the middle of the night one day. My eyes were still foggy from sleep but I could see the shape of a person standing in front of me. It looked like they were half crouched, with their hands on their knees and their head kind of tilted, as if they were trying to get a good look at my face."

"I remember being confused because I thought it was my mom, and I was wondering why she was just looking at me like that. My eyes then adjusted and I realized this "person" didn't have any features. It was like a shadow person, but was grey and static-y looking."

"I got scared and closed my eyes hoping it would go away. I guess I must have fallen asleep after a while because next thing I know it was morning. Definitely really weird. I have a ton of other weird experiences too that seemingly have no explanation. That was one of the creepiest."

- sunset_orange13


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"Saw my late grandfather's lip moving. Seems normal but this happened to me during his funeral, after he had been pronounced dead for 5-6 days."

- secretcartridge

Sun Ting...

"I wear a sun symbol necklace, it was handmade out of a single bit of metal and has a loop at the top to thread a cord or chain through. I was walking along with my daughter on my shoulders, when I hear a "ting" on the floor in front of me. I look down and my necklace sun symbol is on the floor. I check the cord around my neck. It is still tied and in one piece, so I check the symbol, the metal loop is still solid. WTF...? how did the symbol detach from the cord, without breaking the cord or the loop? To this day I have no clue."

- ChapterMaster_Azai

What's so Funny?

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"Was driving home at night and heard 2 little girls laugh in the back of my car. Pulled over and checked the whole car. I just blamed it on my mental health but I never had a auditory hallucination before and haven't had any since that night."

- greengiant333

The human body is beyond explanation. That's why they say doctors don't know everything. But so is life, beyond explanation.

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