The Most Overrated Sitcoms Of All-Time
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What people find funny can be a conundrum.

It's especially head-scratching when it comes to television.

How many of us have sat with people who were so excited to show us their favorite comedy series?

They just knew our sides would split and we'd possibly pee a little.

Then you're ten minutes in and you want to destroy all of the happiness in their life for making you suffer through such insipid nonsense.

Redditor Mundane-Turnover-913 asked folks what they really thought of television's greatest comedies:

"What is the most overrated sitcom of all time?"

I'm open to all discussion. Except "The Golden Girls."

Don't test my patience. Brilliant is brilliant.

Bad Chuck

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"Whatever Chuck Lorre syndicated sitcom is on at the moment. The laugh tracks even sound like a toilet flushing."


"Fun fact, Chuck Lorre wrote the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated theme song. No matter what, he has that going for him as it has proven to be timeless thus far."


Out your League guy...

"The one with the not-so-smart working class guy who is married to the hot wife who is way out of his league and lives down the street from his parents. Oh wait, that's most of them."


"One of my favorite jokes from the great Jenna Maroney:"

"'Instead of losing a push-up contest to Julie Bowen to see who gets to play Kevin James's mean wife who he's sick of having sex with, I'm gonna skip ahead to being an amazing sl*t who wins Oscars.'"


"Don't forget he's lazy and always wrong and apologizing while she is hard working, always right and perfect in every way. Sitcoms for the most part really give men a poor image these days. There are a few with good role model characters though, just a rarity."


Too Many Jokes

"2 Broke Girls."


"That show is wild. I watched a bit of it and I don't think I've ever seen a show fired off so many jokes so rapidly. Which sounds like a compliment but it isn't because most of them just completely fail to land but every now and then there's one that gets a laugh."

"It's like the writers just plastered jokes all over the script because they figured if they told enough they'd eventually stumble into something funny by accident."


Not so LOL...

"Disney Channel shows was the first time I ever found a laugh track to be obnoxious. Normal prime time sitcoms with laugh tracks never bothered me, but holy hell did they milk that track for all it was worth in the Disney Channel I forget what show it was, but it was that stupid Mummy show where I noticed it."


"I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Disney's abuse of that track! I HATE Disney Channel sitcoms. Not every line needs to be a joke. Even Friends has real conversations."


Have Mercy

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"Sorry but Full House and also the sequel."


"It was great when I was a child but I tried watching the sequel. I forced my way through a couple episodes before quitting. I can never rewatch the first Full House as an adult because I know it'll be ruined."


Yeah Full House has issues. Always did...


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"'Everybody Loves Raymond.'"

"I hate every character on that show, and their toxic family dynamic. The dim-witted lazy husband."

"The put-upon resentful wife. The sad-sack brother. The controlling, manipulative mother with no boundaries. The cranky, cynical, verbally abusive father. The utterly boring kids."


Thank the Editor

"Two and a half men is an unfunny mess."


"I know for a while in Morocco it was big, but it was so heavily edited when it aired that the run time per episode was something like 12 min. I had only seen the American version and was talking to someone and was surprised to hear it lauded as a lovable family antic show. The womanizing side of the main character had been way downplayed."



"Friends. What I mean by that; people got obsessed with Friends."

"People would get the same haircut as Rachel, people got tattoos of the show, it was insane how obsessed people got. The actors got paid insane amounts per episode, roughly $1 million per episode."

"Almost 30 years later and it's still playing on multiple channels, people still talk about it. It was an okay show for what it was, the characters were awful, narcissistic people and people idolized them which sucked. I'm not saying it was a terrible show, but it's definitely extremely overrated."



"Big Bang theory. Jesus Ch*ist I can’t stand it. The best description I found was the comparison of a truly funny show like arrested development to BBT."

“'Arrested development is a show about dumb people making smart jokes. Big Bang theory is a show about smart people making dumb jokes. Primarily about sex which is a lazy way to write comedy.'"

"I totally get why it was popular, but I can’t help but roll my eyes hard whenever I hear the theme song."


Are you OK now?"

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"Gee I disagree with many of the comments here, but I’ll put up my own candidate. It’s an oldie: Murphy Brown. It ran for a few years in the late 80s and early 90s. Decent ratings. Vapid writing, characters, plots… and to anyone who ever thought Candace Bergen could act? Are you OK now?"


I agree and disagree with this list. It's all subjective.

What would you add? Let us know in the comments.